Unplanned f****y Thing Part III

Sorry about the very long delay. Little fling with a long lost "cousin."

When I ended the last chapter, my oldest s****r was looking in the window at my cock and our mother's hairy pussy. I thought we would play havoc to keep her mouth shut. Boy, was I completely wrong.

After dinner, homework and a shower, I called my boss (worked early mornings, 3 days a week on milk delivery truck)and told him I would not be in tomorrow morning. Then went to my room to listen to the radio.

About 1 / 2 hour later there was a light tap on my door and then my mother walked in. She had on a very sheer nightie on, that barely covered her ass. Needless to say, instant hard on. Oh, she said, is that for me? and sauntered over to the bed. She layed down with her head at my crotch and her pussy staring me in the face. I couldn't help myself, just dove in a starting licking and sucking her clit. Meanwhile she had completely engulfed my hard cock in her mouth up to my balls. She was caressing my balls as she suck on me and I in turn was finger fucking her with three fingers in her pussy.

It didn't take us more than three or four minutes and we were both on the brink of coming. I couldn't hold back any longer and let go with a heavy grunt and shot four gobs of cum into her loving mouth, which she swallowed with fervor. My fingers flew in and out furiously and I was gently biting her clit, when she suddenly moaned loudly, I'm coming, and literally squirted all over my face. I licked up her sweet nectar as quickly as I could.

As we were both recovering from the wonderful climaxes, we were both stunned, a voice said, what a show, mother and son sucking each other off. My s****r must have been hidden in my closet and as we were both getting off, she had come out to watch. She was completely naked and was rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her left breast. She said hold on and wait a minute. Mom and I just lay there watching her and "wham" she had an orgasm that wracked her entire body. She was also a squirter, just like mom.

Mom and I were at a loss for words. But, not to worry, s*s wasn't. Even at her young age (not quite 15) she posessed an air of authority about her.

"E" was tall for her age and let's just say well developed. Her bush was a hairy as mom's and the clit was just a prominent. Well, she said, it's about time someone around here got laid. I have wanted to for two years now and this just seems like the proper time.

I had just popped a huge load, but as she walked over to the bed, my cock on it's own wolition, jumped to attention. She said, that's beautiful and I know it's for me, but right now I have something else in mind. With that said, she shocked both me and mom by bending over the bed and sticking her face in mom's pussy. Oh, that smells wonderful she said and promptly started licking and fingering my mother's pussy. Mom was so shocked by this turn of events and by the time she realized what was really happening, she was lost to the wonderful ministration that my s****r was perfoming upon her pussy.

I couldn't resist the temptation, got up sat down on the floor with my head against the bed under "E's" pussy and started to lick her pussy and rub her very large clit. Mom really got into it, holding s****rs head and pulling into her pussy and telling her to make her come, over and over again.

Meanwhile, I was sucking abd biting on s****r's clit, pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy and my thumb was partially in her anus. This all lasted a good 5 minutes and the all "hell" broke loose. First mom ground s****r's head into her pussy a moaned loudly that she was coming. At about the same tine s****r pushed her pelvis against my head into the matress and started squirting all over my face. Both s*s and I lapped up the juices of our "victim's" and sucked them dry.

We all relaxed for ten or fifteen minutes. Then I broke the silence, saying that we must not let anyone know of this and keep it very discrete. To which we all agreed. Then I told "E" that since you both have had your little to do, I think it is my turn. What do you have in mind they both said. I want to fuck you "E." Mom said, do you think that is wise? In itself, no I replied. But my idea is this. Mom, you and s*s 69 each other, lying on your sides on the bed. I will do it doggy with "E"

At first mom ws a little reluctant, then s*s said he will know sooner or later, so let's not pretend that we haven't done this before. My jaw dropped to the floor. They have been doing each other and I didn't have a clue. Well, lice and learn. So, promptly the got into the position and started their mother-daughter sex thing.

I waited a couple of minutes, with my cock hard as steel. Then,m got on the bed behind s****r. Lifted her left leg up in the air a little. Rubbed my hard cock up and down her slit several times, then gently poked the head of my cock into her pussy. She was hot and wet, with the added attraction of my mothers tongue licking the underside of my cock. I was in heaven.

Knew that after watching all the action and participating, that I wouldn't last more than five minutes. So I shoved my cock up to the hilt and started pounding away. She was tight as a drum, but smooth as silk. Her pussy felt like a velvet glove that was jerking me off. My strokes were deep and hard.Could feel the pressure building and said to my mother. When I',m ready to come I will pull out and you can take me in your mouth.

In about two minutes, I was ready, here it comes mom. Pulled my cock out and mom quickly sucked it into her mouth. She squeezed my balls as I shot my load right down her throat. She swallowed and didn't miss a drop. When she released my cock it was still semi-hard, so I shoved it back into cister's cunt and fucked her like a crazy man.

Within five minutes both were squirming all over the bed and coming like banshees. And I couldn't believe it, I felt as though I was getting ready to come again. Mom, I said, roll over on your back, which she did. I withdrew my cock from s****r cunt and shoved right into mom's and promptly unloaded into mom's wonderful pussy. She squeezedwith her vaginal muscles and milked every last drop of come from my cock. We were all totally drained and I suggested that we should quit for the night. There were no disagreements. But, I said "E" should stay here with me for the night. Mom had no qualms about my suggestion. Just said be careful.

s*s and I lay down as mom left the room. She was on her side and I spooned behind her , wrapping my arm around her and saying good night, love you and will continue this in the morning.

In the coming weeks, I would learn a lot about the "f****y" and will relate the tales as I remember them.
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3 years ago
mmmm nice..
4 years ago
very good series
4 years ago
A lovely set of stories, and as it should be, mothers should always teach sex to her kids.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story, Now I have to go read your other stories. Thx for posting
4 years ago
grt story hopfully prt 4 will not take another month
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story
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4 years ago
that was wanderful