Lisa's Song

She’s a red hot mama, rides a bike built in Hell.
Got legs stretch to Heaven and she works them well.
Her Pussy’s a cathedral a place for to pray.
Nipples like rock candy melt in your mouth all day.
Her ass rides high up on those stems.
She’ll make you suck it till She comes again and again.

She spread herself on the couch her slot just a drippin’. She said,
“Show me your stuff, let me be your sex kitten.”
I dropped my pants and fell to my knees started slurping that juice like a bear in the bee’s.

I chugged down her juice a cocktail of lust. I licked her back door, it was wet and smelled of musk.
My cock was a throbbing but I wasn’t quite ready,
So I fingered her pussy, felt her trigger was ready.

Her clit was so stiff it felt like iron. I rolled my lips around it, like sucking spaghetti.
She twitched and she shook slammed her pie in my face, grabbed my by the ears and rubbed my face all over the place.

I was dripping hot goo she said, “You know what to do!” So I climbed in the saddle and we started to rattle.

I was a pumpin’ and a humpin’ and throwin’ the meat. She was thrashin’ and bashin’ rock hard nipples bouncing’ to the beat. Took a look at her box it was starting to steam, the sheets did smolder and she let out a scream!

“FUCK ME NASTY DADDY”, Lisa screamed into the night. “Take my back door it’s hot and oohhhh soooo tight!” I backed out of her cooze it was running with juice, I slapped some on her hole and slid right up to the door.

I pressed my head up to her sweet rosy lips and into her hole I started to slip. Johnny Cash on my mind Ring of Fire I was thinking, but right about then it was all Hot Rod Lincoln!

Passed through her entry my cock head a throbbin’
She squeezed down tight I grabed the sheet and started sobbin’, “Lighten up Baby or you’ll tear it off!” She said, “Stop being a sissy or it’s your balls I’ll cut off!”

Well I didn’t want that oh no, no, no! So I manned it on up and pushed into her hole. It was fire and ice, tight and smooth, don’t you know, I stroked it all in and felt ready to blow.

Lisa looked me in the eye and saw I was cooked. She smiled at me and she give me a look. “Don’t come yet! We’re just getting started. We’ve much more to do before the new days dawning.”

Well the rest is too nasty for you young c***dren, quadruple X rated though highly syncopated!
There was cuffs and a gag and all sorts of toys, raw sex in the street just to thrill the neighbor’s boy.

She a red hot Mama with a bike made in hell and if your passing through Ohio you might give her a yell.
She’ll treat you sweet, She’ll treat you mean She’s a smoking hot dream!

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