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Posted by besche 3 years ago

ode to kitty

You kneel down in front of me,
your naked body makes my cock hard...
You put your hands on your leggs,
i unzip my pants and show you how hard i am..

You put your head backwards,
opening your beautiful lips and mouth...
You are ready to receive,
and i am ready to give..

You wait with anticipation,
the first drops fills you with joy...
Then i relieve my golden stream into your mouth,
you try not to spoil a single drop..

You feel my hot and warm piss,
running down your throat...
You can't keep it all in but that's ok,
i see how my piss runs down your body...

When i am
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Posted by tombakertoo 1 year ago

[Story] True story x

It was a dare game a few months ago at my best friend Lucy's house. She had brought along her friends, Jenny, Gloria and Bethany. All slim and blonde and hot, and I was attracted to them straight away. Lucy said we were gonna do dares, and it was my turn first.
They said I could either masturbate in front of them or do a foursome with Jenny, Gloria and Bethany. I'd never done a foursome, especially not with girls, so I said I'd do it. We stripped off in Lucy's bedroom and Gloria spread open my legs and stuck her tongue right up my pussy. It felt fucking amazing xxx
Bethany grabbed my tits an... Continue»
Posted by luckyolivia 2 years ago  |  Views: 1952  |