Sexy Sadie

My senior year of high school was filled with college apps, schoolwork, and spending most of my time hanging out with my friends, especially since we all would be going our separate ways when we went off on our separate ways to college. One day during lunch, my best friend Anthony invited all of us to the annual Halloween party his parents threw. The previous two years, I had been busy so I was often unable to go. However, this year I really wanted to go and get a chance to spend time with Anthony and my other friends. Plus, the good thing was I didn't have to dress up or look stupid or anything

I had an early decision college app due that same night, so I decided that I would first finish my application and then proceed on to Anthony's party. After working 5 straight hours on my last essay, I submitted my app online at 7:30. I was excited to have finished it, and later to hit up Anthony's party. I was stoked for reasons more than one.

I entered my friend's house, and was greeted by his parents who were dressed up as pirates. I went in and saw Anthony's parents and the rest of their friends decently tipsy enough. Lots of wine, Jack Daniels, Patron, and Corona around the house. I went to the main living room, where Anthony and the rest of us were playing Guitar Hero and we played for a bit.

Around 10 minutes later, we heard a girl calling "You're STILL playing Guitar Hero??" I turned around and I was surprised at the hotness of this girl... it was Anthony's 14 year old s****r Mandy. Last I had seen her, she was only 12 and my, had she really grown up. Mandy was always cute and we joked with Anthony about one of his screwing his s****r. But she looked hot, especially in her 80s aerobics costume, all the tight spandex outlining her soft and delicate figure.

But what drew all of our attention was her pack of 5 friends who came along, all dressed the same way. One of them was Anthony's junior prom date from last year Sadie; Sadie was a year younger than us. How Anthony had been able to go to prom with her surprised me, since she was someone who seemed quite out of his league. But anyhoo, we all were introduced to the girls and sorta hung out.

Feeling a little bold, I decided to get myself a Corona since I knew nobody would care, and because Anthony's parents were really chill since they knew we weren't gonna get fucked up. Of the six of us guys, 2 were driving back so they didn't drink. I came back with 5 on accident. Seeing as I had an extra, i didn't know what to do with it and was about to put it back when Sadie looked at me and said "I'll have it." I first hesitated, but then decided to give her one.

A little while later, I went out for a leak. But as I left the room, I felt someone watching me but kinda passed it off. I then got a text from Vishal, which read "sadie's got her eyes all over you... go get 'er." As I was walking back from the bathroom , I decided to test the waters a little.

I came back to the couch and found all the seats occupied. Wondering where to sit, Sadie looked at me and said "you can sit over here" and stood up, offering her seat at the corner of the couch. I asked her "nah... you sure about that? then where will you sit?" She replied "oh I'll find somewhere... don't worry about that," with a tone of hotness in her voice. So I decide to sit down, and just as I sit, she decides to sit on my lap. I started feeling what was the beginning of an erection and I told her friend to scoot over a little so Sadie could sit next to me, as I didn't want to startle my friends or Sadie. But she told her friend that it was fine and that she didn't mind. She winked at me, and we began talking and I began getting to know her better.

Pretty soon, she was sitting facing me on my lap, my hands around her waist and hers on my shoulders. My friends were giving me thumbs ups from behind Sadie's head, even Anthony's s****r Mandy. After a half hour or so, she said "lets go to the backyard... I'm feeling kind of hot in here." She grabbed my hand and led me out to the backyard; meanwhile, my friends texted silly crap liek "congrats" or "make it happen".

Luckily, Anthony had a huge backyard so we could easily find a place to be alone. As we found our spot behind some trees, Sadie grabbed my hand again and placed it on her left breast. "34B, whaddya think?" she asked me. All I could say was "oh my god..." as I then grabbed her other breast and was massaging them both. I saw her close her eyes and let out a soft moan. She then grabbed my head and we began making out... I knew Sadie was a good church-going girl, but I had no idea she could be so sex-crazed and horny.

Ten minutes later, she said "Now I have a surprise for you." Turned on, I told her "Bring it on baby." And with that she pulled down my jeans and boxers, and proceeded to put her mouth over my penis. Instantly, I felt it harden in Sadie's warm mouth. She was surprised by the quickness at which my 7.5 inch penis grew. She took it out of her mouth and laughed as she said "wow... that's pretty big." And with that, she proceeded to give me the blowjob of my life. I had gotten a blowjob a couple times before, but hot damn... Sadie really nailed it.

As she licked from my ballsack and up my shaft, I made a somewhat loud noise and I heard some of the guests at the party freak out because they thought they heard an a****l in the bushes, especially since my friend Anthony's house was in the hills and they had a lot of wildlife which would run around in their backyard at night. While they ran inside, I was on my back with Sadie sucking like she'd never sucked before, as I found my right hand into her spandex and began fingering her. I could hear her muffled moan as my fingers worked their magic on her pussy.

I proceeded to pull her pants and thong off as we got into 69 position. Her pussy tasted wonderful, smelled amazing, and was shaved, exposing her smooth milky-white skin to my hungry tongue. I was even more amazed that such a hot girl was a virgin and was tempted to fuck her, but I realized I didn't have a condom and didn't want to get her knocked up accidentally. So instead, I found her clitoris and attacked that with my tongue, lightly biting it every now and then. She gyrated her pelvis over my mouth so that I could lick it all over and as she took her mouth off of my cock for a breather, I heard her breathing become even faster.

At last, I felt her body twitch as I knew I had made her climax. I lapped up her juices and god, they tasted so wonderful. I kept on licking even as I heard her whimper and tap my leg to tell me she was done. At that moment, I felt myself about to cum and I told her I was about to. In response, Sadie kept going faster and faster till I finally came. As I looked up, I saw her with her mouth still on my cock as she swallowed everything and then licked me off to make sure none of my cum was left.

We made our way back quickly inside Anthony's house after a quick make-out session. The adults were still d***k-ish, and my friends and Sadie's friends were hanging out. We walked in, my arm around her waist with her hand on my shoulder and sat there as both our friends began laughing/asking us what we were doing for the past half-hour. We only smiled and said nothing, and were pretty sure that the others found out. I just held up a number 3 for 3rd base and my friends understood.

A year and a half later, I haven't had another opportunity to hang out with her because we've both been so busy with our own work. But I try to IM or call her every now and then just to catch up, and for a bit of phone sex every now and then. And every time, she asks me if we can recreate the scene in Anthony's backyard or connect it to every thing we do... definitely a Halloween to remember.
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