letting her take me (true)

My wife and I had talked for ever about pegging, and we both always loved the idea. But we were both shy about doing anything about it, Till I just ordered her a harness. she danced around it for awhile. Till one night I got her to wear the strapon from foreplay to finish. That was when it got good!I finished her off after a good hard pounding and pus licking,and just as she was coming off her orgasam she noticed I was still between her legs rubbing her sweet new strapped on cock. She koyly asked me what I was doing just as I began to lick it's head,and suck on her shaft. next thing I know Shes guiding me as I suck her cock.......

She gets me on my back with my legs up hands me some lube and tells me to lube my backside up,then she says finger yourself trust me at makes it easier(she strokes lube on to her cock as I do so.

just as she moves to penetrate me, she asks me in a wisper, Is this really what you want. I reply back ohhh.. yes honey take me,I want you in me so badly. she moves the last bit I can feel her strappon cock head pressing it's way into me I try to relax to let her in but am so damn excited it is hard to do. She adds just a touch more pressure and I feel my virgin ass start to swallow her cock, She works her way into me and all I can think about is how hot she looks slowly gyrating her hips as she takes my virginity away..

after a few minutes I am really getting into it as is she, she tells me she is going to make me cum,she starts thrusting me harder and rubbing my cock till she thrusts me deep and hard. I explode into orgasam shooting cum between her fingers and dripping hot and sticky onto my chest. I just lay there dazed and happy with my ass still wrapped around the base of her cock. Thinking to my self how good it felt to be fucked by my wife.And how it felt to lose my anal virginity to a woman with a strappon cock (wonderful)

Now though I am left waiting and dreaming of the next time I can get on my knees, and suck that sweet cock she pulls on. thinking of how good it will feel to be on my hands and knees with her bottomed out in my ass hands on my hips fucking me the same way I do her in the ass, sweet but firm and till I cum!

85% (17/3)
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2 years ago
Short but great!