16 ladyboys jerked off in front of me! live!

Just got back from Thailand and had a very special birthday present. A big party had been arranged for me at my favorite ladyboy bar and a “competition” had been secretly arranged for me.

Had a nice party with balloons, food, drinks etc then a midnight I was told that it was now time for my birthday present. The door to the bar was closed a chair was bought out and put against the closed door and I was told to go sit on it. Then I was blindfolded and a bib put on me. I could hear all the ladyboys giggling and moving about.

The blindfold was removed and I was greeted with the site of all the ladyboys (all 16 of them) all with their bikini bottoms removed and their cocks standing at attention! They all yelled at once “surprise! The boss said in honor of your birthday that they wanted to me to judge the jerk off contest 

Of course I had to take this job seriously and asked what the judging criteria was to be. “Anything you like” was the reply. Hmm how about “Amount, distance and over all “Style” I said. After a bit of translation and quite a lot of laughing I was surrounded by beautiful ladyboys all trying to impress me. Small cocks, big cocks, cut uncut, thick cocks and skinny cocks it was just surrounded by cocks being jerked off and stroked in front of me. A couple blew really quickly and soon realized why they put the bib on me. I was being smothered in ladyboy cum. Several came up and started to rub their cocks on my face and told me to kiss the heads for good luck. Things got more and more excited and one came up and told me to eat her ass while her friends watched. Other where rubbing their own cocks up against each other asses.

Each time one was about to cum they would race over and blow over me. I was absolutely drenched with cum, There was so much it was even running down the wall.

With only two to go (luckily one was my favorite from the bar) both of them told me to open my mouth and blew their loads straight in my mouth.

I told them I couldn’t decide which of them was the best so told them they all deserved a prize and would tip them all very well. (Plus a secret extra tip for my favorite).

“Now your turn” I was told and they grabbed me and pulled of my shirt and pants and pushed me down on to the floor. They all surrounded me still naked and told me I had to blow a load for them now. I can tell you I was so horny now it wasn’t that difficult!
They all stood round laughing and yelling “harder, harder, we want cum, we want cum!” I’m not sure but I think I blew the biggest load I had shot since I was a teenager with much cheering from the ladyboys.

They picked me up and all gave me a birthday kiss. I was taken up stairs by a couple of the ladyboys and hoped into the shower with them where they all scrubbed me down.

Best of all when I got back downstairs there was cake!

Now that was a birthday to remember 

96% (24/1)
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1 year ago
That is one hell of a birthday! I wish I had one like that!
2 years ago
forget the cake !
2 years ago
Lucky you.
2 years ago
Very nice story!
2 years ago
thats hot
2 years ago
What a dream cum true!
3 years ago
Sounds like a great birthday present.
3 years ago
Whew! that's one hell of a nice BD present. I have always wanted to go to thailand to check out the ladboys.
3 years ago
so if i wanted to go to Thailand and find this place (that i will only call Heaven), where would it be?
3 years ago
Sounds like one helluva birthday to me!