Pantyhose cocksucking- the fantasy continues

After resting, talking and drinking a bit more we are all starting to recover. Our cocks are beginning to stiffen again and we are all stroking them through our pantyhose. We had all enjoyed our first taste of nylon covered cock and I definitely wanted more. Dave and Peter were sitting side by side on the bed and as I hadn't had a taste of their cocks yet I dropped to my knees in front of them and taking one cock in each hand I began to stroke them. Their cocks were soon bulging at the front of their pantyhose. I say bulging but none of us were particularly huge, Peter was probably the longest at about seven inches, the rest of us about six inches. None of us had gone in for any of that bullshit claiming to have huge cocks, we were all just average guys with a fetish for all things nylon. Anyway , I digress, back to the story. Peter and Daves cocks were now hard so leaning forward I began to lick peters through his pantyhose as I continued to stroke Daves. Running my tongue along the length of peters shaft before flicking it over the end and making his cock twitch I then closed my mouth over his cock taking it into my mouth and sucking him. As I sucked Peter I continued to stroke Dave and I could feel the front of his pantyhose starting to feel slippery as his precum began to run out. I rubbed it around with my fingers making his pantyhose wet. As I was doing this John was busy watching us and playing with his own cock which was also now creating a bulge at the front of his pantyhose.
Taking peters cock from my mouth I continued to stroke it as I moved my mouth to Dave and began to lick his precum soaked pantyhose before closing my mouth over his cock and sucking him. I felt a movement behind me and then I felt johns hard nylon covered cock rubbing up and down the valley of my ass cheeks as he pretended to fuck me. We had all agreed to no anal but that didn't mean we couldn't pretend. His cock felt good as it rubbed over my nylon covered ass. Then John reached around and took a hold of my cock through my pantyhose and began to stroke me while he humped me. I continued sucking cock, alternating between Peter and Dave and soon we were all getting near to cumming. Peter and Dave twisted round so that I could pull there cocks together and rub them against each other while I continued licking them. There was just enough stretch in there pantyhose for me to close my mouth over the end of both of them together, so with both their cocks in my mouth I stroked them until I felt them both stiffen and suddenly their cum was spurting and mixing together in my mouth as it came through the nylon. At the same time I felt a hot wet sensation on my ass as John shot his cum and continued rubbing his cock across my ass, spreading his cum all over me. This was too much and with John still stroking my cock I came too. My cum was soon covering the front of my pantyhose as John spread it around with his fingers.
Spent, I collapsed on the floor. John lay down beside me and Peter and Dave dropped to their knees and began licking the cum from the front of my pantyhose and johns pantyhose. We had all had a great evening, cumming twice each and all getting the chance to taste each others cocks and cum. We were all exhausted and needed rest so we lay together on the bed and fell asl**p.......
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2 months ago
nice fantasy
3 months ago
great story, i love it