Ladyboy orgy in Thailand

During one of my many nights in the sleaze capital of the world Pattaya, Thailand I was at a certain ladyboy bar all dressed up in my sexiest outfit that the “girls” had ask me to wear in as I had shown them some pics of me dressed. Not that I could ever hope to compete with any of them!

Chatting away with one of the girls a German guy came over to us and said that he having a “party” up stairs and if we would like to join him and his friend. I assumed he just meant the girl from the bar and told them to have fun and she went off with the German guy. Just as they went threw the door leading up stairs the guy turned around and said “aren’t you coming too?” I turned to the manager “Bob” just to make sure it was alright and he just gave a grin and a wink.

Went up the stairs and went into the room and 2 ladyboys where already on the bed in action with a 2nd guy. One was sitting on his face shoving her rather large cock into his mouth will the other was sucking on him. Both doing a very good job I may say!

First guy asked me and the ladyboy (Sang) who came up with me to start so he could watch up. Sang and myself sat on the bed with me in the and started to kiss each other and slowly stripping off each others clothes. I laid down as and Sang laid down with me and we all started to play with each sitting on the chair masturbating with all 5 of us in action on the bed by then. The guy on the bed got up and went over to his friend and they asked us all line up on the side of the bed doggy style with our ass’s towards them. Both of them came up to each one on the line and started to lubricate and finger our asses and playing with our cocks making sure they where hard. The told us to lay on our backs with legs locked together in the air. Then went down the line from either end and started to suck each of us in turn while fingering our ass’s.

Then asked us to get up while they got up on the bed and that we surround them while jerking ourselves off. Then indicated that they wanted us to come closer so we all got back on the bed. Each of us took one guy and I started to suck him while Sang sat on his face and he started too lick her ass. The two guys said something in German and both of them got into the doggy position and said “fuck us”. Sang and I switched positions and she got behind him (She was about 8” cut”) and without much hesitation pushed her cock into him while I pushed my cock into his mouth. The other two ladyboys where doing exactly the same thing. We all got our rhythm’s going and I would push my cock into his mouth at the exact same time Sang was pushing in harder. Both of them where groaning and grunting the harder we gave it to them. The other guy must have had enough of a pounding and was covered in sweat and disengaged himself and our guy follow wed suit.

They both then laid on their backs with rock hard cocks and indicated that they wanted to swap girls. My new guy said “I want to fuck with you on top and your friend fucking my mouth” I moved above his cock and lowered myself on to him at the same time as Sang slid her cock into his mouth with the other girls doing the same. He was about 6” uncut. Once again Sang and I got our rhythm going and I would push down with my ass at the same time Sang would push harder into his mouth. Each time he would push up harder inside me. By this time we where all covered sweat and working each other very hard. After a couple of minutes they asked if each of the girls who where fucking their mouths that they wanted to watch them sucking the person who was the being fucked. I leaned back a bit so he could see his cock going into me while Sang moved to the side and started to suck me. I can tell you that Sang really knew how to suck a cock! Each time the guy pushed up I automatically pushed deeper into Sang’s throat. We had all really worked ourselves into a frenzy by then.

The guy looked up and said “Cum on my face”. Both Sang and myself got on either side of him and started to jerk off and slap his face with out cocks. It didn’t’ take for us and covered his face with cum which he then licked up from around his mouth.

Sang and I then moved down to his cock and started to stroke and lick it and before long he blew a huge load over both our faces. The other guy who got the same treatment moved over and rubbed the cum off our faces with his finger then put his finger into his mouth to taste his friends cum as well.

Well they must have been happy as they gave us all a tip at the end after we had all had showers. Since I felt a little guilty when I got back downstairs I bought all the other ladyboys a round of drinks and for once I had an alcoholic drink myself . I needed it !



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6 months ago
Thailand is on my list of visiting
1 year ago
hot! gr8 orgy!
2 years ago
great story, I'd like a party like that myself
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story just one question did they at least give you a good tip
3 years ago
hot story, thanks for sharing
4 years ago
great story, makes me wanna go to thailand!
4 years ago
great fun Wish I was there to help in the fun as well

Luv Meranda xxx
4 years ago
wow thats just too fucking hot!!!
4 years ago
made me cum so hard!