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Unplanned f****y Thing Part II

Sorry it took so long for part II.

As I walked down the hall to my bedroom, I couldn't believe what had just transpired. I had licked my mother's pussy to a rollicking climax and then fucked her two times. All this before going to school. What a way to start the day. As I entered my room and closed the door I heard a click ffrom across the hall by my s****rs bedroom. Had she seen or heard anything, I asked myself?

Off to school I went. Obviously, school wasn't the main thing on my mind for the entire morning. Classes just seemed so boring after the events of the early morning hours.

Right after lunch, I decided to skip the afternoon classes and walked the two miles back to my house. Quietly, I entered through the back door and tiptoed to the living room. Mom was standing by the phone table talking to someone. She was wearing her house dress and from what I could see, it looked like she had just taken a shower and had nothing on underneath. Just the thought of her possibly being naked made my cock jump to attention.

I had removed my sneakers at the back door, so she didn't hear me come into the room. I removed my hard cock from my pants and as she bent over to hang up the phone I quickly picked up the back of her dress and rubbed my cock on her hairy pussy.

She jumped at the contact, turned around and said, "not now, we have to talk first." From her tone it sounded as though we would have more sex later.

We both sat on the couch. I hadn't put my cock away and was gently stroking it while she began to talk.

If we continue this,she said. It will have to be very discrete. Absolutely no one else can ever find out. Okay, I said, my lips are sealed.

Continuing to stroke my cock, I asked her if she would show me her pussy. Slowly she lifted her dress to her waist, spread her legs slightly and I could see the very prominent clit sticking out. That's all it took, "wham" I shot a tremendous load of come all over the floor. She kind of chuckled and said, you shouldn't waste all that "good stuff" on the floor.

She kind of slithered off the couch and knelt in front of me. Gently she stroked my semi-hard cock and licked the head clean. Inside of two minutes, I was completely hard again. Oh, the advantages of youth.

Standing up, she turned around and bent over, saying now you can continue what you were thinking of before. With that I stood up, moved behind her and rubbed my hard cock up and down her furry patch. I could feel how wet she was. Had she been thinking about the sex also?

I couldn't contain myself and longer. Wasn't gentle, just shoved my whole cock right up to my balls in her pussy. When I was totally inside, my left arm went around her waist to hold her in place and my right hand went right to her pussy and started to play with her clit. Almost immediately, she started to moan and said, "where did a 16 year old learn all these things?" I answered, "someday I will tell you!"

As I played with her clit, I ground my cock into her, strong and hard, trying not to make to much movement. I wanted her to come with my cock doing a lot of work. There were other things that I wss thinking about trying and I didn't want to come again yet.

With my circular grinding and flicking and rubbing her clit, it took about five minutes and she starting vocalizing. I am almost ready to come, don't stop, grind harder and pinch my clit. When I did pinch her clit just slightly, her body tensed up and she almost screamed with pleasure. I'm coming, I'm coming and did she ever. Her pussy actually popped my cock out and she squirted all over the place. On my cock, my hand and on the floor. Her orgasm must have lasted 45 seconds at the least.

I put my hand to my mouth and tasted her juices. Wasting no time what so ever, I walked her to the couch. laid her down, spread her legs and started to suck on that sweet clit of hers. She was still moaning and her pussy was having little spasms.

As I sucked her clit into my mouth, I quickly pushed three fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. Not having completely come down from her first orgasm, in less than a minute she started what I thought was her second one. Only, this was not just a simple orgasm. Her body went into 10 to 20 second spasms, it would relax for a few seconds then do it again.

It was uncanny, this contiued for 3 or 4 minutes. Meanwhile, she was actually squirting her juices with each little climax. My hand and fingers were soaking wet. It was time to implement my other thoughts. I continued to lick at her pussy and lifted her legs over my shoulders.

As her juices ran down my fingers, I slowly wormed my one finger around her rectum. As her little convulsions continued, I timed the opening and closing of her pussy. Waiting for about a minute for the spasms to open up her pussy, (I figured the asshole would do the same) and when it did, I quickly shoved one finger in all the way.

Could not believe that it went in so easily. Started to go in and out and continued lapping her pussy. After a couple of minutes, I put a second then a third finger in. She went completely crazy and started gyrating on my fingers.

Now was my chance, I thought to myself. Removing my fingers, I quickly moved her to the edge of the couch with her legs still over my shoulders, put the head of my cock at her anus and shoved. Much to my surprise and to her utter amazement it went in right up to my balls. She grunted, bit her lower lip and said, "it hurts like hell, so you had best make it feel better soon."

Couldn't believe it here I was buried up to my balls in my mother's ass. As fast as I had entered her I was finally realizing how tight it really was. Like a skin tight glove around my cock. So I started the in and out movement. It was tight, warm and ever so soft inside her. Mom actually started to move her ass to my movements and we achieved a beautiful rhythm. We were in sync.

It only took me about three minutes and my ball sack strted to tighten up and I knew that it wouldn't be long, so did she I guess, because she lowered her legs to my back, crossed her feet and pulled me tight into her saying, (I couldn't believed how she talked) "fuck me hard and make me come."

I started pounding her ass harder and within 30 seconds I unloaded what felt like a gallon of come into her ass. As the first shot hit her insides, she let go with a very loud scream and said, "Oh yes, I'm coming, don't stop fucking me, just fuck me, fuck me."

It took several minutes for both of us to come down from this wonderful sexual high. I finally went completley soft and slowly slid out of her ass. Her pussy looked so inviting, but I knew that I had no energy left and believe me neither did she.

Ran to the downstairs bathroom and came back with two small towels to clean up the mess. Luckily, there were no remnants on the couch for anyone to surmise that anything unusual had happened.

Daringly, I bent over and gently kissed her on the lips. Amazingly, she responded by putting her arms around my head to keep me there. My not so clear mind told me to try putting my tongue in her mouth. Again, surprise, she started to gently suck on my tongue. We both were starting to get worked up again, but I understood that we had best stop. It was close to time for the other k**s to come home from school. Reluctantly, I pulled away and stood up.

Turning around with my now soft cock hanging out of my pants and facing the picture window of the living room, lo and behold, there looking in and smiling was my 15 year old s****r. First she stared at my flaccid cock then her eyes roamed to my mother's hairy pussy and her asshole which was leaking come onto the towel I had put under her butt.

Shit, I said to myself, now we're in for it. No telling what she might do ! !

Part III to come very soon, like tomorrow. s****r proves to be very interesting and daring.

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