The picnic

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. and we decided to pack up a lunch and go to the forest preserve for a picnic.
When we got there we were surprised to see only about 4 or 5 other cars in the parking lot. I took the cooler out of the car and we decided to use a table that was about 100 yards off the lot near the edge of the trees.
After we finished eating we sat there drinking the second bottle of wine we had brought facing the trees looking at the changing colors.
I began to feel a little frisky and started rubbing Lou' leg and kissing her lightly on the ear and neck.
Soon she started to moan softly and I began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She began to squirm and get more excited."You better stop that before somebody sees us" she said.
I chuckled and said there wasn't anybody close enough to see what we were doing without binoculars.
Soon I ran my hand up to her waistband and tried to slip it inside but the shorts she wore were too tight."pull them down, so I can get to that hot pussy of yours" I told her.
She was still afraid that somebody would see us so I told her to look around, that there wasn't anybody in sight.
Finally she rewlented and stood up,dropping her shorts and panties and sat back down.
"I guess your right" she said,"sitting on the far side of the table nobody can see anything anyway".
She spread her legs and I began to run my finger up and down slipping it between the lips of her pussy, feeling how wet she had already gotten.
She started to pant and began to rub my cock through my gym shorts. I stopped rubbing her long enough to take off my shorts and she began to stroke my cock.I could see her hard nipples through her tee shirt and I started to play with the with my other hand. Soon I stopped and pulled her shirt off leaving her naked except for her sandals.
After a few minutes I was getting really excited."suck it honey" I said and she slid off the bench getting on her hands and knees in front of me.Her mouth slid over the head of my cock and alowly slid down the shaft until she had me completely in her mouth. as she pumped my cock, I reached under her and pinched her nipples which were rock hard. She moaned as shs sucked slowly on my dick.
I looked up and saw an older guy standing about 10 feet away inside the edge of the woods, he had his pants down around his ankles and was staring straight into Lou's pussy. After watching him for a few minutes, I motioned for him to come closer quietly. He came out of the tree line stepping out of his pants as he came.
He stood right behind Lou where she couldn't see him and crouched down about a foot from her dripping cunt. I motioned for him to gently reach out and finger her.
Shelet out a soft long moan as his fingers found her wet pussy and slipped a finger inside.
It took her a few seconds of him finger fucking her before she realized it wasn't my hand and she quickly took her mouth off me and turned her head looked behind her seeing him for the first time. She started to move but I held her in place and told her to just enjoy it.
By then she was getting so hot that she didn't resist and went back to sucking my cock.
she really began to squirm and started begging me to fuck her, so I got down on my knees and turned her around,driving my cock into her hot hole. The old man had moved to where he was beside her head and she reached out one hand pulling him in front of her and she slipped her mouth over his cock. Every time I rammed into her she went forward swallowing him entirely.
She started to buck back hard against my cock and I could feel her getting ready to have an orgasm. When she finally did, my cock began to throb and we came together.
The old man watched and smiled as I withdrew from her steaming cunt. She immediately spun around and grabbed his cock guiding it into her pussy and he began to pound her ass. As I looked up, I saw two younger guys approahing slowly watching the three of us. I motioned for them to come closer and they both dropped they're pants exposing themselves.One guy hard an average size cock and the other had a huge erection that must have been every bit of 8 1/2 or 9 inches. When Lou saw them she was so hot she didn't even hesitate. she immediately grabbed the big one pulled him close and began to suck it. She grabbed the other guys cock and began to stroke him.
She stopped sucking long enough to tell me I should suck him off which I had already been thinking about since I like a stiff cock almost as much as a hot pussy. I crawled forward enough that I could take him into my mouth. As I was sucking him off he reached down and bgan to stroke my now stiffening dick. he dropped down to the ground and we lay in the 69 position sucking each other. I heard the old man let out a growl and stiffen up as he dumped his load into my wife.
As his cock softened and slid out of her he got up and said thank you for great afternoon, picked up his pants,put them back on and disappeared back into the woods.
Lou pulled her mouth off of the monster cock and told him very plainly to fuck her, sh wanted to feel it inside her. as she bucked against his cock she told the other guy and I to get up and move closer so she could suck us both.
She was storking and sucking both of us while that huge cock was pounding her pussy.
I was really enjoying the sight as the most she had ever had in our sex exploits was two cocks at once, mine and somebody elses. I could tell that she was really enjoying it also and I had the feeling this wouldn't be the last time she'd have multiple cocks at once.
As I thought about this, I could feel my balls begin to tighten and looking at the other faces I had the feeling that there was going to be one hell of an explosion.
Sure enough within a matter of a minute there was a huge collective orgasm. The big guy filled her with her third load of cum as the two of us came spraying her fac, hair and back with our loads.
We all collapsed on the ground and as Lou lay there on her back sho was scr****g all the cum she could from her face into her mouth and said it was to bad she couldn't swallow the cum that was dripping out onto the ground.
She looked at me and said she certainly didn't expect an afternoon like that and we three guys agreed that none of us had expected it either but weren' complaining.
She lay there on her back and reached over and began to stroke the sl**ping giant
"It's too bad I'm already exhausted" she said, "I would really like round two with this" then she turned to the other guy and said "besides, I didn't get to see what you could do with yours"
Laughing, we discussed the idea of another meeting with them and decided to have them over for a private indoor weekend party (I knew she would be looking forward to that).
We all got dressed said our goodbyes and thought about next weekend.

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1 year ago
nice one mate :))
2 years ago
Fantastic story...we both loved it!
3 years ago
Just incredible.
3 years ago
Great story