Emma's Gift

Tony sat a little nervously in the car awaiting the group of guys he had arranged to meet. He had been arranging this day, this meeting, this gangbang for quite some time. Emma was waiting patiently at home for him. He imagined her in the bath getting herself ready for the fun that perhaps lay ahead. Ever since Tony had mentioned to Emma that he wanted for her to have her fantasy gangbang, she had been like the cat that had got the cream! He sat their wondering what sort of sexy clothes she would decide to wear.

Tony suddenly became aware of the silver car that pulled into the Motorway services car park. He knew it was the car he was waiting for by the description he had been given. He sat watching as a group of four men clambered from the vehicle. He recognised both Nick and Mark straight away from the pictures he had already seen. They looked slim, athletic and were most importantly attractive black men, they were smiling broadly as they surveyed the car park. The other two Tony didn’t know. One was about 6’ tall and had dark wavy hair. He was built a little heavier than either Nick or Mark. The second stranger was the same height as Mark, slightly shorter than the others. They spotted Tony’s car and waved across to him. Tony got out from the car and started to walk across to the men. The meeting went exceptionally well with both Nick and Mark being very friendly and cheerful. They introduced the others to Tony. The 6’ tall guys’ name was Adam and the shorter, Rob. Pleasant banter was shared for a few minutes. Although Tony had only ‘spoken’ on the Internet to Nick and Mark he felt like he had already known them years. He felt comfortable almost straight away and so the decision that the gangbang was going to go ahead was easier for him to make than he could have imagined. Giving them instructions to follow along, Tony hurried to his car to begin the short journey home. Nick accompanied him whilst the other three followed along. Chatting easily, the journey to Tony’s home only took a short time. Pulling up outside the group collected together outside of their house.

Tony gave the guys final instructions on the day.
“Please, don’t be too pushy or demanding. Read the situation and act accordingly”.
He explained that Emma was really looking forward to this but she is very shy at first and that this is the first time we had done this and that he hoped it would be real good for her. With that they all walked up to the front door.

Emma had spent the evening excitedly making herself up. Having shaved her pussy, bathed and pampered herself, she was now dressing. Having spent a while choosing her outfit she had settled on an outfit to fit the occasion, thigh high PVC high heel boots, black lace basque and black seemed stockings. On top she had also decided on tight but short wrap-around leather skirt and a white blouse, to top it off she wore bright red lipstick. She looked herself up and down in the mirror and looked both beautiful and sluttish just the way she wanted. As she admired herself in the mirror, she felt so turned on she ran her finger over her knickerless pussy and then sucked her finger. Emma was dying to reach for her rabbit but didn’t want to peak to early and she didn’t know how long Tony would be.

She wondered how Tony was doing and shuddered as she thought about what was happening! A GangBang! Wow was it really going to happen? Tony had explained that even at this late stage it might not go ahead. He was going to make the final decision once he came face to face with the guys. She thought about the photos she had seen of Nick and Mark on xHamster, and the times she had webcam sex with them while Tony was away. They had nice faces, nice bodies, nice cocks! She really hoped that today was going to be a success. After all the talks her and Tony had about involving someone else it was finally about to happen, straight in at the deep end! She found herself wondering about the other two guys they were bringing with them. Her freshly shaved pussy felt very wet in her excitement and as soon as she heard cars outside she rushed to the window. Tony was outside the house with the men. Watching from behind the curtain Emma swept her eyes over them. Nick and Mark were recognisable and the other two looked equally nice. No ugly ones amongst them. She began to feel nervous as in a few moments they would be down the path and into the door. Tony had obviously decided that it was going to happen.

She felt her nipples hardening. She could now hear laughter as they wandered down the path. Stepping back into the hall Emma was conscious of the butterflies. Her hands were shaking and her legs were trembling. Her breath shortened as the key turned in the lock. In a flash they were all standing there. They stared at her when Nick said;

“Wow I was very impressed with your photos, even more impressed on camera, but you are truly stunning in real life, a very sexy woman”

“Thankyou and the feeling is very much mutual” Emma replied.

Tony stepped forward to take her into his arms and kiss her. As he let her go he turned to introduce the men. First Emma was introduced to Nick and he made the same gesture of sweeping her into his arms and kissing her, except on the neck! She could feel his strong arms and he smelt clean and fresh. His lips were hot on her neck. Next was Mark. He smiled broadly and he told her she looked sensational. He also held her and she felt his hands groping along her lower back, feeling the waist band of the leather skirt. Next came Adam, 6’ tall and big built. She shuddered as he nearly lifted her from her feet in a bearhug and gave her a smart quick kiss. She wondered what Bob would look like nude. Was he all muscles as it seemed? Rob appeared a little shy and just took her hand to kiss. He murmured how lovely she looked.

Tony had crossed the room and had put some porn on the TV. Returning to the group he offered drinks all round. Emma went off to make them as Tony occupied the guests. Adam and Rob collapsed onto the sofa and Nick and Mark were eager to see Tony’s computer set-up. Emma could hear the guys laughing and generally getting on quite well. Thank god, she thought, all seems to be well, he had really done it. Four new guys and Tony. Wow! Five men, all in one session. The naughtiness of the situation made her catch her breath. Her mind swam as she thought of all the intriguing possibilities ahead. The hot hard bodies and plenty of cock for her to play with.

Finishing with the drinks she returned to the group. Placing the tray down on the coffee table she was aware that her short leather skirt had risen to present Adam and Rob with a sneak view of her ass cheeks. Emma smiled to herself, she was really beginning to enjoy this. Looking over her shoulder she noticed Adam was even leaning over to look further up! Cheeky bugger, she thought but her body temperature went up a notch or two all the same. Nick returned to collect his drink and smiled at her

“So Emma”, he said. “At last we meet”.

Nick could not stop looking at her beautiful lips. He reached out and cupped her face with both hands and gave Emma a deep erotic snog. Emma wanted him there and then but wanted a few more drinks first to really let go! Tony had finished up with Mark and all the guys were now surrounding her. They laughed and joked, enjoying their drinks. The drink was beginning to make Emma feel a little calmer and braver. Emma sat down on the couch, crossing her legs so the suspender belt and stocking top were just visible, this was more for Tony’s benefit than anyone else’s as the tease of a stocking top is his favourite thing.

Emma demanded a couple of guys sit down with her. Quick as a flash, Adam and Mark occupied the seat either side of her. Rob dropped to the floor at her feet, Tony and Nick occupied the other couch.
There was a moment of silence as everybody was sipping their drinks and watching the woman on the TV getting fucked doggy style by a big black cock, as the hubby filmed.

“So is this what you like Tony?” said Nick “watching your wife getting fucked by other men?” referring to the on screen porn.

“Yes mate, I only ever want to give Emma what she wants and after reading some erotic books, she has fantasised about being taken by many men” admitted Tony.

“Well we are here to fuck your wife senseless for you, and I’m sure you will both enjoy it” Rob said.

Tony looked over as without realising Emma was swapping tongues with the guys on the couch. Adam had a tit in his right hand and Mark was massaging his crotch as he kissed her neck. Emma watched with glazed eyes as Nick opened his jeans.

“Would you like a hand in getting that cock hard Nick?” questioned Emma.

“Of course Emma but there doesn’t seem to any room on that couch for me” Nick said.

“Well my cuckold of a husband has always wanted to suck a cock if it’s ok with you” Said Emma.

“Sure a blow job is a blow job I suppose” Nick surprisingly said.

“Ant get on your knees and get that cock nice and ready for me” Emma felt herself really getting into it now.

Emma stared as her husband rummaged in Nicks jeans. Suddenly Nick’s cock bounced into the open. He wasn’t yet real hard but it was swollen enough! It was smooth and soft to Tony’s touch. He looked into his wife’s eyes as he wanked Nick before sticking the cock in his mouth. Emma was flushed and excited. Rob was caressing her legs as she was squirming on the couch. He had successfully opened her legs wide enough to be able to observe her gorgeous shaved pussy. He lowered his head and kissed along the stocking tops, she moved her butt further forward and he caught an aroma of fresh pussy. The smell made his senses boil. Asking no one’s permission he suddenly stood up and removed his clothes. He grinned as he stood there bollock naked, wanking an obviously excited cock! From being shy ten minutes ago he now appeared to have no shyness at all!

Emma moved her hands into the laps of the guys sitting next to her. She could feel hot bulges as she rubbed them both. Adam was doing some naughty things to her right nipple with his fingers and nails and Mark had begun to do the same with her left nipple. Her tits had started to feel very sensitive. She looked across and saw her husband sucking Nick’s big black cock and couldn’t wait to taste it herself. She leant forward and staring directly at them slipped the blouse from her shoulders. Turning slightly to Adam she pulled his head down onto her right breast. Bob wasted no time and soon had her nipple in his hot mouth. Rolling it and swabbing it with his tongue, he playfully bit it now and again and she sat there becoming more and more horny at what was happening. The naked Rob was now on his knees kissing all the way up and down Emma’s stockings on the inside of her thighs. She was beginning to feel very damp now and her breath was coming in short gasps.

“I want to see your hard cocks” Emma said to the guys either side of her.

Adam and Mark quickly stood up and stripped off in a flash, sitting back down each side of Emma.

“Now we have started” said Emma as she had a cock in each hand, wanking them slowly, while Rob was kneeling on the floor his head between her legs, she could feel his breath on her pussy lips;

“Lick me now” Emma demanded.

She was in Ecstasy, a cock in each hand, having her pussy licked, and still two more cocks to play with!

Nick moved forward and reached out for Emma’s hands. He pulled her to her feet. She pushed Rob out of the way so she could stand. Her top fell to the floor and she was now surrounded by four guys all naked, all with hard cocks in their hands. Tony was sat on the couch watching and wanking.

“Enjoying yourself baby?, In fact leave us alone for 10 minutes and go and dress yourself like the sissy you are” Emma said to Tony, “and bring the toy case down with you”.

“Fucking hell you two are something else” said Mark.

“Well he wants me to be a slut for men and women, and I would be silly to refuse!” replied Emma.

Her pussy twitched at the thought and her legs were trembling. Nick turned her so that he could reach her skirt fastening. As she faced Mark, she leaned forward and kissed him passionately, while Adam and Rob ran their hands over her body while playing with their cocks as Nick removed her skirt. A gasp went up as she finally stood there in boots, stockings and a black lace basque. Nick caressed her ass whilst Emma reached out for first two cocks she could find. Adam and Rob began to play with her breasts as their cocks were being expertly wanked by Emma. Both guys grabbed a nipple in their mouths and sucked as Nick massaged her ass and played with her pussy.

Emma had waited too long for this and was dying to taste some cock. The sensation of Nick kissing the back of her neck, his fingers in her pussy and of his cock touching her ass was enough for Emma. She dropped to her knees and swapped Mark’s lips for his cock. She was an expert at sucking cock, and Mark found that out straight away, he placed a hand on the back of her head and face fucked her. Little did they know that this is exactly how Emma loved to suck. She now had a cock in her mouth, and cock in each hand at either side of her head and Nick’s resting on her shoulder from behind, “this is fucking amazing” she thought. For the next five minutes she turned and took it in turns to give each of them the ultimate blow job.

While this was happening, Tony had got ready and was making his way down the stairs dressed in white stockings and suspenders, lace French knickers (barely holding his rock hard cock!), high heels, a white lace top, a long blonde wig and to top it off the same red lipstick Emma was wearing. As he was coming down the stairs he stopped and could see into the living room, he put the toy case down and sat and watched Emma sucking the four men he had brought into their home. He was dying to release his cock and play but knew that he would only last seconds. This is what he had always dreamed of, it really was a dream come true.

“Oi, sissy boy are you fucking ready yet or what?” Shouted Emma after gagging on nicks cock.

Tony jumped up, picked up the case and carried on down stairs.

“I’m coming down now, my lovely” Tony replied with nervousness in his voice.
Tony walked in the room with the case in his shaking hand;

“Oh my god, look at him, you two are the kinkiest couple I have ever met” Adam said.

“Sit over there my little cum slut, get your toy out and fuck yourself while you watch me get fucked by some real men, and do not touch your cock until I tell you to you are here to watch” ordered Emma.

Tony sat down on the couch opened the case and pulled out his favourite toy. After using plenty of lube on his ass, he smeared some on the toy. He then leaned back with his legs in the air and pushed the toy into his ass, watching his beautiful wife getting the pleasure she deserves.

Everyone could now smell the excitement and it increased the temperature no end. Things were beginning to happen fast now and it was hard to tell who was doing what. Emma could feel hands all over her and she began to swoon with the pleasure.

“Right guys my pussy needs some attention, I want it licking and fucking”

Emma lay on her back and with her knees in the air, Nick lay on top of her between her legs, the tip of his black cock just touching the entrance to her very wet pussy. Emma couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him hard into her.

“YES, fuck me hard Nick, give me that big black cock”

Mark and Rob lay either side of Emma and started to suck on her tits, Emma could feel their hard-ons poking at her thighs. Adam knelt by Emma’s face and reached a hand under her head, grabbing her hair, then f***ed his cock into her mouth. Emma was in ecstasy, she had never felt pleasure like it before.
Emma pulled her head away from Adam’s cock;

“MMMM fuck my face Adam, make me gag, treat me like the slut I am”

Adam began fucking Emma’s face like it was a pussy, she had to break off every now and then as she was gagging. Rob wanted some of this action so kneeled on the other side of her face, grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her waiting mouth. There was moans and groans filling the room;

“Oh god yes, Nick come here and let me taste my pussy juices on your cock” Groaned Emma;

Nick pulled out, and Emma turned over and got on all fours ready to lick his cock clean.

“Hey sissy boy, I want you to suck these cocks and get them nice and hard, before they take it in turns to fuck me”

Tony left the toy in his ass as he took up the same position next to Emma but facing the other way. All the guys took it in turn to fuck Tonys mouth, then fuck Emma doggy style before moving round to her mouth and letting her lick them clean. After about 10 minutes of this conveyor belt of cocks, Emma told Tony to lie on his back, then she straddled hid face so they were in the ‘69’ position and told the guys to carry on.

“Lick my clit bitch, and watch those cocks fill my cunt”

Emma took hold of the dildo in Tony’s ass and continued to fuck him, matching the thrusts of the cocks in her pussy. She released his cock from his panties and began to suck her husband. The feeling of being fucked, having her clit licked and sucking cock all at the same time bought Emma to the best, most earth shattering orgasm she had ever had. Watching Emma cum made took the guys to the edge, Rob who was currently fucking her said;

“Oh shit, I’m going to blow Emma where do you want my spunk?”

“Fill me up Rob, fill my pussy with all your cum” Emma screamed

Rob grabbed Emma’s Hair and pulled her head back as he rammed his cock hard into from behind, she felt the spasm of his cock, as he shot his load deep into her pussy. He withdrew his cock and she immediately sat up and grinded her cum soaked pussy on her hubby’s face;

“YES YES YES lick me clean, this is why you are my cum slut, do you like the taste of cum?”

But Tony couldn’t answer he was licking her pussy for all its worth, this was bringing Emma close to her second orgasm. Nick and Adam stood either side of Emma and offered her their cocks;

“Mmmm make us cum sexy, let us shoot our come down your throat” Adam said

She took a cock in each hand and alternated sucking them trying to make them come, it didn’t take long before Adam was there and shot his load all over her face and tits, there was fucking loads of it, the sight of this brought Nick to the brink, and he pushed his cock down her throat. He unleashed the biggest amount of cum possible and Emma tried her best to swallow it all but was just too much, what she couldn’t swallow she kept in her mouth, straight away she got off Tony’s face and leaned down and kissed him passionately, passing the remaining cum into his mouth.

“Your turn Mark, I got something special for you” said Emma

“Ant get up and help me make Mark cum”

Emma and Tony were both on their knees sucking Mark’s cock at the same it was too much for him and he sprayed his load on both of their faces.

“That was amazing” said Mark, “this truly has been the best sex I have had” and all of the other guys agreed with him.

“So when does your hubby get to cum?” Adam asked

“ Not until he has made me cum again”

With that she pushed Tony to the floor and sat on his face again, she loved having her pussy licked and Tony was very good at it, it wasn’t long before she was screaming again as her hubby licked her to orgasm.

“That was good baby, now for your reward”
She moved back a bit still on her knee’s, his head in between, she grabbed his legs and brought them up over his head so his cock was over his face. She began to wank his cock and almost instantly he was shooting the biggest load ever onto his own face.

Tony and Emma both stood up as the guys were getting dressed, and licked each others faces clean, then they held each other and kissed passionately.
“Well you two are amazing, and we can tell you love each other very much, thankyou for tonight” Nick said

“And thannkyou guys for a wonderful evening” Replied Emma “This was our first time with anyone else, and it wont be our last. We can only enjoy it because of our love and trust for one another”

When the guys where dressed and everyone was saying goodbye Tony said;
“I’m going away with work very soon, I hope you guys can keep Emma entertained while I’m away”

“Of course we can, I even know a few women that would like to meet you Emma” said Mark

With a tingle in her clit at the thought of another woman;
“That would be great Mark, I cant wait to let Tony know all the details while he his away” Emma replied.

Tony showed the guys out the door and came back to Emma;

“The thought of licking pussy has got me all hot again, fancy going to bed and making love baby?” Emma whispered seductively in Tony’s ear.

“I will do anything to make you happy Emma, I love you so much”

“I love you too”
Holding hands they went up to bed.
The end.

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13 days ago
No going back for that KumBathQueen and his BBC KumDumpWhore !!!!!!!
No dout they'll host a BBC WhoreBang party with at least 10 big black cocks wreaking their WhoreHoles including SissyBoiCucks mankunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 months ago
god you horny pair lol x love emlou's little fantasy tale too - or are they both reality?
3 years ago
Mmm, the thought of him sucking those big black cocks made my pussy drip!! Great story.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
very hot ... you are lucky to be a cuck ..