aunty takes good care of me(part 1)

my aunty betty was to say the least a total hottie.okay she was over 40 something but hey have you seen some of those women.she always had a soft spot for me.i dont know what it was but i always seemed to get on with the more mature ladies.not that i didnt get on with younger girls.

this summer i went to stay for a few days.she needed the house painting and as i was off to college she figured i could do with the money and also help her the end it was she who helped me out.

i dont know how but i fell off the ladder .a hospital visit and i had broken my left arm and leg.they wanted to keep me in overnight but auntie insisted she would take care of me.she certainly did that.for the next 2 weeks i was very well taken care of,if you get my drift.

back at her home she did know fetch me, bring me ,and carry me.well she would have .all i did was watch tv and dvds.boring really.if youve ever had broken bones then you know how difficult everything is.especially when it comes to personal how do i get in shower??auntie decides a bath is the easiest .she runs the tub.i am still wondering how i will get good aunties do ,they help.i kept my underpants on and with her help lowered into the bath.plastered leg and arm difficult is this.aunt tells me to shout if i need any help.

i start to try and wash and clean but its nearly impossible.when i am about to shout auntie reappears.this time she is

she is talking saying i thought id get in and make sure all your places are clean.well something like that.i could hear the words but i was looking at her seen her in bikinis before but this was her in all her was also the first shaved pussy id seen close up.her breasts were firm.not the saggy way some are.

she removed my wet underpants to let the water circulate.well thats what she cock shot upright like a periscope.what are we going to do with this??
she winked and how youve grown she said. well she soaped me up and down.just to make sure we get all the muck and dust off you she said..i was in heaven she could have done anything .it wasnt as though i could run away.i couldnt resist so i pulled her head and kissed her.what a mouth.soft ,inviting and those full lips.i kissed her again and again.she responded.and squezzed my cock.i stroked her back with my cast arm and played with her tits with the other.its not easy in casts..
she held my cock and kissed its head.she spent time licking round the rim.did that feel great.she ran my cock round her nipples round and round.every so often she would smile and giggle and say what would the f****y say?who gives a fuck i said.

she rubs my balls and sucks on my cock.looking at me .making sure i am enjoying it.i am ready to shoot.she stops and can look after auntie later.yes?

yes yes this isnt a one off.certainly not.this is just the start.i am going to teach you.i want your cum in my pussy and well we can talk about what i want later.

heaven is a place on earth.with that she returns to my cock and i let it all flood into her mouth.she swallows it all and tells me what a full load that was.
dont worry she tells me before you leave i will have stemmed that.

she lets the bath water out.
helps me out(she already has).and drys me.i am still mesmorised at her body.and as she dries my cock and balls.i arise again.down tiger plenty of time lets eat.
i thought youd just eaten.aunty laughs.what am i going to do with you she says.
no idea i replied
you may not but ive got plenty

so started the best two weeks of my convalessing
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4 years ago
I love Aunt Betty!
4 years ago
lucky guy having an aunt like her
4 years ago
thanks for reading and comments r always appreciated
part 2 is on now
4 years ago
Where's part II? Good story, looking forward to more.
4 years ago
Want to take care of em aunty?
4 years ago
Want to take care of em aunty?