Tara Request Story

The hostess smiles at you and Tara as she leaves you in a corner booth. Tara smoothes out her sundress and says, “I surprised you got us in here on such short notice.” She looks around at the faux country décor. “I’ve always wanted to eat here. Thank you for bringing me.”

You Grin. “You can thank me right now, Tara.” She cocks her head, smiling but confused. “Get under the table and suck me off.” When her mouth drops open, you add, “A little wider than that.”

Her look of shock slowly changes to a naughty smile. “You’re bad. But you better tell me if the waitress is coming. I don’t want to get thrown out before I get a chance to eat.” After a cautious glance, she slides under the table, and you feel her free your hard cock. She immediately stuffs it in her mouth, moaning softly as her mouth travels up and down your shaft while her hand massages your balls. You didn’t bother to tell her you haven’t cum in a week, and that she’ll be getting something to eat for sure.

Tara bobs her head, letting your cock push to the back of her throat. You can feel her gag a bit but can’t hear her over the din of the restaurant. You let one hand go under the table to find and caress her hair and face as she sucks greedily at you cock. Her hand pulls harder on your balls, as if to loosen your cumshot. The way her mouth is working your cock you can imagine her tits are bouncing, probably nearly escaping her thin sundress. Her nipples had been straining against it before she even went under the table. “Keep it up, Tara,” you grunt in a low voice. “Suck it until you get your appetizer.”

She moans. You feel her shift and she takes your whole shaft in her mouth. Her nose presses against your crotch and her tongue laps at your balls before she pulls back again. The top of her head taps the table but doesn’t drawn any attention. Your hand pushes on the back of her neck, and you feel her tongue kiss your cockhead. She sucks as though your shaft is a straw she can use to drink up your cum.

“Don’t stop, Tara.”

You hear her giggle and take your cock back in her mouth. She seems so eager, and you feel your cumshot building. “I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

She lets you out long enough to say, “Let me have it,” and stuffs your shaft back in so your cockhead is nearly in her throat again.

“Oh fuck, Tara,” you groan, trying not to call attention to yourself as you unload, pumping what feels like a liter of jizz into her mouth. You hear Tara choke, struggling to keep it all in her mouth. You also hear a trickle as some of your cum spills from her lips onto the floor. You’re in heaven cumming in her mouth when you notice a waitress on her way to your table. “Oh fuck, Tara. Waitress!” you hiss.

Somehow, she manages to get back in her seat, one strap of her sundress hanging off her shoulder and her cheeks slightly bulged. You realize she has a mouthful of cum that she didn’t swallow in time. The thought of it makes your cock hard again. The waitress, who does have a cute ass and sizeable tits under her dress shirt, is prattling on about the day’s seafood special, but both you and Tara are thinking the massive catch in Tara’s mouth. “And what can I get for you, ma’am?” the waitress asks with a smile.

Tara has a deer-in-the-headlights look at you, and it makes your cock swell even more. For a few seconds you let her flounder between choking down the rest of your cumshot and watching her spit it all over the table and waitress. But you are, if nothing else, a gentleman. “I think we still need a little more time with the menu,” you say with a wink at the waitress.

“No rush. I’ll be back in a bit.” And she flounces off, tits, ass and ponytail bouncing.

Tara gives you a relieved look and gets up, clearly about to make her way to the bathroom, but you grab her wrist. “Give me a kiss,” you say softly.

After a quick look around, Tara lowers her face to yours and gives you a deep tongue kiss, letting her mixture of saliva and cum spill into your mouth as she moans girlishly. When she pulls away you see lust still in her eyes before she makes her way to the bathroom.


Tara sauntered into the women’s restroom, licking the remaining cum form her teeth. She drinks a bit form the faucet and takes in the spacious, tiled bathroom. It is the sort of upscale place she’d seen in movies of rich people, made all the more open because she seemed to be the only one in there.

She could still taste his cum in her mouth as she casually inspected the place, noticing there seemed to be two handicapped stalls. When she looked into the second one, however, she gasped. Instead of a toilet there was a leather cushioned black stool, and in the wall was the most elegant glory hole. She’d seen a few before in truck stops and bars, but this one was surrounded by mosaic tiles and had some cushioning for the cock and balls to come through the hole. She giggled slightly and gasped again as something moved on the other side. She could see a shadow swirl and before she could say anything a semi-hard cock appeared in the glory hole.

Shocking herself, Tara, instead of running away, moved into the stall and locked the door behind her. She took off her panties and her sundress before kneeling in front of the cock. She took it on both hands, slowly massaging it. “You like that?” she whispered even as she wondered just what the hell she was doing. “I want you to cum for me,” she said softly.

It took a few moments of playing with the cock before it was fully erect. His balls hung out on her side too, and she bit her lip thinking about the cumshot it held for her. She tugged playfully on his balls as she kissed the cockhead shyly before letting her tongue out to slide around it. She slobbered all over his cock before taking it and rubbing it between her breasts. “I want you to cum,” she said again. “Make me feel pretty and cum for me, baby.” Then she took his shaft in her mouth, groaning as she stuffed in as much as she could.

Her tits jiggled some as she worked her mouth up and down the meat pole. She licked it, sucked it, slurped it, her pussy feeling electric as she did what she wanted to this thick, hard cock. Tara wanted it to cum in her mouth. She wanted that taste, craved it and wouldn’t rest until she got it.

She took the cock in her mouth, gagging on it as the cockhead pushed down her throat. Her tongue cushioned it and allowed her to take it deep. Tara thought she could hear the man panting on the other side of the wall, imagined him gripping a metal bar and tilting his head back as she sucked his cock. Sure she was on a date, but after sucking cock at the table and now using a glory hole, Tara felt like a porn star. She let the cock slide from her mouth and grabbed it in both hands. “You going to cum for me? You going to make a hot mess in my mouth?” she teased before sucking hard on the cockhead. It seemed to work well back at the table. Slurping, she tasted precum and knew she was on the right track.

Grabbing the balls, she squeezed and took her mouth off the cock to say, “You know you want to cum,” but right then his dick blew, firing six quick shots of spunk in Tara’s mouth, each landing on her tongue except the last, which hit her chin and slowly dripped onto her tits. For a moment she said nothing, savoring the cum in her mouth before she swallowed. The Tara, moaned, “Oh my God,” which she then said again as the cock withdrew and was replaced by another, shorter but fatter.

Barely taking the time to wipe her chin on the back of her hand, Tara moaned, “You want to cum for me too?” and started sucking the cock. She could take it all in her mouth and sucked hard, wanting that cum in her mouth again. The whole time she sucked she moaned and bobbed her head so fast her tits bounced vigorously. From the other side of the wall, the man was grunting and groaning “Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” which
encouraged Tara. He was clearly not prepared for how fierce she sucked and found himself getting ready to unload. Tara didn’t care. She just wanted the cum, to feel it spurt in her mouth and taste its salty thickness before she swallowed it.

For a moment, she considered saying something to tease him, coax him into cumming, but she knew it would happen anyway. With her hands on the wall, she bobbed her head, sucking on his entire length until she heard him shout, “Oh shit!” It was all the warning she needed, and Tara sucked hard, letting his jizz pump onto her tongue in nearly a dozen quick shots. The first few fired right down her throat, but the rest pooled in her mouth and she moaned before swallowing and saying in a sultry voice, “Thank you, baby.”

She was catching her breath when the spent cock was replaced by another, long and pale almost to the point of albinism. “Another for me?” Tara asked teasingly. This time a voice from the other side said, “I want to cum on you. All over you.”

Tara giggled. “You can’t even see me.”

“You just sucked off two cocks. You must be a goddess,” he responded.

She actually blushed at the compliment and muttered a thank you as she looked around to see how she could get a cum shower. “I’ll do it, but only if you promise to let me suck the last of it right out of your cock.” She grabbed his shafted and squeezed. “Your goddess wants a taste, baby.”


Tara pulled the stool right up near the glory hole, sat on it and spread her legs wide, resting her heels on the tiled wall. She reached down a bit awkwardly and got a grip on the hard, pale cock, which curved erect, hovering above her wet pussy. Stroking the shaft, which made her tits bounce, Tara spoke in a low, sexy voice like cam girl or some other internet seductress. “Yeah, baby, let me have that cock. You want to cum for me? I want you to cum for me. Shoot your load on your goddess.” She could hear him groaning on the other side of the wall, his cock rigid with its blue veins standing out. Licking her lips, Tara panted and moaned girlishly, turned on that this man who couldn’t even see her wanted her so bad. She could feel him throb against her fingertips and palm as she stroked his cock and fulfilled his fantasies. “Tell me I’m your glory hole goddess.”

“You’re my glory hole goddess,” he said and sounded like he meant it.

Tara was dripping wet. “Oh yeah, baby, I want you to cum for me. Let me have that cum shower before you feed me that cock.” He, evidently, was at a loss for words, the whole of his dick shoved through the glory hole and in Tara’s loving hand. Feeling naughty, she bent his cock and let the tip rub against her wet pussy. She could feel his throbbing increase. Even so, it was another few minutes before she heard him croak out, “I’m going to cum.”

“Then cum. Its what your glory hole goddess wants,” she teased.

And he did cum. The f***e of the initial shot rocketed out and hit Tara in the face, shocking her into gasping, which made her open mouth catch his next two blasts as he groaned for her. To her own surprise, she kept her grip on his pale rod and watched as he let no less than fifteen more spurts fly onto her heaving tits, belly, and pussy. She toyed with the idea of shoving him into her, but the taste of his jizz made her choice for her. Letting go of his cock, she kicked the stool away, knelt down and moaned loudly as she took his whole cock into her mouth, a good bit of it pushing down her throat. She swallowed hard and felt his cum in her mouth and trickle down her throat. He was gasping too, his orgasm seemed to be hitting him almost like a seizure. His cock still throbbing and pulsing as it emptied jizz into Tara’s hungry mouth, filling her belly, which was also glazed with his cumshot.

Reluctantly, she let his cock slide from her mouth and said, “Thank you.”

His cock disappeared and he said, “Sorry I made such a mess. I couldn’t help myself.” He pushed a terrycloth towel through the glory hole.

This, Tara thought, was the best glory hole in the world. She thanked the man again and cleaned his cum off her body. She was about to fold the towel and put it on the stool, but instead held it too her face and licked some of the jizz and swallowed it. “God, I think I might have a problem,” she muttered.

“You were pretty amazing,” said the voice belonging to the pale dick, “and I don’t know how you feel about this, but I’d love to maybe see you or something.” It must have sounded awkward event to him, though Tara was a bit flattered. A napkin came through the glory hole with a phone number on it. “No pressure or anything, but give me a call if you ever want to do anything, and I mean anything.”

“Ok,” she said softly. “If I call, I’ll tell you it’s your glory hole goddess.”

He groaned. “You are something else. I hope I hear from you soon.” And with that, he was gone.

Tara looked over her naked body to make sure she didn’t leave any visible cum stains before slipping her panties and sundress back on. She couldn’t be sure how long she’d been gone to the bathroom, though she didn’t much care, either. Tara had been right. This was the best restaurant she’d even visited.

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