Cold call

I was out doing some cold calling in my sales territory when I stopped in to a business and asked to see the manager. After waiting five minutes I looked up and gasped! There was this guy I had met up with in a park two weeks before.

I was in the park to see if I could hook up with another guy and he drove up. I walked down a path giving him a sidelong glance. I grabbed my crotch and smiled. He acknowledged my glance and followed me. After a turn in the path I stopped and waited. He came up to where I was and I looked down at a bulge in his pants. "Can I help you with that?" I asked. "Oh yeah" he said throatily. I fell to my knees and he released his cock for my mouth to engulf. His cock was already stiff in anticipation. I don't know if it was the spontaneous nature of the encounter or what but I lusted over this cock! After a few minutes of deep throating and knob swirling he released multiple streams of cum for my hungry mouth. he tasted so sweet I wished it could go on forever, but his cock grew soft... After I cleaned his cock up I looked up adoringly he pulled up his pants and left me savouring his juices without saying another word.

He was looking down at my card and looked into my eyes and did a double take.

He said "Hello... Tim. How can I help you?"

I briefly introduced myself and held my hand out to shake his. He took it and we held each others hands looking into our eyes.

Not knowing what to do, he said, "I have a few minutes please come back to my office."

I enter the office and he closes the door behind me. Tim, he says, would you like some coffee? I decline and get down to business. After covering the particulars about my services, he stops and says: you sold me Tim.

Let me ask you something else, Have we met before?

"Oh you could say that" I said. A couple of weeks back do you recall? I asked.

He paused and said "I am a married man Tim, are you? Well you can understand my hesitancy in what we did to get out." As he said this he moved back from the desk and sat back in his chair. I could see his body was remembering our encounter.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked, "I sure did. And I totally agree to keep it private.
He squirmed a little on his seat, and looked at the clock."

"Yes I enjoyed it Tim and to be honest I have thought about it ever since."

I was sitting across the desk from him in full view. I was feeling my cock getting hard. I uncrossed my legs and let my bulge be visible for his stare. He looked down and squirmed some more in his seat.

Have you ever done what I did to you in the park? I asked.

"No," he said "but I sure have fantasized about it..."

"It's almost lunchtime, are you free" I asked?

I said I can take the whole noon time off, where do you go for lunch. He said he goes to a pub down the street from here. I said that sounded great.

We got up to go and I opened the door and waited for him to pass. I did not give him room to go by. We stood facing each other and I reached down and felt his bulge, he closed his eyes smiled and sighed.

We went by the secretary and he said he would return after lunch.

We walked down the street sharing small talk. We got to the pub, found a booth at and sat down. we each ordered a couple of pints. I mentioned "I usually did not drink during the day", he said, "me neither".

After a couple of pints and our meal we were feeling that warm glow that comes from drinking. All the time we had not talked about that time in the park. We were just enjoying each others company.

The beer was having its effect as I had to pee. Before I could excuse myself he mentioned he had to go as well. He got up to go to the bathroom; I sat for a moment then followed him to the bathroom.

He was at the urinal; I joined him at the urinal next to his.

I looked down to pee and noticed I was looking at his cock more than mine. He was doing the same. I looked around and noticed we were the only ones in the bathroom. I let go of my cock and let it hang loose. "Do you want to touch it Kim?" I asked. He just nodded as he reached over and caressed my stiffening cock.

I looked over at him and licked my lips.

He said, I know...

He was pulling on my cock as he responded, inside we both wanted more.

We heard someone entering the bathroom so we quickly returned to the business at hand.

We sat back down and finished our meal orally enjoying every bite as we looked at each other. This was the most erotic meal I have ever had. As it was a total mental exploration of our desired communion

When we walked back to his office we stopped at my car and I got in. Kim stood by my window looking in as we were finishing our talk. To enhance our conversation I released my half stiff cock for Kim's enjoyment.

He grinned and moved closer to the window. I smiled back and said we still had 10 minutes to the lunch hour...

Want to go where it is a bit more private?
Kim hesitated, then without answering walked around and got into my car.

I drove to a secluded park a couple of blocks away, looked over at my new friend and asked if he would like to kiss my cock.

He leaned over and with his lips puckered he kissed my cock head.

"Take it in your mouth Kim" I said. He was a man obsessed as he sucked and swirled my knob in his mouth. After a couple of pumps I rewarded him with a taste of precum. He looked up and I said that is a taste of things to come.
I need to get back he said, lets schedule something real soon!

I found myself in the parking lot at closing time, and waited for my friend to go to his car to go home. He didn't see me when he came out and went to his truck.
As soon as he pulled out I followed close behind. I noticed a light up ahead and pulled along side.
As I was idling I glanced over at Kim. Our eyes met just before the light changed, I smiled over at him and shot ahead.

Two Blocks later I turned toward a park entrance and my eyes were trained on my rear view mirror to see if he would follow me.

Kim did not disappoint.

He turned into the park and followed me to a secluded spot. I got out not looking back, but just walking down a secluded path. This was reminiscent of our first meeting. I thought he would get off on this.

I stopped around a bend in the path and waited with my semi hard cock out, stroking, waiting.

Kim came around the corner and smiled at what he saw. Without saying a word I turned toward him and closed my eyes. The next thing I felt was Kim's breath and than wet mouth around my cock.

He swirled and sucked on my knob and then took me deep down his throat. I grabbed his head and pushed and pulled him in and out. This compounding with his sucking got me ready to explode.

I opened my eyes and looked down as our eyes met. I said "I am going to cum for you, please take it all". He just hungrily sucked me once more, this was all I needed. I shot a stream of cum in Kim's waiting mouth. With all the control I could manage, I stopped shooting to see what Kim wanted. He looked up at me a said just one word "yum".

That was it I released the cum stream after stream to his gulping mouth. As he finished I pulled him up and licked a stream of cum from his satisfied mouth

Kim agreed to meet with me the next day to sign paperwork.

I showed up at 4:30 for the meeting and Kim came out and asked me back to his office.

Very professionally we took care of business, and then he looked at me with a different look and walked around me and closed the door and locked it.

"You slut " I said jokingly.

He wasted no time, moving his office chair up to mine where we sat knee to knee.

Closing our eyes we rubbed each others legs massaging up to the mutual bulge in each of our pants. Simultaneously we released each others cocks. We both wanted cocks in our mouths.

I stroked Kim's Cock to attention and leaned over to taste it again. Kim cupped my head in his hands as I swirled his thick knob in my mouth. He gave me a little pre cum and I leaned back with a thank you stare.

Kim leaned forward and I returned the favour for him

We moved to the floor and commenced a mutual 69 Suck.

We moved to the floor and commenced a mutual 69 Suck. With slurping and sucking both to gather we released our loads at the same time. Kim’s release surprised me and Cum filled my mouth and erupted onto my face. I lusted after every drop as he was inhaling my engorged cock. After we continued for a time savouring our juices, we got up. We pulled up our pants and Kim walked me to the office front. I turned to say good bye and I noticed Kim smile sheepishly.

He looked around to see if the secretary was watching, then turned and took his finger and brushed some lint off my coat, however instead of brushing he dabbed a spot of cum that was on my shoulder and touched it to his lips.

“See you soon” Kim said.
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