Pantyhose voyeur caught in the woods

It was a lovely day and I was feeling horny. I had the day to myself so I picked out a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset cut out and slipped them on. I put on a tshirt and a pair of trousers and slipped on my shoes. I picked up my camera and off I went to the local woods. That is the beauty of living in the countryside with nature all around. I am out with my camera just getting photos of local wildlife and nobody has any reason to think otherwise.
Ten minutes later I am walking down the footpath into the woods. I have seen only 2 other people walking their dogs but you are always going to find dogwalkers out on such a nice day. I come to a fork in the path and take the left fork which goes deeper into the woods and is less likely to have anyone on it. It is more overgrown and most of the people take the easy path round the edge of the wood. I am soon out of sight of the other path and carrying on down the path I unzip my trousers and release my stiff cock. I carry on walking along with my cock out looking for a place to stop where I can strip off my shirt and trousers and stroke my cock. I come to a slightly muddy clear bit of the path and see what looks like fresh footprints in the mud. There are 2 sets and from the looks of them it's a man and a woman. I move a little more slowly being careful to make as little noise as possible. They may just have been passing through but they could still be around as there were no prints going the other way. I am getting close to a little clearing that I know is just up ahead and moving slowly and listening carefully I think I can hear voices ahead. I move forward and reach the edge of the clearing. I part the branches of the undergrowth carefully to see who is there and what they are doing and the sight that greets my eyes makes my cock stiffen.
There is a guy wearing just sheer black pantyhose and a woman with lovely big tits and slightly plump wearing sheer tan pantyhose with stockings and suspenders over the top. The stockings are a darker shade of brown. She is truly a BBW. My cock is hard looking at her. She is lying on a blanket in the middle of the grassy clearing, posing and doing what the guy tells her as he takes photos of her. She plays with her tits, pulling on her hard nipples. She reaches down and strokes her pussy through her pantyhose that are already soaked with her pussy juices.
I turn the sounds off on my camera and strip off till I am wearing just my pantyhose and start taking pics of the couple through the undergrowth. She is on her knees now and is busy licking and sucking the guys cock through the nylon of his pantyhose. I carry on taking pics for several minutes as she sucks his cock and then as she lays back on the blanket he gets between her legs and begins licking her pussy. I am really horny now and in trying to get a better view and pictures I part the branches a little too much and the woman spots me. She says something to the guy who looks round and tells me to come out. I pick up my clothes and push through into the clearing. I think they are both a little surprised to see me wearing pantyhose too, maybe they thought I was just watching them and wanking. It would be a shame to waste that just wanking the guy says. I move closer and they both get on their knees and together start licking and sucking my cock, closing their mouths over it from both sides. It feels great having 2 mouths working on my cock and I know that I should be happy with that but I would really love to fuck this BBW. I ask if that would be allowed and she says yes and ripping the gusset of her pantyhose she gets on her knees and tells me to get behind and fuck her doggy style. I don't need telling twice as this is one of my favourite positions as I will be able to watch her sexy bum cheeks wobble as my cock slams into her pussy.
As I am fucking her the guy comes and stands beside me and offers me his pantyhose covered cock to suck. I am feeling so horny that even though I have never sucked a cock before, I am willing to give it a go. I lick up and down his stiff nylon covered shaft, flicking my tongue over his cock head feeling his cock twitch as I do so. I reach up and taking hold of his cock with my hand I wrap the nylon around it and take it into my mouth. With my cock pounding into the woman's pussy and his cock fucking my mouth it isn't long before I am ready to cum. I fuck her faster and faster and at the same time I am wanking his cock with my hand as I suck it and suddenly my cum is shooting deep inside her pussy just as I feel his cock and balls stiffen as his cum shoots through the nylon into my mouth. I continue sucking until I have drained all his cum. As my cock slips from her pussy all covered in cum and pussy juice he gets down and licks it clean before lying down on the blanket so that she can lower her pussy to his mouth for him to lick my cum out of her, making her cum again and again as he licks her. After taking some pictures of all three of us in various poses and combinations we get dressed and make our way back out of the woods making plans to meet again for some more fun in pantyhose.....
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5 months ago
Sucking on a nylon covered cock while fucking his wife sounds so good!
8 months ago
wow made me so hot I came in my panties and stockings
10 months ago
Very nice
11 months ago
Wow! sounds like fun! I love wearing pantyhose out in the outdoors, getting caught and then having sex with a couple is such a hot fantasy! I have sucked cock thru pantyhose but not with a woman present. I'd love it!
11 months ago
That's a great clip. I have it saved in my favourites.
11 months ago
Wow cheers Tonya. X
11 months ago
Mmmmmmmmm nice! Would've done the same! Wish you caught me with a bbw in the woods like that!