shemale experience (Fantasy wish it was true!)

So here I am sitting at the sherries accross from my hotel.Eyeing a good looking blond girl, she looks about 21, nice little bubble butt,hips and D tittys,very pretty. she catch's me looking at her and give's me a wink, I make it a point to chat her up(while being intoxicated by her strange happy attraction)I end up talking her into coming back to my hotel for a swim,after of course I get her a bikini at the store down the street. we end up back at the room and we talk and begin to make out,she goe's and changes we go for a dip and things get hot so we head back.....

At this point I can't wait to get her back to my room, I pull her through the door and dis robe, she takes her top off but leaves her bottoms on (which Is great as I have a huge panty fetish.) she rubs me while we kiss then soon she is sucking me hard and hungerly.She keeps shooing me from touching her area which has me hot and ready I throw her down to eat her out full expecting a pussy when I pull her bottoms off...but to my suprise she has a ladycock..I stop and stare at it,she looks worriled at me (I process it for a second, and decide to go for it,thinking to my self wow after all the shemale porn you finally get to have one!!!) As I slowly suck her lady cock, and finger her hole,She asks me if I would like to fuck her sweet little ass. I just nod and position her for entery....
As I slowly slip my self inside her backside she smiles....All I can think about is how good she feels wrapped around my cock... I fuck her hard and deep feeling my balls slap her each time I bottom out is amazing all I can think...We change positions she rides me Her sweet hard ladycock excites me too no end as it slaps my stomach I watch just amazed how hot this little wonder is with her tittys and ladycock bouncing in unison to her movements...We end with her on her back that sweet little ass sitting in my lap. Her legs wrapped around me my cock buried in that ass as I work her hips to fuck her she picks a rythem to make her cum.I stroke her ladycock as she moans Ohhh thats it jerk me she says our eyes locked she begins too cum I control her flow jerking her pulling her hard on towards me she cums harder now she smiles as she squirts cum up at my chest I just smile and stroke her sweet shaft as I aim her flow back up at her.She finishes her load in sweet sticky stripes that just look soo good on her tanned toroso and tits....I just cannot contain it anymore she sees I am close she grabs her shaft and strokes it, she thrusts her hips to make me cum she asks me if I am ready too cum in her tight little ass I just moan and she riggles just right to set me off. As I cum in her she lays back and enjoys the feel of my hot rushing load...after we finish She decides to stay the night I am pleased at that we cuddle up as I drift off too dream out what our morning shower will be like!
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2 years ago
Very good story.
2 years ago
Good fantasy... could get into that one.