holiday threesome

you were happy to be back home again but this time it was different we had our house too ourselves , car , me with work , you just being home again , I came home after work one evening and you had a big smile on your face I asked you what was up and you told me remember your fantasy about having two women tighter and I said yes I do , well guess what I asked what then our frined is coming over from the states for a holiday and she has asked us can she stay with us for a week and I said yes but what this about the threesome well I asked her if she would like too have both of us tighter and she emailed right back and said to me oh yes please I allways wanted too have both of you tighter and allways fantasied about it , I said ok then no problem , when is she coming , you told me she will be here for next Friday evening shes flying in from boston on an evening flight I said ok no problem we will collect her from the airport then, on that Friday evening I left work and got home and collected you and you asked me change out of your clothes I said im ok and we headed off , we got to the airport and waited for her , she came out looking all happy when seeing us and ran over too you and gave you a big hug and me as well , I took her bags too the car and we drove off the two of ye in the back seats having a right chat talking about home , we stopped off on the way and we ate at a restaurant and chatted for a bit then hit the road again , the two of ye were in the back seats still talking away and laughing and joking, as I was driving along your voices were getting softer and softer.

I asked where ye ok and ye said no problem we are grand just having girlie time , I asked can I join in and ye both laughed and told me too carry on driving , but you told me too adjust the rear view mirror at the same time , I watched as the two of ye were kissing and tonguing each other getting really hot and heavy , you were wearing your black dress and I could see you had your legs open she was wearing a skirt that was hitched up around her waist , then she slipped her hand down your thigh and you moaned slightly , she opened your legs a bit wider and ran her hands up your legs and started to play with you I could hear your moans getting louder and louder and you saying yessss , before long we were home and you and she fixed your selves up and took out the bags and went into the house.

when we got in you asked did she want a drink and she said yes as she was thirsty from al the kissing in the back seat and she was hot as well, so you told her too have a shower and she can get changed into smting too relax in , we all sat down on the couch and just started talking about everything before we knew it it was nearly 3 am so we decided to hit the sack , as we got up the stairs she kissed you on the lips and me as well and said goodnight we went into bed and I asked you how did you go with her in th eback seat of the car you told me your panties were soaked right through as she was whispering in you ears she cant wait too suck off my cock and licking you pussy , I had a hard on straight away , we kissed in the bed and were getting hot and sweaty both of us you started too moan a bit and you know how that makes me feel I ran my hand down your legs and parted them and began too play wit your clit u were wet as hell and you started too moan even more.

the next thing there was a knock on our door and our friend came in and asked us can she join us as she was listening too us through the wall and she was fingering herself you told her no problem and she went over to you on your side our bed side light was on so I could see everything I started too kiss you again even more and she started too kiss your ears and your neck your moans were getting hotter a and mycock was getting harder and harder, I played with your clit and another hand joined in she slipped 2 fingers in u and fingered you nice and slow while I played with your clit , your hand was wanking my cock each time we were playing with you your strokes were getting faster each time she fingered you , I took your hand away and got up on my knees and watched her with you you guided my cock into your mouth and started too suck me off slowly each time you did this I groaned , she looked up at this and asked can she try you told her yes suck his nice irish dick for me I moved over and she took my cock in her mouth while fingerfucking you this got me fucking going , and I told you too turn over you turned over on all fours for me and I slipped my hard cock in you she got under neath me and was licking my balls while fucking you and she was tasting your cum each time I pumped u I could feel her tongue feeling my cock pounding your pussy , she got in more and then started too lick your clit at the same time , I slapped your ass and this got you going even more fuck your dirty little whore, and you told her too lick my clit you fucking slut when hes done with me he going too fuck your nice tight pussy she licked and licked you even more now as you were getting hotter and hotter , I took out my cock and shoved it into her mouth tasting your cum she was licking and sucking and couldn't et enough of it , I told you too turn over and I told her too get on all fours you watched as I eased my hard cock into her nice cunt u told her too take it bitch your daddys going too fuck you nice and hard as I was giving her a good pounding you oped your legs and fingered yourself watchning me pound her hard and good she was telling me that she cant take any more and you told her yu asked for an irish cock and now your going too get one so take it bitch take that irish meat you told me you wanted rirsh cock and now your going too get it , you got up on your kness and told her too finger you while she being fucked she said she couldn't as she cant take it any more you slapped her ass and told her finger me or your going too get it in the ass , she did for about a minute and then stopped , you looked at me and told me too stop , you took out your lube and rubbed it all over my cock u ran some down her ass and started too play with her nice tight hole.

you told me too come over a bit and you told me you wanted to taste her juices before I fuck her in the ass you took my whole cock in your mouth and deep throated me tasting every bit of her cum , now fuck that sluts ass I slipped my hard cock into her tight hole and slowly fucked her , taking my time easing it in and out I could see by your face you were enjoying this as you know you liked being fucked in the ass you got off the bed and went too ur dresser and took out a toys , you slipped a nice toy in her cunt and moved it in and out you asked her was she enjoying it and she said oh god yes please fuck me good the two of ye , you got in front of her and you slipped your toy in your pussy and began too fuck your self this was getting me harder she moved under with one hand and fucked her pussy while you played with your toy , I slipped out the toy from her pussy and I told her too move towards you , she took the toy from your hand and fucked ur pussy nice and good I fucked her ass even more as she was doing this she told you too stop and told you too fuck her ass with it this she did , she fucked you hard and I couldsee your juices running down ur legs from it this was getting her wetter and she moved in and started too lick your wet cunt tasting every drop of ur cum , I stopped and got over her and took the toy out of your ass and I told her not to stop licking I slipped my hard cock in ur ass and fucked u hard and fast after a few mins ti told you I was cumming u told me fuck me daddy fuck your whore this talk gets me going and I shot my load deep inside your pussy, I grabbed your hair and asked you did my little whore enjoy being fucked in th eass u told oh yeaa I love ur cock in my ass I eased it out and my load was dripping out of your ass , she got up a bit and began too lick you clean taking in everydrrop of my cum in her mouth she was still fingering u at the same time this got you going again and u told me too rest while the slut is going too fuck me good with the toy I watched as he pounded your wet cunt with your toy , this got me hard again and I came behind her and shoved my cock in her wet cunt and pounded her , I grabbed her by the hair and asked her was she enjoying her irish cock she told me yes fuck me daddy fuck me good I shot my load in her and slipped it out and moved too you and told you too suck me off this you did , we all stopped there in the bed we laid there gasping for breath the three of us we just stroked each other and I leant over and kissed her and then kissed u and we cuddled tighter in the bed all of us and slept in till late. we all got up and had breakfeast and then went for a drive into the country side and chilled out for the day

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