my first time with alyssa milllano and tony D

Alyssa and i were neighbors. she was a tom boy when i new her. we played with G I Joes , she liked to get dirty, and was quite mishievious. we attended the same elementary school and we walked together to and from school every day for 2 yrs....then she got this big break... an acting job on some sitcom with Tony Danza... she showed me all these fancy clothes that she would have to wear and she said she wanted me to help her pick out what she would wear for her first big live filming. she was scared , bein g a tomboy like was she was and all she didnt know much about fancy dresses and make up, she would stripp down to her lil panties right in front of me... cause we were good friends, it didnt bother her. but boy did it bothere me. or should i say a certain part of me... i got my first erection while watching her parade around almost nude and i didnt know what was happening, so i showed it to alyssa... she just stared at it and giggled. then she walked over to me and while reaching her hand out towards me said " can i touch it?" I said " sure, why not?"we had actually taken a bath together once when she stayed with us a my mom baby sat for her mom. but that was along time ago... she grabbedonto it rather roughly, like she was playing with oneof my G I Joes or something, and said "its so big, what happened to it? does it hurt?" "No" i said back to her while starting to feel light headed. "in fact. its feels really good. especially when you grabbed it? what happened next and for the the next couple of months with her was amazeing. my fantasy unfolding with my ulimate fantasy friend.... and i was in good hands ... Litterally. thats when i woke up and found myself out of breath and covered in my own cum... i had just had my first wet dream...m and it was not the last trust me . oh alyssa... you can show me whos the boss anytime you want.
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3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
I've often jacked off to nude fakes of Alyssa milano and i would even go so far as to say I would have eatten that cunt for hours when she was on Who's the boss.I wonder who the lucky man was that got to take her virginity,maybe It was Danza.
3 years ago
i'll bet i had a few of you going there didnnt i? i had myself going there for a while too actually. i really did and still do masterbate to alyssa millano all the time. thank got for the outer limits, poision ivy 2 , and of course my personal favorite... Curse of the vampire... with Charrollette Lewis.. ta ta for now... back to reallity....