michelle (night of passion) part 1

i first met michelle at a seminar.she was from pensilvania.thankfully she wasnt amish.we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.but i guess everyone does that at these functions,especially after a couple of cocktails.we left the conference centre and went our separate ways.

a couple of days later i emailed her and suggested we get together and mull over the ideas from meeting and she readily agreed.we agreed to meet in the bar at the hilton downtown.at this moment i had no idea what was to happen.however i did have a few ideas of what i would like to happen,and to be honest they were prety raunchy.

we arrived almost at the same time.i was checking the clock in the foyer when she walked through the doors.immediately i was taken aback by her beauty.funny how different people look outside the working environment.we walked to the bar and sat in a booth,more private .the waiter brought the bottle of wine i ordered.we talked and exchanged ideas and after the preliminaries we got to talking about life in general.

for some reason i/we started talking about sex.michelle was lets say a bit on the lookout for a casual relationship.i was free and at this point very easy.it must have been the wine but i suggested we should get a room,always assuming she was up for it which she was.so after the formalities of signing in etc.we headed for the elevator.there were a few people in the lobby so we waited for the next one.as the doors closed i noticed we were alone inside.i took the initiative and pulled michelle close to me.as the elevator rose so did my cock.the excitement was intense.i kissed her hard she raised her leg into my arm.i ran my hand up her leg ,thigh.i could feel her wetness and desire.i pressed the stop button in the elevator.she grabbed my crouch and could feel how aroused i was.we were kissing passionately.my hands were all over her .her nipples errect showing through her blouse.i was about to start undressing her there and then when i became aware of a red light tracking our movement.bastards they had a video camera in the elevator.what a passion killer.i wondered how long these hotels had been monitoring the guests and what they do.someone must have a few great tapes.so i start the elevator and we get out at the 33 floor.

once inside we ripped off each others clothes anxious for each to fullfil the night of promise and now expectation.kissing her passionatley we hit the bed no time to pull back the covers yet this is white hot sex and lust.each of us fighting for supremacy.ladies first.i thought as michelle pinned me to the bed.i didnt mind there was plenty of time .we could please and tease each other.

michelle was stroking my cock and smiling down at me.i was fingering her juicey pussy slipping fingers inside her and rubbing her clit.she leaned down kissed me and started to go down my body.licking me and nibbling on my nipples.i was totally in her hands literally.when she got to my cock i was oozing .she licked that right off and continued to lick my shaft.rolling my balls round the palm of her hand.she slowly started to take my cock into her mouth.oh did that feel great.taking it almost completely in.sucking and stroking my balls.ecstacy was in it.licking sucking and stoking my balls.i felt an emormous load about to shoot.pressure building like a kettle when it whistles.wow here i cum big style.i shoot all into that wonderful mouth.i thought id never stop.michelle is swallowing it all and still massaging my balls as i produce more and more.

as my cock subside i move to michelle who is now flat on her back waiting for me to give her my attention.well i love licking pussy .she had one of the neatest mounds .no hair .almost like she had specially shaved for me.

i began my quest to give her the best orgasm she had(well multi orgasms really)
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4 years ago
Honey, your Michelle story is soo hot. When is part 2??????????
4 years ago
I like I like
4 years ago
Baby, wonderful story. I can't wait for part two!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
when are you going to do part 2?