aunty takes good care of mefinal part)

i know i keep on about my aunty betty but every boy should have one
just like her.i wasnt a virgin but i had the best time with aunty.

she was a great previous encounters(if you can call them that)
were wham bam thank you mam,but i guess all young guys are like that.instead
with aunty she took time and although she said it wasnt effort it must have
been.she did so much for my sexual education i cant thank her enough.

she laid me flat on her bed and got her sissors and first i was
a little worried,especially about the sissors,but no need.aunty cut back my forrest of pubic hair and carefully cut the hairs on my scrotum.needless to
say i got very aroused very quickly

.need to go to my blog page on profile to read the rest.
hopefully you will do this.

its just a stupid mistake i made
85% (10/2)
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4 years ago
Thank goodness for Aunt Betty!!
4 years ago
i took the time to read it in tonguehello profile page blog
its worth the effort i can assure you