weekend with mom

now if you have read my other stories you can see i keep sex in the f****y.
i never gave it one thought of banging anyone one from my f****y but the first
time was with my cousin, it was hot then my aunt and my own mother.
now my mom is very good looking she is like 5'2 135lbs not fat not chubby but built in the right places, huge round tits,and a shaved pussy, long brown hair
hazel eyes, big lips, so hot.

now i come home from work and my mother tells me that if i want we are going to the cabin for the weekend im like hell yeah,i get a shower help pack the car up and we go, we talk bout everything, we already had sex but really didnt speak about it. we get to the cabin late unpack i tell her im going to bed im beat from work and the drive up there, my mom is in her late 40's 48 yrs old, still hot. so her sex drive is still there. i wake up the next day to this awesome feeling, here my mom has my cock in her mouth waking me up. i was like christ this feels great, watching her suck my fat cock, my cock is about
7 and a half inches and thick, she is sucking it like a pro, taking it all in her hot mouth

she looks at me morning honey i thought you would like your cock sucked good today, she licked the head the shaft my balls and everything, i was starting to buck my hips, i could feel the cum ready to blow, i told her mom im gonna cum i shot my long load down her throat. i was so relaxed. we did aalot of stuff during the day, i told her i would make dinner threw some steaks on the grill got some wine and we ate dinner, i was horny i wanted to fuck her bad, i told her i was going into the hot tub to chill, she said she would join me.

i got in there first i went in naked i was ready and waiting for some of that sweet older pussy,my mom came out in a robe and took it off to her nude body, she said i knew you would like it this way. she climbed in i poured her some wine and she rested in my arms, my dick was getting so hard i looked over at her and kiss her neck,we starting kissing i pulled her over top of me i grabed my cock and slide into her tight pussy i could see the pleasure in her face as i slid all of my throbbing cock into her. we were fucking fast and hard, the water was splashing all over, she said we have to move this to the bedroom tommy.

i got out of there and got to the bedroom toweled off and my mom layed down on the bed i started to eat her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit and her big pussy lips, i opened her pussy up and stuck my tounge in deep and fucked her with my tounge, she was moaning and moving around i knew she was going to cum soon, i stuck 2 fingers in her and sucked on her clit she was moaning loud now telling me what a good son i was eating his mother's pussy. my mom said she was going to cum and with that i got on my knees took my cock took aim and sinked my big cock deep in her, i started to fuck her fast and hard she was holding my ass, saying fuck me baby im going to cum all over your hard cock, i pinned her knees back to her ears, and pounded her hard and fast slowed up a bit and got fast again she was screaming she was going to cum

she squirted over my cock and balls, i could feel her pussy milking me for my cum, i was ready to go, i could feel it, i told her mom i cant hold it im fucking cummin mom oh shit i pulled my cock out and shot a nice hot white long sticky load all over her belly and tits, it felt so fuckin good.
my mom licked some of the cum off her tits and belly. we both crashed and went to sl**p, the next morning i was awake first, my mother was sl**ping on her stomach so i started to eat her pussy and smack and finger her ass a bit, she woke up loving it. oh tommy you mother fucker you,eat my pussy and finger my fat ass you bastard you, i loved the dirty talk such a turn on. i grabbed some baby oil and rubbed it over my cock and my moms ass, i pulled her up and her fat ass was staring at me, i put the head of my dick in her ass, she told me to take it easy cause she didnt do anal that much but it felt good when it was done right.

i slowly slid all in her and fuck her slow untill she got used to it, my god her asshole was fucking tight, she made a move by backin up a bit i thought i was going to blow right there but was able to calm down, i poured more oil on my cock as it was sliding in and out my mom was moaning my name and saying how good it was to have her son's hard cock in her, i picked it up a bit she told me keep going baby fuck my tight ass, i was going fast now i was rubbing her clit at the same time, my balls were pounding off her fat pussy lips
i pulled her hair not hard, but a little snug,she was telling to cum in her ass
god it was cumming i yelled out oh my god mom im going to cum, im going to cum in your tight fat beautiful asshole, and with that i unleashed my load into her ass, she said it felt like a jet stream in her. we both kissed got showeres pack up and ,left for home. we talked about our time there. we will always have sex she said. and i agreed.this is some of the bext sex i have ever had.
90% (50/5)
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2 years ago
The story is hard to follow with the sentencing, spelling, no periods, no commas, nor paragraph breaks, no capitalization of even the noun "I" ("i"), all needing considerable attention.

The story line is good, the delivery of the story is not. Just my opinion, just being honest.
2 years ago
what a loving mother. :)
3 years ago
good very good , second part???
3 years ago
awesome & please more of your stories
3 years ago
nice story more to tell i hope
3 years ago
Great Story
3 years ago
very good story, thanks for sharing.