18YR Old Pussy

i was invited over to my b*****r in laws to watch the game one night, it was a good time drinking and cheering on our fav team. his step daughter erin came downstairs and said hi uncle tommy!!! with a big smile now last year erin had no chest nothing, now there is this beautiful 18 yr old girl standing there with 40dd tits. she gave me a big hug and my cock reacted right away. i told my b*o in law wow she grew up he told me she has been getting hit on all the time.

erin has long brown hair, those huge tits, and nice little ass on her she stands about 5'1 tiny little thing with huge juggs. the game is over and he tells me just crash here and sl**p its no prob, i turn the lights out and watch some tv laying on the couch. about an hour later erin comes down i fake that im asl**p as she goes into the kitchen to get a drink, she only has on a little tank top and a white thong, she lood at me and goes away, 20mins later she comes back and whispers uncle tommy you awake? i still fake sl**p she gets down on her knees and starts to pull out my cock and look at it, i see she mouths wow, she starts to lick and kiss it, and she slowly sucks on the head, so i turn on my side and my whole cock goes right into her mouth and she starts to gag, i wake up and she jumps back oh shit uncle tommy im so sorry, what are you doing i ask? i just wanted to see how big it was i didnt mean to put in my mouth im so sorry, dont tell my parents,

ok i say i wont tell but you have to give me some of that pussy of yours, anything you want uncle tommy just please dont say anything she says as she takes off her top and panties, my god what a fucking body on her, i pull her back down and tell her to finish what she started, she takes my cock back in her mouth man it feels great to have young hot mouth on me, i take her and bend her over the couch she tells me she is on the pill, she says i have the biggest dick she sucked or fucked, i slam my cock into her tight young shaved cunt and pund away i tell her dont moan so loud dont wake anyone, oh uncle tommy fuck me hard with that big cock of yours it feels good in my young pussy, fuck me harder
her whole body is shaking as i pound away. i lay down on the couch and she stradles over me and begins to bounce up and down on my cock, you horny little bitch fuck uncle tommy's big cock you little whore i say, im suckin on those huge tittes, oh uncle tommy this feels so good fuck me harder baby.

i lay her on her back and slam that tight little twat my balls slappin her ass. oh erin you little fuckin whore slut bitch, your pussy is so damn tight.
its like a fucking vice grip on my cock,please uncle tommy cum in my mouth i want to swallow your hot cum (what a sweet girl) i thought to my self. i could feel my cum getting ready to explode, i pull out of her tight hole, and jam my cock in her mouth and face fuck her as hard and fast as i could, poor erin was gagging bad on my cock, you like that you little whore cunt bitch suck my cock you whore eat my cum i said, oh erin im cumming oh oh oh shitttttttttt!!!!!
i shoot my load into her mouth she gags a little and some cum comes out her mouth but she takes most of it, oh god erin that felt awesome baby, thank you uncle tommy for the best fuck of my young life, please still dont tell my parents, as long as i can still have some that sweet pussy of yours, anytime uncle tommy, oh hell yeah i say

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3 years ago
Great story tom
3 years ago
3 years ago
sounds like a sweet deal
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
fucking hell i want some of that