Pantyhose with Pat

About two weeks after the memorable night in pantyhose with my wife Felicity and her friends Pat and Sue, Felicity arranged another meal out with them. I watched as she dressed and as soon as I saw her put her pantyhose on without panties I knew that I was in for a good time when she came home. After she left I stripped off, had a nice hot shower and slipped on a pair of my favourite pantyhose, sheer to the waist, tan and with the gusset cut out. I had just settled down to looking at some of my favourite crossdresser porn on Xhamster when there was a ring on the doorbell. I wasn't expecting anybody so I threw on a tshirt and a pair of trousers and my slippers and went and opened the door. To my surprise there was Pat standing there looking stunning in a short tight skirt, fuck me heels and see through blouse with no bra, her lovely breasts clearly visible. " I thought you were meeting at the restaurant" I said to her, " Felicity has already left"
" Thats right" she said " but Felicity said it would be ok for me to come round as long as you were still able to satisfy her later when she gets home"
" You better come in then"
We went into the lounge and I went through to the kitchen and poured us both a drink. When I walked back into the lounge Pat had removed her skirt and blouse and was standing there in just her sheer pantyhose and heels. As I looked her up and down, taking in the sight of her dark hairy triangle of pussy hair through her pantyhose she said "As you can see, I've come prepared." Looking where she was pointing I noticed that like me she had removed the gusset of her pantyhose. Putting the drinks down on the coffee table I moved close and reached a hand out to feel her lovely dark mound. She stopped me and said " fairs fair, get those things off, I can see you've got your pantyhose on and we need to start even." I quickly removed my trousers and tshirt so we were both wearing just our pantyhose. My cock was straining at the front of my pantyhose and Pat was staring at it. She knelt down in front of me and without hesitating began to lick my cock through the nylon. I was in heaven knowing that my wife's best friend was doing this and that I would be telling her all about it later. "Does Jim know about this?" I asked Pat. Jim was her husband and I had met him a few times. He was probably one of the most boring people I had ever talked to.
" No, and I doubt if he would be interested even if I told him. When it comes to sex with Jim its the same every time, totally naked, flat on my back and if I want an orgasm I have to take care of it after he has finished. We do this once a month and that's as far as his interest in sex goes."
Now I knew exactly where things stood and there was no rush so I suggested that we just relax and enjoy our drinks then we could go to the bedroom where we would be more comfortable. We finished our drinks and went to the bedroom and I lay on the bed as Pat got over me in a 69. She pulled my cock through the hole in my pantyhose and as I began licking her lovely dark hairy pussy she took my cock deep into her mouth. Her pussy tasted great and her juices began to flow really quickly and soon my face was wet with her juices. I slid a finger into her pussy as I licked her and soon had her wriggling and squirming with pleasure. It wasn't long before she came and her cum juices flooded into my mouth. I drank them down with relish, she tasted so good.
Pulling my cock out of Pats mouth I got out from under her and as she lay face down on the bed I climbed on top of her and slipping my cock into her wet pussy from behind, I slowly began to fuck her. Her pussy felt great and I began to drive my cock in and out faster and harder, watching her lovely ass cheeks wobble under her pantyhose every time I drove into her pussy. She was starting to cry out with pleasure and getting more and more vocal as I continued to fuck her. "Thats it, fuck my hot cunt" she was crying " harder, push your hard cock into my cunt." Felicity hardly ever spoke dirty and hearing Pat talk to me like this was too much and soon my cum was spurting into her pussy, spurt after spurt until my cock was drained. I collapsed on top of her and then as my erection began to shrivel and my cock slid out of her I rolled off and before I could get my breath she was climbing on top of me and lowering her dripping pussy onto my mouth.
" Thats it" she said " Lick your cum out of my cunt" I didn't need telling twice as I love to do this with Felicity as it always makes her cum. With my tongue lapping my cum and her juices from her pussy I reached up and took a hold of her tits, pulling on her nipples and twisting them between my fingers. It wasn't long before Pat had another orgasm and I continued to drink her juices until she had finished and collapsed on the bed beside me. We lay there satisfied at last and just cuddled and stroked each other as we waited for Felicity to come home so that we could tell her all about our evening.......... to be continued.
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