sex on the lawn chapter 1

Sex on the lawn
Chapter 1

A number of years ago I lived in a part of Birmingham called Kings Norton. My wife was part of a very large f****y, (10 b*****rs and 11 s****rs) they were all married and most of them had c***dren, the strange thing was though that most of them would change partners and think it was an everyday thing. It was a common thing for them to get their tits out and push them in your face or rub their nipples to try and get you horny, many times I have been working under a car and one of my s****r in laws have come out with a cup of tea, and stood in a position knowing you can see right up their dress, most of the time they would not be warring any panties and you could see their fanny’s were already wet. Tammy was the best at this because she almost always had short dresses on and had a lovely shaven pussy, and would ask what I thought of her thighs and would I like to get in-between them; One day I was in the garden working on my car, when Tammy came out with a cup of tea and said Susan my wife had gone into Birmingham’s bull ring shopping centre, she stood in a passion that she knew I could see right up her mini skirt, she said that she was leaving Ray (her husband) because he wanted, and was going to move to London with his job, and she could not trust him anymore, plus he used to hit her around a lot, only that morning she said he had hit her and kicked because she was late getting up to do his breakfast, Keith she said all the f****y think that I make things up about what he do’s at home because they think he’s so nice to them, but look at these bruises he did this morning, she then started to pull her mini skirt down at the front, all I could say was “Tammy” She said don’t worry I know you have seen me with no clothes on before and you know what my pussy looks like, I’ve seen you looking up my dress before and you know I only ware knickers when I have a period, I’ve always been like that. By this time she had pulled her skirt down so I could see the top of her pussy, just above the top of her pussy was the biggest bruise I have seen, you could even see the sole imprint in her skin, with this she started to cry. The only thing I could think to do was just hold her and let her cry on my shoulder, which she really did do, what I didn’t realise was she had put her arms around my neck letting go of her dress, which was now down around her feet and she was standing naked from the waist down. I was just rubbing and patting her back when my right hand touched bare skin which was the top of her bottom, I pulled my hand away as soon as I realised what I had touched, but she said it was alright and put my hand back there only this time it was more in the crack of her ass, I said Tam you know we are outside and you have nothing on covering your bottom, she said to me, “ you have always wanted to fuck me , now is your chance, no one can see us and I know you really want to because I can feel you hard cock pressing on the top of my leg, as she was saying this I could feel her hand sliding between our body’s, she touch the top of my nod over my shorts and said “he has waited a long time for this hasn’t he”. I said “Tammy what do you mean, you are my s****r in law and this is not right” she said “I know you have wanted me for a long time, and I have you, I have watched you much more than you think working in the garden or doing something on your car, I really love your little ass, I have also watched you through Susan’s bedroom window when you thought no one was watching you having a pee around the side of the house, and even if I say so myself, you have a really lovely looking cock, you can’t say that you have never wished you could get under my skirt have you” ? just look at this she said, and before I could say anything she had pushed her hand under the leg of my shorts and was holding my dick with a very firm g**** in her lovely soft hand and said “don’t tell me you don’t fancy me, look how hard and wet your cock is, even if you didn’t want me your cock does” she pulled her hand back out and showed me how wet it really was, then started to lick my juice off the palm of her hand and told me to look at the juice stain on the front of my shorts, by this time my fingers on my right hand was stroking the crackdown to her ass and doing a circle movement around her ass hole and has much of the bit between her ass and pussy as I could reach, she now was putting her hand back up the leg of my shorts, and with one finger started doing ring motions around the top of my cock which really felt great, knowing someone other than your wife was playing with your cock and outside in my garden was the best turn I had ever had. With her left hand she took my left hand and moving back a little, parting her legs a little she put my hand on her pussy. Before I realised I was sliding me fingers down between her pussy lips and the outside wall of her pussy, down to the end of her pussy lips, then back up towards tam’s clit though her lips, when I got to her clit I rubbed it with both fingers. At first I thought she was still having a period because her clit and pussy lips where as soft as silk, and felt like velvet to touch. What I didn’t think about was by this time she had undone my shorts which were starting to fall down revelling my really hard and wet cock. She started to smile and said we should go onto the lawn and pulled up her t-shirt and black bra to revel a fantastic pair of tits with a lovely pink halo and really hard little nipples, she pulled her t-shirt back down but left her bra rolled up under. “Keith” she said “you married the wrong s****r you know, right from the first day I ever saw you I knew this day would come, and I have been praying for you to make love to me, they say dreams don’t come true but mine is today and it is something I will never forget. We just walked down onto my lawn hand in hand and realising now my shorts and Tammy’s dress where up by the car, to be honest I didn’t care if the whole world could see us, it felt so sexy I was praying I would not cum to soon. On the lawn she asked me to take her t-shirt and bra off because the bruises really hurt when she picked her arms up in the air, Tammy I said “why have you stayed with Ray so long, knowing what he was doing to you, and you have these feelings for me, all she would say was she was afraid of what he may do if she had gone before. When I got her top and bra off she stood right in front of me with nothing on only a smile I said “Tammy you are very beautiful with or without clothes”, she was now rolling my cock with her both hands back and forth and I started to suck her nipples and lick around her lovely breasts, with my other hand I started playing with a very moist pussy and she started moaning we were now laying down on the lawn, so I turned around with my head right by the most wettest pussy I have ever seen, she took hold of my cock and started licking it in a way my wife would never have done, she put my cock in her mouth which felt really fantastic, and started to suck it has hard as she could, it felt really great. I also had my mouth full, with a clit that felt like velvet, and felt like the softest thing I have ever had in my mouth, her lips where fantastic, soft and long, I was playing with these when I slide two fingers inside of a lovely wet and taste pussy, then three after a few strokes she took the four fingers and was pumping up and down with her body, after a few minutes she mourned “Keith please put him in, I want him to cum deep inside more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life please, please”. I slowly stroked her pussy lips with my Nob, which was by now turning her with, fits of pleasure, “Keith please put him in I want to feel how hard he is inside, and don’t pull him out until after you come, I want to feel your spunk shot right up inside my body” with that I slide him into a lovely warm, soft pussy, and was giving her a good pumping when she screamed and dug her nails deep into my back and started shouting “I’m coming, I’m coming, only a second or after she came, I did too, and she said she felt my warm sperm going right up inside her, and she said she had been waiting for this for a number of years, and it was well worth it too. We just lay there joined together for at least four to five minutes; Tammy said my phone was ringing, so I pulled him out although I didn’t want too, ran and got my shorts, while I could hear her laughing in the background, and went into my kitchen and answered the phone. As I was looking out of my kitchen window I could see Tammy playing with her pussy and licking my cum off her fingers and calling me to go back out to her, she now had her legs wide open and her feet where right by her juice ass because my cum was now coming out of her pussy and running down her ass.
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