the things you do to get an internet connection

this may seem inappropriate to some people but some may know the same feeling and wish they had done the same.

well as things go its not been the best few days of my away from home and friends.the dog is here so he is happy not being put in kennels.however he is getting under peoples feet.still its a funeral and some levitay is needed.

im not a great one for being morbid.the fact that the dog pissed on the coffin got me howling but the rest werent too amused.stuffy old bastards.still thats nothing to do with my story.

i was meeting some relatives i had rather not meet and a few i had more than a passing knowledge of.when i say passing knowledge i mean cardinal knowledge.well we were a close f**** with the passing of time and the passing of an old uncle well not that old his widow was still looking very hot.

i knew i shouldnt have but i asked my aunt if there was anything i could do or help her with.well you all know its the thing to do,right?so anyway i never expected the result i got.

she asked me if i could stay back and help clear up.i dont know why as the caterers were there but i said i would do anything to help so there it was.
i just thought it would be take the dog for a walk and make sure the doors were locked and set the alarm for her before i went back to my hotel.

well that was the first chore i did,but when i got back and settled the dog,locked the back door.she asked me to come upstairs and sort the bathroom had been sticking for years,now suddenly it needed sorting.why my uncle never sorted it i dont i duly went upstairs to the bathroom window and with a hefty pull i slammed it shut.unfortunately on doing so the window shattered.
wow what a mess and what was i going to do emergency call out aunt was in a panic.she didnt want a broken window overnight.but there was no other solution.well there was .i had to stay for the night.

i got some bed clothes and slept in the spare was the closest to the bathroom so i guess id meet any intruder first.
well i was just dozing off when i could hear this whimpering/crying.softly to begin with but getting louder.i tried to ignore it but eventually i got up to see what it was was my aunt.she couldnt sl**p.i offered to get her a drink or some tea but she asked me to sit beside her till she fell asl**p.
i stroked her hair to comfort her and this seemed to calm her.almost the way youd stroke a i did this she held my other hand and squeezed it tight.she thanked me for staying and understanding.

she moved over and told me to lie beside her.just so id be comfortable.i placed my head on the pillow and before i knew it i was asl**p.well i thought i was.
i was awoken with my aunt kissing my ear followed by her tongue in my ear.the hand she was holding was between her legs and i could feel her warm wet hairy pussy.

i didnt know if she was awake or asl**p.well what was i to do.she kept rubbing her pussy with my hand and continually kissing neck my ear and now my lips
now im not averse to fucking women even relatives but somehow this tim e it was different.auntie had lost her husband and i was just helpng out.she was all over me all be it asl**p or dreaming.but hey she was one hot widow and my cock was ready willing and oh so able.and anyway she may just think it was a dream in the morning.

as she rubbed my hand between her legs i started to open my hand and easily insert a finger then two into one very wet cunt.i let my thumb rub over her she was really in a deep deep sl**p or a very good actress.
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4 years ago
good but needs a better discription of her
4 years ago
Very imaginative! You should continue. You have something in your story telling.
4 years ago
4 years ago
nice really like this