Hooters Pussy

Sweet Hooters Pussy

went out the other night for some beer&wings so i went to the local hooters. been there befor good place the girls are fucking hot.
the one girl maggie is so fine, black girl long curly black hair, full lips, huge round fucking tits,nice hips,and a sweet black booty,dark skin. she is too hot. i sit get my drinks and wings we bullshit for a little, me flirting my ass off i wanted her bad. i asked when she was done work and if she wanted to meet me at the local bar after, she giggled and said i dont know maybe, ok nothing big i was guessing she wont show. i pay leave a nice tip give her a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass and leave.

i sat the bar for 2 hours and out of no where maggie sits down next to me, big surprised for me i really didnt think she show.
i got her some drinks and we talked she was with someone but didnt think it would work out, we talked some more, drank some more. we left the bar around 1am and i took her home, she gave me a long kiss and said if i would like some more come inside to her home, my ass wasted no time.

we were making out hot and heavy on her sofa my hands were all over her tits and ass, this girl could kiss, off comes her shirt and bra, and my god these are the most beatuiful tits i have ever seen big and round big nipples i sucked on like a newborn. maggie was grabbing at my pants and my cock was liking every minute of it,i took off my pants and boxers and my cock almost leaped out at her. i sat back she kissed the head and shaft saying she always wanted to suck a white cock, im like baby go for it. she licks the tip and shaft, sucks on the head a little and takes it in her mouth slowly.

she grips my balls the whole time stoping to lick them every now and then, then she is in full mode sucking my dick. this girl can suck a cock damnit, taking it all in her mouth i can feel the head hitting the back of her throat she didnt even gag, she stopped took off her jeans and thong and got on top of me for a 69 her sweet shaven pussy and fat ass in my face, i felt like a k** in a candy store. i licked that pussy clean jamming my fingers in her tight fat ass, she tasted so sweet, her pussy was wet i could'nt wait to fuck her wet cunt.

she bent over the sofa i was behind her rubbing my head all around her clit and pussy lips. i pushed my cock into her tight pussy grabbed her hands and held then behind her back as i rammed the shit out of the cunt, thrusting in and out harder and faster, maggie was moaning and yelling at me to fuck her black pussy, she kept asking me if i liked black pussy, fuck me white boy she said fuck my pussy hard!!, man i was turned on more than ever. i was fucking her so hard i though the sofa was going to roll over. she got on her back i wasted no time i opend her long legs and rammed my cock back into her
i was pounding her wet cunt like a fucking wild man, she was so wet and tight.

maggie kept tellig me fuck me harder tommy!! fuck me good
i love your big fat dick in my pussy, harder you motherfucker!!! harder! fuck me
my god i was heaven. i was sucking on those huge tittes while my cock jammed her love tunnel, she told me to get on my back she wanted to ride that big fat cock, my cock was throbbing, maggie squatted over my cock grabbed it and slide her soaked pussy onto it, she leaned back held my ankles while facing me riding my cock, i loved watching my cock slide in and out her tight wet twat. you like that tommy? you like my pussy killing your cock? tell me you like! oh maggie i love your pussy!!! i love watching my cock in your wet pussy!!! fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard you whore!!! she was riding me hard and fast, god it felt amamzing.

i put maggie on her back again and took her legs and put her knees to her ears, slid my cock in her, maggie was shakin and screaming she is gonna cum i kept pounding that sweet pussy, asking if she wanted to cum on my cock, cum on my cock baby, cum on it you whore, come on baby cum!! cum for tommy!!! i felt her cum she came good and hard she squirted all over my belly,dick and balls, so wet i was sliding in and out so fast and hard i could feel my own cum starting to boil, cum for me tommy i want to eat your cum u fuck!

i pull out of her and she starts to jerk me off and suck my cock too, im going to cum you whore, swallow my sticky load, shit!! shit!! oh shit!! and i blew the biggest load in a long time all in her mouth,face and her tits. it just kept pouring out. after i got a towel and chilled on her sofa. she sat next to me had a drink and smoke i held her next to me. i said thats the first time i fucked a black girl, she asked if i liked it, i told her yeah baby alot, she said well maybe you can get some more black hooters pussy again soon. i deff plan on going there more and getting some of that sweet pussy for sure.

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Sweet, thanks for sharing
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Nice, black pussy is great