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First sex of friend: Me n my friend went out 2 london 2 have some fun. We had fun by seeing many thing. My friend n me we watch movies on threatre. We watch fast n fearest (2). After finishting movie, we went pub for drink. We had 2paint bear ech n watch football in pub between England vs Italian. Till we finsh our paint bear watch football score was about 1-0. We went out of pub, all of sudden my friend want have sex. He ask me do u want have sex. I though while, but i said yes "I ask with whome". He reply with girl in this town. We'll find many girl. But i do not anthing were we go to have sex. we went round n round that town, we show dance bar. We went inside that bar, we take side in sofa n 3 lady came near 2 us. My friend ask 2 lady's how much each lady. One them repaly 100 per each n nevy you provide us drink. He said 100 per each is all righ by drink i can provide you all. We try got out but they didn't let us go. Manger of that bar, gave a call help from police. We waited 2 hours form police but police didn't arive. But we ran away from that bar. Again we went round round that town. We maked one guy, that guy ask are you searching for sex n my friend said yes "yes". That guy told that i will take you for sex.
My friend replied, it's all we will find some were halls. we again round n round, we went to one house half nake lady. lady ask that do you want have sex. He replied yes, he ask hoe much. Lady replied per hour 50. He ask, how is lady?
I replied "Is lady too fat". He look to back to lady, he ooooo yes. He said we come, went outside that house then we walk for while. Again, we went to next hours. Again we show half nake lady, lady ask do you want have sex. I replied yes. He ask how, lady replied per hour 50. He asked my how is lady? i look at here, i said yes lady. He told you have sex with this lady. i will find other next this house. i said but and he said it's ok. He went outn is house. i start our fun with lady. lady got nake and me to got nake. lady jorkoff cock for while then shock cock into her mouth. And then i starting touching nice boot slowlee i touch nice pussy. Finger in her pussy, play her clip in pussy by tounge. Slowly i bring my body in top of her. Then insult my cock into her pussy. Slowly we change our position. Again she take my cock from her pussy slowly. Lady starting shocking my cock and slowly i pull pussy into my face then i also start leaking pussy for will. lady to around me sit top of my and ride me as horse. That was fun when lady ride like in top of insulting cock in pussy. That was one of fun part. It took us about 2 hours to finish sex. My frind gave me a call "are you finish yet" almost finish. He came to take me then we went home.

see soon in next story soooooon
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