Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

I sat in the corner of my class, sucking on the eraser of my pencil. I was on a very difficult question in my maths paper and had no idea how to work it out. My eyes had started to wonder the room in frustration when I caught sight of my teacher, Miss Martin, bending over the work of another student, across the room. Everybody else was concentrating hard on their paper and no one noticed her. She was leaning in my direction and I had a clear view of a lovely pair of 34Ds. I had fancied her since almost my first day of high school.
Miss Martin was a petite curvy woman of about 30 with a great round ass and huge boobs that I had lusted after almost since I first saw her. She was new this year and I always thought it was fantastic how she came in dressed as a pupil, with short skirts and low cut tops.
I had been ogling her boobs for about ten seconds when she must have felt my eyes on her, because she instantly looked straight up into my eyes. I tried to flit my eyes away to look at something else but I was sure that she had just caught me looking at her tits! My fear only intensified when she stood up and started walking towards me. I instantly went down and tried to do the question, writing down nonsense to make it look as though I was working. However she stopped just in front of me and then turned to the boy next to me, her back to me, and leaned over him.

“Now Kyle, do you need any help?” I heard her mutter to my classmate as she bent over him.
At once I was really envious, realizing that she was now giving her boob show to anyone but me. That was until she bent lower and I started to notice her skirt quickly rising up her legs and stopping at the curve of her beautiful ass. But when I bent my head low to my work I realized I could see all the way up her thighs to her panties. They were light blue and very skimpy. I was instantly aware of my cock very quickly forming a large bulge in my trousers. It took me a while to realise she was flashing me.....on purpose!! My hand slowly reached out and rubbed her calf. She seemed to shiver and stood straight up to move off. I withdrew my hand quickly; making sure no one had seen what I had just done. The rest of the lesson she stayed well away from me, and I was worried I had blown it.

At 12:30 it was time for lunch and she called for our class to pack our things.
“Tom Clark, please wait behind, I need to talk to you about your report” She said icily.
My face reddened. As my classmates filed out passed me they mouthed “You’re fucked!” to me. They had absolutely no idea I how dead I was, the just thought I had had a bad report or something.

After they had gone I went up to Miss Clark, who was standing at her desk, glaring at me as though she wanted to kill me.
“How dare you touch me! That there was....was...sexual...”She started off by yelling but her eyes had drifted down to my raging hard-on and now they were firmly resting on it. She slipped off the desk where she had been sitting and came to stand next to me.

I was tall at 5’11” for my age and she stood a little smaller than me. Her hand almost lazily drifted down to my bulge and she gripped it roughly as though she never wanted to let go.
“Oh god! Flashing you felt sooo good!”She almost ripped my shorts as she viciously tugged them down and gripped my throbbing cock between hands. She pumped it up and down, and then took me in her mouth.
She moaned into my penis and she sucked on it, licking the head f***efully and playing with it. She did this playing for about two minutes before she started to deepthroat me. I moaned loudly and had my hands scrunching up her hair. I didn’t last long, I had only had a blowjob twice before and hadn’t jacked off in days. She gasped in delight as I spurted in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She straightened up and pulled up her shirt. Her boobs popped out, in a sexy lace bra and which I quickly unclipped and I was all over them. I had always loved boobs, and I always made sure I had taken special care or my ex-girlfriends’ ones. But I had had never had such a big and beautiful pair in front of me before. I at once started kneading them like fresh dough, taking each in my mouth in turn and sucking them for all I was worth. I flicked her nipples with my tongue while the rest of my mouth latched on to her large dark areolas and sucked. Her chin rested in my head and I felt each one of her sharp intakes of breath as I pleasured her.

I had never got past a blowjob before and was in no man’s land as she grabbed my free hand and steered it down towards the top of her skirt. When my hand reached the top of her skirt I felt the first few pubes of a neatly trimmed bush above it. I slowly and gently pulled on each one of them in turn, with her breast still in my mouth. She gasped quietly each time and finally I started to slide my hand below her skirt. I at once encountered more of her bush, which really turned me on, so I started to slide them through my hand like it was a comb. Her gasps became louder as I moved lower and lower down. Eventually I found her pussy, and she was absolutely soaking. I was rubbing her quickly and I soon knew it was time. I slipped two fingers inside of her and she gasped very loudly. I was worried that someone may enter soon so before very long I was pumping her with my fingers, in time with her heavy breathing and frequent moans to the sound of a loud squelching.

I couldn’t resist anymore, her eyes were closed and she couldn’t stop me so I quickly pulled down her shorts and underwear, stopping for a moment to suck on her wet panties, and then put my tongue in her pussy. I had to go full in so at once I stuck my hot tongue deep in her pussy, or, at least, as deep as it would go. She muffled a scream by biting down on my shoulder, but, far from deterring my, she put her hands in my hair and pushed me deeper into her pussy. This was the first time I had gone down on a woman but I had watched enough porn on my favourite site ‘XHamster’, to know where and when to do things to a woman. My tongue, after the initial venture into her pussy, went to her clit, and I started twirling and sucking on it. My two fingers went back inside her except this time they were slower as I had found my Miss Martin’s G-spot. A unique, small, rough patch of flesh on the inside of her pussy. I had only just started rubbing it when she clenched and my fingers were sucked a bit further inside her. I knew she was close to the edge and my work on her clit just intensified. It was only about 20 seconds of hard clit-work later that she yelled:

“I’m cumming!! Oh Yes Tom I’m cumming!!” She screamed it again and convulsed and I was so worried that we were going to be walked in on but I obediently obeyed her guiding hand and moved my open mouth to her pussy and withdrew my two fingers.

Her juices gushed into my awaiting mouth, filling me up as I gulped down a few times. However hard I tried, I couldn’t get it all in and some dripped onto the floor. But I did try to get down as much as I could and catch any escaping drops as Miss Martin tasted so good. When she had recovered from her orgasm I resumed my oral work with long licks all the way up her pussy, starting from the bottom and finishing up in her bush. I wanted to lap up all her juices.

After a while she got up and brought me up with her, giving me a long kiss where we both tasted each others’ cum. I loved it and lengthened the kiss longer than she expected.

“That was the best oral I’ve ever had sweetie, thank you so much. But I’m not satisfied yet, oh no!”I looked at her silently, not wishing to embarrass her and myself by telling her that until then I had never eaten out a girl before.

I then looked on in confusion as she walked over to the door, her ass wiggling very sexily, locked it and came back to the desk. She bent over it, her ass and pussy in the air.
“I’m all yours my star pupil” She giggled as I went over, wondering if I should tell her I was a virgin......

To be Continued......

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Needs more chapters
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Very well done!
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Oh yes...nice boner here for Miss Martin
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