well mrs campbell --- - what can we do now???

waking up in a stange bed is not something im use to.the sun cracking the curtains is a pleasant surprise.fortunately i never (i know people say that)get a hangover.
as i fully open my eyes mrs campbells is there beside me.i peel back the duvet to reveal her golden brown suntanned body.what a night we had and now as my cock was rising i recalled the events of the previous night.no point rushing to waken her,it was sunday and no work.well at least none that i would be paid for.(lol)and anyway this was pleasure.oh yeah bigtime pleasure.
we had been working together for about six months.mrs campbell was my boss.she always told me to call her veronica.but i stuck with mrs campbell.i thought it made her sound more sexy.she would (by chance or desire)schedule our breaks together.she would ask me all sorts.at first i thought it was to get to know me but now i look back i guess it was the start of our flirting.
where you going this weekend,got a steady girlfriend ------you know the routine.
so i was happy to hear mr campbell was long gone.divorced that is not dead.
i had just bought a red alfa romero sport and was driving into the car park as mrs campbell was locking hers.she smiled and waited for me.i love the car she said,you must take me for a drive.
so thats how i ended up here .well not quite.
anyway i thought id see if she was serious about the drive.so a couple of weeks after initial conversation.i asked her to come for a ride saturday evening.go to a country pub etc etc.we all know we have all been there done that got the t- shirt.
so saturday finnishing time comes and i follow her home.she drops off the car and jumps into mine.vaa vaa voom.we hit the road.she likes the car and the performance.so there am i thinking id love to show her my performance when she suggests we go back to her place instead of pub and have a drink there.
thoughts were speeding through my brain about what if???still why not?i was noticing mrs campbell was playing with the knob on the gear stick.running her fingers up and down the silver shaft and rubbing her thumb over the knob.what a turn on.i could feel my shaft rising too.and you guys will know this,that uncomfortable feeling you get when your cock cant quite straighten(right u must know that)so i was getting really excited.couldnt wait till i got back to her place.but i didnt have to wait that long.it was almost like she could read my mind.she leaned over and unzipped me,put her hand down my boxers and straighted me up.wow.i had to concentrate on my driving.or should i pull over and kiss her?
no need she said smiling ,soon be there.god she wasnt k**ding i was close now!
she was still talking, i didnt know or care what about.i didnt want to loose my load now.she was gently stroking and thumbing my head.i really struggled to hold on.just as i was about to shoot mrs campbell rescued the situation.she got her lips round my shaft and after all her stroking and thumbing my head.i release my flow.pumping fiercely into her mouth and she swallowed it all.squeezing every last drop out and opening the eye to lick what remained.and all this while i was at the wheel.i hadnt even kissed her held her touched her.
i had cum a long way.now it was for me to please veronica!!!
inside the house she opened some wine.not for me im driving .so then she invited me to stay i accepted(nuts not to)would you prefer a stiff drink.i know id preferred a stiff cock again straight away.but now theres no rush.
we relaxed on the couch .had a couple af drinks.dont know why as we were more than up for it.but pleasantaries are the foreplay.though i didnt remember too much of that in the car.
some music some real mood music.some marvin and some otis and throw in some temptations(my girl always works)
so i had to measure up .held her close to me .i kissed her fully for the first time and she tasted so sweet.i ran my hands down her body,teased her .no rush.i kissed her earlobes.nibbled on both.she loved that.(im getting a hard on just recalling it!!)i undid her silk blouse and bra .her boosom and nipples before me.i kissed the twins each in turn and played with the nipple as i kissed the other.this wasnt a race.it was a night.
she moaned in my ear.i knew she was enjoying my touch.
i stood her up and undressed her totally very slowly.loving every minute.tasted every part of her .looked at her all over tan.every crack every spot was tanned.
i was besotted.an older mature woman.
i slowly stripped off for her taking my time .i let her see my body, not athletic and muscular but no flab and no excess pounds.i hopped she loved what she saw.
veronica grabbed a bottle of champagne and took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bed.we had a glass and fireworks.
she was the first shaved woman i had ever gone down on.i licked her clit and played with her lips.then i rubbed her clit and parted her pink ,moist lips with my tongue.slowely then quicker and reaching further in as far as my toungue would reach.nectar pure nectar.i poure some of my champagne into her cup and lapped it catlike.she moaned she pulled at my hair in response.i licked her clit and fingered her pussy she was moaning my name.she tried reaching down for me but she couldnt reach my cock.instead she sank her nails into my back as she came.by now i tasted her juices.she quivered as she came again.
i held her close still caressing her body.we kissed smiled.had another glass of champagne and now it was time for full penetration.its hard to know what was better.i loved all of it.
i loved having her in all positions.i especially loved it when she flipped me over and rode me till i came then licked the juices from my shaft.and held me closer than anyone has done.a true night of passion.
so as i said at the start .-this morning---what can we do now with this hard on mrs campbell???
you guessed .the same as we did last night.i had to remember she was still my boss!
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4 years ago
Thank yoou you made me cum three time and now I'm all wet