letting her take me again (true)

well here we are again... a few weeks ago my wife and I went for a trip to celebrate our aniversery..after a night all about her the night before we started out our evening at the hotel watching some porn, that I slowly hinted at getting the strap on out,started out pleasuring her to some hot girl on girl strap on porn.To a short vid of a girl giving it right to a guy this got her hot!!(to my pleasure!) she went out of the room and came back wearing her sweet strap on and carrying lube in one hand and a vibe in the other.I lay on the bed as she crawled on the bed and Pulled my purple lace panties down spread my legs, and she rubs my backside and licks my cock. next she lubes up the vibe and slips it up me with out saying a word till a few minutes in as she is thrusting the vibe in and out of me...She just asks me do you know why I'm doing this she say's, I say noooo...she replie's to me cause I'm Gonna fuck you...

I sit up and pull her to me so I can suck her cock before she has me.It hits me just how hot it is to be sucking your wife's strap on cock.she gets me down on all fours and rubs lube on me and her shaft,( I admit I was a bit nervous as this was only the second time for us, and the first she initated it)but that all left me as I felt her press her shaft against my sweet tight hole.she took her time to penetrate me, I started rocking front to back on her cock till I got relaxed for her to take over...And boy did she!! She was a natural, working her self in and out of me while rubbing my now massively erect cock. I just couldn't comprehend how good it felt to have her in me, how great it felt to be getting it from her and how damn big my cock had got! I was moaning just like her as she fucked me deep and firm wispering in my ear asking me how it felt to take it up the ass..all I could do was moan in pleasue and think about how much I love her as she pounded my tight hot ass...I finally could not take anymore and as she pounded me and rubbed my cock I exploded into orgasm it renewing every time she thrust into me, I moaned and took it as I thought about how good it would be to ride her cock next time...

I must admit I think we have become a strap on couple and I couldn't complain abit as I sure do like the feel of her deep in me.......
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2 years ago
Very hot indeed,,,mmmmmm thanks
2 years ago
Very hot story, hope that happens to me some day! Thanks for posting :) x