Kellys 20th birthday

BY: Kelly
On my 20th birthday, I had a home party. It was just my dad, b*****rs and me. Afterwards, my b*****r asked dad if he could take me to a party as a birthday present. He said no at first, but after I pleaded with him and b*****r # 2 promised to watch me like a hawk, he agreed. We jumped in the truck and drove a mile or so. I was wearing A bra, thong and a dress. The dress was thin cotton and showed the outlines of my bra. My b*****r told me to give him my bra and panties. I did as he told me and was wondering if we were really going to a party. Then he stopped the truck, told me to pull my dress up to my shoulders. I still had the dress around my neck, but I was naked from the shoulders down to my shoes. I asked what he was doing and he said he was going to give me my birthday present. I was confused and afraid of him. But the fear was exciting. He treats me like a slut, but trains me as a submissive. I never know if he is going to tie me up and fuck me or spank my ass, tits and pussy to get me all hot and so that I will beg him to fuck me. He tied my hands behind me with my bra & thong. The tie was tight as usual, then he pulled my dress down back over my body. He pulled a blindfold made from leath with a black fur around the eyes and fitted it over my head and covered my eyes. I was getting excited again and expected to be propmtly fucked while I was bound. But then he started the truck, unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock, bent me over and told me to lick it, but don't suck it, until he said stop.

He drove for about 30 minutes, then pulled off onto a rough road. The truck stopped and I could hear loud music. My b*****r pinched my nipple hard and said we are here. I couldn't see anything and was tied up on the front seat. He told me to stop licking his cock and he got out of the truck. He was gone for about 10 minutes and then the door opened. I could smell alcohol, I was led by the arm inside a house and I could hear all kinds of voices. Then I heard a voice whisper in my ear. It was not my b*****r, but it was the man that took me from the truck. He very quietly said, "Tonight, you belong to me. I paid your Master $100 dollars for you. This is my party and you are my party bitch". I shrieked and he told me to be quiet. I obeyed him. I heard some laughter and he removed my blindfold, but left my hands tied. I saw about 30 people. But I was just in the living room and could hear people in the kitchen and out back. There were some women, but mostly men here. I looked at my new master and looked all around for my b*****r, but couldn't see him. The man that bought me was older than my dad. I obeyed his every command. Then someone said, take off her clothes. My new Master told me to stand still and left me there while he walked into the kitchen.

He laughed and said have at her boys, it's her birthday, everyone gets laid tonight. I froze, 3 men ages 25 to 40 came up and pulled my dress up over my head, it caught on my breasts and they got pulled up hard and then bounced. All eyes were on me now. Boys, men & women. I looked around and recognized 5 of the boys from school. There were hands all over me. I could feel hands on my breats, pinching and squeezing my nipples, on my ass and spreading my legs apart. One guy was rubbinh my clit and another man started french kissing me. There wasn't any part of my body that wasn't being fondled or used. Then a cock slid up behind me and started fucking me. I could not look around to see who it was because I was being french kissed, but it felt very good. I saw about 6 more guys pull cocks out of their pants. My tits were bouncing up and down from being fucked while standing up, I opened my legs and another man started playing with my pussy. I came immediately. 2 other men started sucking on each of my breasts, I climaxed hard this time.

I couldn't stand this, one guy it teething a nipple, a man I can't see is fucking my pussy, another one of rubbing my clit and a fourth is sucking the other tit. Every touch, every movement and every thrust sent me towards an orgasm. The man behind me came, he splashed the walls of my cunt and I felt his sperm oozing down my leg. But within 15 seconds another man was inside my pussy. I looked back and there was a long line of men that extended all the way along 2 of the walls in this room and for every guy that shot a load of cum inside my pussy, 2 more would get into line. By now I had men on my clit, in my pussy, on each breast and hands all over my body. I was completely covered by men. I just floated between men, hands and bodies and I couldn't stop them, hurry them or slow them. I WAS THE OARTY BITCH AND I WAS CONTENT. Then a woman walked up, she had breasts almost as big as mine and a big round ass, but a proportionate waist and it gave her an hourglass figure. She told me to look at her, I did. She could see that I was climaxing steadily now. She asked if I had ever pleased a woman. I told her, No. Then she did the weirdest thing and took both men off my breasts and pulled out het tits. Oh my goodness, they were as round as watermelons and had big blue veins criss crossing each one, herr tits looked so powerful and well nourished. She put my head down and straddled my mouth with her pussy. She had very large pussy lips and at first I didn't do anything, but then she slapped my ass hard and said, "Lick that pussy bitch and lick it good."

I started licking it and realized that it tasted a lot like my own juices. I heard some cheers from around the room, then a guy came up to me on my side. He had a white cotton rope and he tied it around my tit. He pulled my breast up hard along the side of my rib cage so that my nipple was stiking almost straight up. Then he gave it a flick and wrapped the rope over my back and tied the other side around the other breast. I thought my breasts were ripping off my chest, then he untied my hands and cinched the rope even tighter, I stopped eating the woman's pussy and felt a hard crack against my ass again. She warned me and said that her pussy is more important than my pain. I started sucking her hard, tongue fucking her and sucking her clit. She orgasmed in my mouth just as I had a new orgasm. It felt very nice to be shaking violently from being fucked and keep prolonging her orgasm at the same time. A guy tried to suck her breast and she slapped him across the face. I heard her screaming at the guy, "You fucking moron, the party bitch is here", (she was pointing at me), then she took my hand and put them on her tits. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. The woman patted my head and pulled my hair as I sucked her pussy and she climaxed a few more times. Then she motioned another woman to come over.

She slid out from in front of my mouth and moved her friend in front of me. I looked at her and she looked very familar. My mind was busy and I could barely think straight. The girl was young and high schoolish looking. She had small tits, with perky nipples, but they were standing out. She was thin and then it came to me, this girl sat behind me in english class. My face went flush and she timidly said, "HI". She knelt and put a small nipple in my mouth and whispered to me. She was giving me instructions to first tease her nipple by surrounding it with my tongue and then moving the nipple with my tongue. I tried, but failed completely. I was being viloently fucked, twisted, contorted and bitten on each breast, nipple and my clit was being pinched, pulled, rubbed and slapped constantly. My cunt was full of cum and small piles of cum were forming under my feet where it was running down my legs, I was literally standing in 2 small puddles of sperm that oozed out of my pussy. While I was eating that womans pussy, time just flew by and I barely noticed that I had been fucked by almost 15 men.

There was no certain age either. They ranged from 15 to 55 years old, some were good looking, some were average and a few were just plain ugly, but they all had a cock and a full load of cum. I knew I was a slut now and that it didn't matter who fucked me, I never wanted it to stop. I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. This was my most wildest dream. Then my thoughts turned to my b*****r, I stiil couldn't see him anywhere. The man that told me that my b*****r sold me to him wasn't here either. The girl in front of me put my mouth on her pussy and I made her cum twice. Then she knelt down and whispered. She asked me if I liked making her climax? I let out a very deep groan from my throat as I said, Yessssssssssssss. Then she said, good, I know you from school and after tonight, we will be good friends, won't we? I looked up and groaned yesssssssssssSSSSSsssssssss.....
Then she walked away, The guy fucking me, grabbed my waist and pulled me back up to a standing position. Then I saw my new Master walk up. He looked at me, looked at the piles of cum on the floor and the line of men waiting to fuck me. Then he said, how does it feel to be fucked 3 hours straight? I groaned and knew that I must have had a wicked smile on my face, because it felt really good. I was loving every minute of this. Every load of cum in my pussy, the cum dripping out of my cunt and down my legs. The ropes around my breasts which were now a deep blue in color and the biting on my tits and nipples. Even my ass was being spanked by every guy, like I was a horse that needed to giddy-up. The breaks between orgasms ceased. There were no longer any little climaxes in between the larger orgasms, there was only one big long orgasm that kept shaking my entire body, My arms had gone limp and my legs could barely support me. The orgasms were such that they all ran together with new one starting before the previous one finished. My new Master unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. First off, my new master must have at least 50 years old. I am thinking to myself, geeezzzzzzzzzz, these old guys have big cocks.

Then he shouted over to the man fucking me and said, hurry up, I gotta clean this bitch up, she is all covered with cum. Now I knew I was a complete slut. Then he grabbed me by the hair, and put his limp cock in my mouth. I knew what a limp cock looked like and when I saw his, it was all shriveled with folds of skin bucnhed up together. The man was completely soft, but he still hung down a long way. If looked just like a horse's dong. It grew in my mouth and I was hoping to have this in my pussy. Then the man behind me slapped my ass, shot his load, and I was led off by my new Master.

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2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Love the idea (apart from the breast ropework !)
3 years ago
Cool story!!