Jane & Bill: Enjoying Each Other & Others

Jane & Bill: Enjoying each other and others

Jane and I had been on the road for a number of hours and were getting close to the hotel we were going to stay for the night. Driving vacations could be tiring at times but tomorrow there was no need to start out real early so maybe we could really have a fun sexual evening. We both were looking forward to just letting go!

Actually, Jane told me that she was feeling very horny. It all started with that great looking guy that served them dinner and who was clearly flirting with her. I really liked her to do that and actually encouraged her to ‘go for it.’ The waiter looked her up and down and was trying to look down the front of her blouse when he came over to the table. She had on a real low cut sexy bra and the front of her blouse was cut low. She bent forward so he could get a good look at her tits. As he sensed him watching her she could feel her nipples getting hard with excitement.

Since today was somewhat warm she wore a short white pleated tennis skirt. She was able to get her legs out to the side of her chair and actually gave him a chance to look up her skirt. He was obviously turned on and took full advantage of the great view. She had on lace panties which she knew got guys very hot. At one point when she was ordering dessert, she asked him to look over her shoulder to offer his recommendations. During dinner Jane had subtly reached back and unhooked her bra at the table so when he looked down the front of her blouse he got a full view of her tits; right to the end of the hard nipples. She could see the bulge in his pants. Jane managed to rub his bulge him with her shoulder and make some sounds of enjoyment. He was hot and it’s a wonder he didn’t cum in his pants. When he made his dessert recommendation she rubbed her tongue across her lips in delight and looked straight at him.

At one point, before dessert arrived, she went off to the ladies room. She caught him about the time her was going into the server’s area and took the opportunity to allow him to touch her tits and rub her ass briefly. She rubbed her hand on his bulging cock and then went quickly into the rest room. She told me latter that she couldn’t wait to finger herself while sitting on the toilet and that she was really wet from the experience. While I didn’t know it until later, she took off her wet panties and as we left the restaurant she discreetly gave them to our waiter who was very appreciative.

Outside the restaurant we went to our car which was parked near the rear of a dark parking area. Once in the car she got close to me and passionately stuck her tongue into my mouth and then into my ear; she knew that was a big turn-on for me. She told me how horny she was and my cock became hard almost instantly. She took out my cock and took it deep in her mouth. She sucked like there was no tomorrow and made comments about the waiter wondering what he was doing right now with her wet panties. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth and she swallowed it like a second dessert. She stretched out in the front seat of the car and rubbed her tits and her pussy with both hands. It was clear she was in a hot fantasy world and I knew she liked to be left to her own devices when in such a mood. It was fun for me because I liked to watch her as she slowly pleasured herself to the point of finishing and then sitting up. After she licked her fingers and could taste her juices, she gave me a great kiss and said she was ready to move on now having become very satisfied.

Once again we were on the road heading for our hotel destination for the night. We talked about that great experience and she said she probably enjoyed what happened more than if she did actually get fucked by our waiter. Clearly, from the conversation, I could tell that Jane was still sexually peaked; it wasn’t going away. We talked about some of our hot fantasies and, at times, even my cock seemed to get hard again as she realistically described what turned her on.

She talked about having spent a shopping afternoon with a good friend of hers before we left on vacation. Cindy had a great body and was very sexy. Jane talked about them trying on clothes and even lingerie together, and how she was tempted to touch Cindy but never did. Jane was into straight sex with a man but she did have a strong interest in her fantasies about being with a woman. She came close to having a sexual encounter with a woman in college. They did what would be considered a little playful foreplay which was clearly turning them on but without saying anything both chickened out when it came to going all the way. While she was clearly into boys, the experience excited her and caused her to wonder what it would be like if she went all the way.

Jane thought that both she and Cindy had similar thoughts but they never initiated or even talked about their feelings about being sexually excited when being together. Once, when helping each other try on some really sexy lingerie and telling each other how exciting they looked, she thought they were right on the edge of doing something but it didn’t happen. They slightly touched against each other while helping each other in and out of the lingerie and both could hear the other breathing hard and even slightly running their tongue over their lips like in anticipation, but it didn’t go any further. However, while each were clearly very straight woman Jane was convinced it was just a matter of time before something would happen between them. Cindy turned me on so I was in full agreement for them to do it. Of course, I always would add, “I want to watch!”

We arrived at the hotel and it was extremely busy. It seems there was a trade show in town and the hotel was full. When we checked in we were told that we had just been given the last room left. In fact, we were given a suite that might be used by a large f****y or a group but, since it was the last room, it was ours. While I was signing us in an attractive woman came to the front desk to check in. Jane whispered to me that she looked like Cindy but was even more attractive and sexy. Jane started a casual conversation with the woman as the clerk told her that he couldn’t find her reservations and there were no rooms left. He said that we had the last space available. She was very frustrated. She was attending the trade show and had just driven over fifty miles to get to the hotel. He did say there was a room starting the following night but not this evening.

To my utter surprise, Jane said to her that we had a large suite and she could bunk with us for the evening. A complete look of relief came over the woman and she said “yes” looking at Jane and kind of ignoring me. She told us her name was Rachel and Jane responded with the fact that she looked like a good looking friend of hers called ‘Cindy.’ I got the message as Jane looked at me out of the corner of her eye. This was looking very interesting from my perspective. We had the bell hop take our bags to the room and we agreed to have a drink in the bar in order to get to know each other.

From the point we sat down it seemed that Jane and Rachel were best friends. Rachel told us she was recently divorced and during the last six months has been doing nothing but work to get rid of her memories of a guy that didn’t pay any attention to her. At the table Jane gave Rachel a hug and said she felt bad that she was ignored and not having a sense of being ‘loved.’ As one drink turned into four, Rachel became very friendly and Jane repeatedly rubbed her back and occasionally run her hands through her hair. At more than one point Jane’s dress rode up and it became clear to anyone looking that she was not wearing panties. And, it was clear that Rachel was looking. At one point Rachel even rubbed her hand on Jane leg as a form of thinking her for being so considerate. While I was somewhat in the conversation, they were clearing getting closer to each other and it was turning me on.

We decided to go to our room and I picked up the keys at the desk. As we went up in the elevator it seemed that both Jane and Rachel were standing pretty close to each other. In fact, at one point Jane put her hand around Rachel’s waist which she seemed to like. We found the room, I open the door and we all walked into a large dimly lit room. Behind me I could hear both ladies get rid of their shoes and when I turned around, they were both in an embrace with their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. It was like I wasn’t even there and I loved it.

Very slowly they seemed to explore each other’s body with their hands .It was clear that Rachel liked the idea that Jane had no panties. Her hand went repeatedly over Jane’s ass and came forward between her legs. Jane let out a muffled tremor and you could actually hear the sound of her wet pussy being kneaded like warm dough.

Jane reached back and unzipped Rachel’s dress in the back. It seemed to slip off of her as though it was in slow motion. She had a sexy lace purple bra and what appeared to be matching lace panties. Rachel seemed anxious to get rid of her panties which I could see in the dim light were soaking wet. As she pushed them to the floor I quickly grabbed up her panties, took off my pants and underwear, and sat is a nice soft chair. It was like having a ring-side seat and I was already hard. I put her wet panties up to my noise and my tongue could taste Rachel’s juices. It was a great smell and a wonderful taste. Watching the woman who just had on these panties was incredibly exciting.

Jane and Rachel slowly worked out of their bras and took turns sucking on ear other’s nipples. They slowly moved to the soft carpet and Jane began to work her way down to Rachel’s wet pussy. Initially she moved slow and then, as she got close, her tongue began to move in a circular motion which was causing her to go in and out of Rachel’s pussy while periodically running her tongue across her clit. Rachel was moaning about how it felt so good, she didn’t want Jane to stop and she wanted more. As her body began to show signs of small spasms that finally became increasingly dramatic until she came into Jane’s face. Jane was busy and excited licking all the juices she could lap from deep inside Rachel’s pussy.

While Rachel looked incredibly satisfied she reached up and tenderly turned Jane on her back. With her tongue inside Jane’s mouth Rachel seemed to be enjoying her own juices. She slowly moved to Jane’s nipples and then down to her pussy. Jane was really turned on more than I have ever seen her as Rachel was licking her pussy. Gradually she arched her back and repeatedly shuttered like electric bolts were going through her body. Rachel was enjoying every drip that Jane could produce and it seemed to be a lot. Once satisfied they both seemed to lay there rubbing each other’s body and enjoying the experience of being close.

The whole experience was extraordinary and I continued to rub my cock which was harder than I could remember for a long time. I was now rubbing Rachel’s wet panties on my cock and it was clear to me that I was going to cum with a significant gusher. All of a sudden I felt four hands on my body and tongues on my balls and the base of my cock. Both woman were joining in to help me cum. It seemed to build up from somewhere inside of me and rushed through my cock. I was cuming f***efully and both Jane and Rachel were there swallowing as much of it as possible. As I finished, they began kissing each other and licking my cum off of each other’s face. It was hard to believe. It was more than a fantasy come true.

All three of us slept in the same king-size bed all night. It seems that periodically there would be snuggling and rubbing. Actually, early in the morning I woke up to find Rachel with her mouth on my cock and bringing it to life again. Jane was between Rachel’s legs eating her pussy again. It seemed like Rachel and I came about the same time. Totally drained, I seemed to roll over quickly fall asl**p. When I woke, both of these ladies had taken a shower and were walking around the bedroom in their bras and panties getting ready for the day. Since I was such a voyeur, just the sight of them was exciting.

We had room service brought up for breakfast. There was some light chatter but nothing much was said about the previous night. However, everyone seemed relaxed and had broad smiles on their face. We got ready to check out and Rachel got ready to move to another room probably later in the day. We hugged and said good-bye. As one might expect, Jane and Rachel had an opportunity to chat privately.

As Jane and I were driving away from the hotel we obviously began to talk about the previous night. I commented how great that was in response to Jane saying that she was extremely pleased. I commented about how that will probably never happen again. Jane said she wasn’t sure and I asked why. It seems Jane and Rachel had exchanged telephone numbers and she told Rachel that she wanted her to visit us and meet her friend Cindy. Can you imagine what that will be like?

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