nurse heather

i find it difficult to focus,cant seem to remember where i am or what day it is.all i am aware of is my cock is errect and someone is rubbing me up and down.

i see the bright light shinning through the window and the face of a woman,young but i cant distinguish her properly.she is pretty and smiling at me and now talking.

it appears i was in a car accident.i had only been in belfast a day when(i remember now)a lorry side swiped me and thats how i ended up in here.the accident is fuzzy but heather(nurse)tells me eventually it will all come back to me.but for the moment i must rest.she continues to talk telling me she is my designated nurse and that she is in the process of giving me a bed bath.this is what must have woken me.well that and the boner ive got.she doesnt need to hold it up will stay there on its own.she smiles and says it must have been the bl**d pumping to my cock that woke me.

so i lie there and let her wash me.maybe its my imagination but she appears to be dwelling on my shaft and masaging my balls.not that i was complaining.this in a nhs hospital.didnt even get this when i went

heather smiles and says that she is glad im awake .she tells me ive to saty in bed a few more days and that she will wash me everyday.lucky could have been so much worse.wouldnt like an ugly nurse doing the washing at least this way i get my cock stroked and balls massaged daily.i tell her to be careful and she says she always is .but i mean i may be ready to shoot.she just smiles and says well we will see what happens.

so as we all lnow not a lot happens in hospital.its the most boring place especially when you are awake most of the time.i was in a strange friend here.just a few work colleagues who were on contract like socialising wasnt on their radar.the highlight of my day was heather and our bed bath.i couldnt wait till the next morning.

sure enough next morning heather was there ,this time i was fully concious.i chatted a little and she laughed at the right places.she was going to pull the curtains round the bed this time.she told me it was because i was concious.

she pulled the sheet back and gasped.this time i was fully errect and waiting.she smiled and told me she had seen some cocks in hospital but mine was the nicest.not the biggest just the nicest.with that she started to wash me.she may just have been kind but i said i didnt just let any nurse play with my cock and balls.

she was gentle and washed my balls and ran her sponge up the lenghth of my cock.i groaned .it felt so good.i was wishing i could do something for know like play with her tits and stoke her pussy.was i just fantacising or was she really enjoying it.well she was enjoying much so that she sat on the edge of the bed and began working my cock with her hand and no sponge.

i placed my hand on her ass and squeezed .she smiled and stood up still working my cock.she opened her legs and i put my hand up her my surprise she wasnt wearing knickers.i gently rubbed her clit.i could see her eyes roll.i parted her pussy lips and inserted two fingers.god she was wet.she continued to toss me off.i was fingering her more furiously now and she bent and kissed me.i felt her tongue .it had been a while since i had cum but now i felt the juice building.heather could feel me ready .she stopped kissing me and put those lips round my cock and her tongue lapping my precum.she moved her hand faster and faster.i shot my milk into her mouth .i licked my fingers to taste her and she swallowed my seeds.

it had been a long time but at that moment i didnt know how long or cared
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4 years ago
great story.
4 years ago
Wonderful story.
4 years ago
i always got a hard on around the nurses but my 1st to much time has passed good story
4 years ago
nice story , the first women touch my cock and give me a boner was a nurse when I was 8 or 9 , was in the hospital and she gave me a bed bath and got me hard when she washed my cock