Pantyhose wife and friends continued.

After cumming all over Felicity, Pat and Sue's faces I sat down in the chair beside the bed as they began kissing each other and cleaning the cum off each others faces. They didn't stop there, dropping back on the bed they began fondling each other. Felicity and Pat soon got into a sixty nine, licking each others nylon covered pussies while Sue lay beside them fingering her pussy through her pantyhose. I had fancied Pat and Sue for years especially Pat and had fantasised about fucking them many times over the years. As I sat and watched Felicity and Pat licking each other and Sue playing with her pussy my cock began to stiffen again. I reached down to stroke it. Sue glanced over and saw that my cock was beginning to recover and getting off the bed she climbed astride me and lowered her nylon covered pussy onto my cock and began rubbing along its length. With her tits swinging right in front of my face I didn't need any encouraging to start playing with them. Taking one in each hand I put my mouth to them, sucking on each nipple in turn. Sue was rubbing her pussy on my cock faster and faster as she got closer to another orgasm and then before I knew what was happening she reached down and ripping the gusset of her pantyhose she slid my cock inside her and this brought her to orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock as she came and the wetness of her juices running down my cock.
After her orgasm died down Sue climbed off my cock and now it was Pats turn. I climbed onto the bed and kneeling behind Pat as she lay on top of Felicity having her pussy licked, I ripped open the wet gusset of her pantyhose and Felicity took hold of my hard cock and guided it into Pats hot, wet pussy. As I began to slide my cock in and out of her friends pussy my wife alternately licked my shaft and Pats clit. Occasionally she would pull my cock out of Pats pussy and take it in her mouth, sucking and licking Pats juices from it before guiding it back into Pats eager pussy. Pat began pushing back onto me as she began getting closer to orgasm. I had so wanted to cum in Pats pussy for years and said so now. Pat and Felicity both said yes so I began driving my cock into her harder and faster. I knew I was going to cum soon then I felt Pats pussy begin to tighten around my cock and suddenly my cum was spurting deep inside her pussy. Spurt after spurt mixing with her cum juices until they were running out around my cock and being lapped up by Felicity. All this time Pat had continued licking Felicity's pussy and as my cum had begun to flood out of Pat, Felicity had started to cum too.
I had often eaten my cum out of Felicity and now I wanted to do the same with Pat. I lay down on the bed and got Pat to lower her pussy onto my tongue and began to lick her pussy clean of my cum and her pussy juices while Felicity and Sue licked my cock clean together. After this we were all pretty shattered and we cuddled up together on the bed with our pantyhose covered legs entwined and fell asl**p together. The next morning when I woke I thought I must have dreamed it all before I realised that I was really in bed with three gorgeous pantyhose clad women. ..........
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