peeping tom gets more than an eyefull.

I discovered my first playboy magazine under my parents bed at around age 10. and that pretty much set off the start of my sex addiction. the sears catalog, jc penny catalog, national geographic magazine... if it had scantily clad women, i was masterbating to it, alot, i mean ALOT... playboy was the one that set me off on a quest to see what else was out there. i was jacking off in the morning before school, sometimes id sneek off the bathroom and jack off during class, as soon as id get home from school iwas locked in the bathroom for hours a day. when my nextdoor neihbor showed me a penthouse magazine hed stole from his dad i was in total heaven... those stories in the forum section had my cock hard as a rock. i could jsack off 10 times a day with out even breaking a sweat. Xavier Hollander? o m g ..... one story that set me off on a new mission was about a peeping tom who would hide in his moms closet so that when she came out of the shower he got a awesome view of her totaly naked thru yhe slits in the closset door. so i said ... hmmmm my mom was definately a very beautful, very large breasted woman... and thinking about made me cum almost instantly...
so i settled on a plan that would achieve my objective... i would wait for my mom to go into her room and take her nightly evening shower, wait by the door and listen for the sound of the shower curtain closing, with my ear pressed up to the door i discoved the rings made a certain sound. then i would sneek into her room and into the closet... and wait. i was scared to death... my heart was beating so hard i felt likr it could explode... but i climbed in, my back to the wall and hid behind her hanging clothes, waiting, and waiting, o m g it was only about 10 minutes but it seemed like it was an eternity.
my cock was hard and in my hand ready to go when i heard the shower shut off. them out came my mom... she had wrapped her hair up in a towel and had another one wrapped around her wet glistenig body.. to give u and idea if what she looks like... sehes about 5ft7, 120lbs 38dd breasts and beautiful blue eyes. for those of you familiar with porn goddess Christy Cayon? she was the splitting image of my mom...
then she let the towel drop to the floor and by the time that towel hit the ground... my cock was erupting like never before. I thought for shure she had heard me but she continued on with her post shower routine... first the body loition... oh, the body lotion... that was all it took for my cock to start getting hard again... she sat the , not * feet away from me massaging those big beautiful boobies... she must of likrd touching her breasts , because she did it for a least 2 or 3 minutes.. she actually stared moaning ... very quietly, but she was definately moaning. wow what a turn on. was my mom going to masterbate right there in front of me?
well the answer was Yes... i noew know where i get my strong sex drivr from.... she was starting to pull on her nipples , and pinching them. her moans got progressivly louder, and then she stopped, turn towards me(the closet) Oh no i thought i was busted. but then she veered off towards her bed at the last second. whew, my heart was pounding so hard now i was shure she could hear it through the closet door, what a rush... so devious , so i****tous, and yet ssso hot... i was commiting the ulimate taboo... what happened next was the so beyond my pre concieved notions of how this night would play out, it would change my life forever...
you see, as it turns out she had heard my cum splattering all over the closet door or my quiet conceilled gasps of air while i came. or some how she figured out i was peeing herm and she had decided she was gonna teach me a lesson... a lesson that i would never, ever, forget......
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1 year ago
Like it so far
2 years ago
do you ever finish a story or are you just a cruel tease ?
3 years ago
very good start part 2??
3 years ago
part 2?
3 years ago
Interesting so far.