mrs fielding sees the snake

mrs fielding nearly fainted when she pulled down my jeans.she didnt believe me when i told her that i was huge.her face was a picture.all the emotions in a couple of seconds.suprise,delight,panic,bewilderment,amusement, one point i really thought she would faint.when she recovered her composure she began to stroke the length and girth with both hands.

now lets get one thing clear from the start---having a huge cock isnt all its cracked up to be.firstly women think its great to have a massive cock inside them but most cant fit it in.well mine hasnt been fully in one yet.its also difficult to get a full hardon,you know how much bl**d it takes to fill mine?well i dont either i just know that even with a semi i can get lightheaded.when im getting a blowjob they can only fit part in.some women dont even want me to penetrate them just in case i stretch them too much.i am not bragging but it can be difficult.i find women who have had babies are best,wider,can take more of me ---if you know what i mean.

anyway getting back to mrs fielding,i am jim,i live in florida on a gated a bit of an odd job man.maybe its because of the size of my cock that i get referals or maybe its because the husbands are working and too busy to do the jobs around the house.who knows?but at least i am always busy and in demand.

mrs fielding had just moved in a couple of weeks earlier.she needed curtain poles replacing and a few other jobs when i turn up i want to get cracking.sometimes i get complaints(not from the wifes)from the husbands.they always wonder why it takes 2 or 3 days to do simple jobs.i will tell you why--its because the women want to talk ,make me coffee and then they want me to fuck ive got a few perks and i dont need to travel far.oh yes mrs fielding.well shes attractive.5ft6ins short dark hair(not too short)not too much make up either.i just hate women who leave more on you than necessary.38dd approx.but honestly i thought i was there just to work.i put my tools down(no snmiggering)she wants to know how i like it(coffee that is)so starts my day coffee --black and strong.we chat the usual.what does hubby do,what brings you i get started and manage to get through part of the list she gave me.more coffee and stood up in the lounge and shes on the sofa.she looks me up and down several time and im thinking has anyone else been telling her about me and my huge cock?anyway shes start to play with her top.the zip up sweat shirt she stands up to get my mug she pulls down the zip to let me see her bra just there in front of me in full view.firm and ripe juicey nipples.i tell her i better get the step ladders to do the curtain for the time being im back to work.ive drilled the holes for the screws.thinking now after seeing what was on offer i wouldnt mind drilling mrs she comes and asks if i need anything.(if only she knew).

i am stepping down the stepladders and she puts her hand on the inside of my thigh.she presses it and asks is that a piece of curtain pole i can i told her it was my manhood.she laughed and said no it cant be its too long and thick for that.ok its not i say.i really wanted to carry on working but the customer is always right.she says if it is your cock and it is that size shed like to see it.of course you would thats how it always i said if you want to see it pull down my she sat on the sofa and pulled the down.thats when i thought she was going to faint.

so when i was younger at gym classes i was excused shorts,just in case i embarresed my teachers and upset the class.the only way i wear shorts now is if its cutaways or bermudas.

so now the colour is returning to mrs fieldings face and gasp after gasp of surprise.she tells me she had heard the rumours but thought they were exagerating or it was a legend(thought you had to be dead for a legend)she looked at the size of my cock and said a leg never heard that before.i had heard it called a babies arm and several other things.she had one hand behind my cock and ran the other up and down the length.she never took her eyes away from my was as if it had its own to my face woman and not my cock and now i am beging to get slightly aroused.she leaned foward and kissed it ran her cheek up and down it.looked ME in the eye and said she wanted some of my dick in her i was thinking of adding that to the bill as an extra.but the i thought its just a payment in all the others.if id have charged all of them i could have retired.

mrs fielding stroking my cock and asks why im not a porn star---like who was it john holmes?never got the connections or knew how to get into porn movies or i would have.anyway i do alright as a handyman--------------------------pussy ,food,drink,payment---as long as the husbands doesnt find out.anyway it saves them a job.the wifes will leave them alone for awhile after ive been through them.

so we strip off --right there in the lounge.mrs fielding has a great body and her shaved pussy showing just a little of the black stubble of regrowth..she takes my cock and rubs her nipples round its head.she licks her lips and slowly takes my cock into her hot wet mouth.inch by seems to stretch her mouth wider.she works it well(only part way in)but i can feel it slowley stiffening.harder now and harder but still not fully erect.her hand massaging my balls and the other supporting my cock as she feeds it in and she moves she alternates her eyes from me to my cock and back again.i squeeze her tits and her by now very promounced hard nipples.her saliva is dripping from my shaft.i can feel her teeth scr****g my cock as it fills with more bl**d.this is when i get light headed.she squeezes my ball gently and rolls one at a time round her hand.i should have warned her about how much cum i shoot but its too late now.i start to pump and after the second pulse she pulls back and my spunk shoots in her hair in her face and drips onto her magnificent i am light headed.i sit down on the floor beside looks like a wallpaper paste fight.spunk everywhere.mrs fielding wipes some and licks it.she smiles and kisses me.i kiss her again and again and taste my own seed in her mouth.

wont get much more done today she says.why?because she wants to try and take as much of me as she can in her pussy.trouble is id like her ass or anyones but im scared id rip it.its hard enough to get even half of my monster into a puussy let alone the thickness into anyones ass.still i live in hope.

as i said having a monster dick can be a curse----
but at least it opens a lot of doors
especially if like me
you are a handyman
73% (20/7)
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4 years ago
I wish you could be my handyman!!!
4 years ago
great light hearted story funny and erotic.
wish i had a cock that size