lincoln slut teen part 2

After fucking billie i was so horny for ages after it and she had been texting me . so i was hard for about a week lol. Anyway after finding things out about her from her text messages i asked he if she wanted to come to a party at mine the following weekend. She said she would love to come.

I phoned a few friends and told them to come to mine for a drink and that i had a little teen slut as entertainment.

The weekend arrived and so did my friends. One of them had brought his cousin, misty ( she is in my Lincoln sluts album) misty was still at school but was already well known as a good. My mate had been fucking her for a few years. Misty had tight little shorts on that never even covered her ass cheeks and showed of some great cameltoe, she had masses of long blonde hair and a little tight top that only just covered her nice tits..

Next to arrive was billie jo and i felt like fucking her at the door when i seen her. She had a very tight black dress on that sowed off every curve in her body. I could see se had no bra on as her nipples were poking right out. She had high heels on and those tights that look like stockings. We gave each other a hug and a little kiss to say hello and i could not help but squeeze her ass. She pulled me a little tighter as i felt her ass and pushed herself against me.
We all had a drink as we waited for the others to turn up. Within about half an hour everyone was there and we were all drinking and having a laugh and billie jo and misty were dancing together and we were all watching them. They were being so sexy and teasing us all running there hands over each other etc.

Me and one of my mates joined in with them and billie jo was grinding her pussy against one of my legs and misty was doing the same to my friend. As billie jo was rubbing against me i grabbed hold of her ass and pulled up the back of her dress pulling her in tighter to me and we started kissing. She moved her hand onto my cock and was rubbing me through my trousers. I told her to get on here knees and suck me. She never said a word and did what she was told. She took out my cock and stroked me with her hand for a few seconds before i felt her tongue lick round the head of my cock. I grabbed hold of the back of her head and said “suck it bitch” and pused her head onto my cock and right into her mouth. At first she started to gag but soon she was taking me right down her throat and i started thrusting in and out of her. I looked round to see misty was kissing my friend and he was squeezing her tits as he cousin was pulling her shorts down and fingering her pussy. It was a great sight to see.

I stopped fucking billie jo in her mouth and grabbed her by the hair pulling her up to her feet and said to her “ now go and suck off and show them how much of a fucking slut you are” ( for me the turn on was that if billie jo had wanted to she would probably have been able to kick the shit out of most of us as she is a great kick boxer and teaches in Lincoln to others)

Billie jo did as she was told and within seconds had another cock in her mouth and a cock in each hand. I decided to join in with misty, her cousin and my mate. Misty was moaning by this time as her cousin was finger fucking her and she was bent over sucking my mate. I took her hand and she started to wank me. Then she sucked me for a little while.

I heard a big moan coming from bille jo behind me and turned round to see her standing bent over sucking one cock as my friend was fucking her pussy with hard thrusts.
Misty’s cousin said to me that i could fuck her first if i wanted too. I pushed misty onto the settee and the slut spread her legs for me without being told. I just wanted my cock in her teen pussy so i grabbed her legs and raised them up over my shoulders and took my cock in hand rubbing the head up and down her soaking wet slit a few times than pushed into her. I slid in so easy and she let out a deep moan as my cock went in balls deep. I just fucked her hard and fast till i felt myself starting to cum. I pulled out and shot my cum over her tits and face.
Her cousin then went and got billie jo by the hair and pulled her over to misty and told her to lick the cum off. As billy jo started to lick my cum of misty the one of my mates started to fuck her doggy. Another friend was fucking the face off misty and i could hear her gagging but he did not let up and her cousin was calling her a dirty whore and telling her he was going to fuck her next.
I said to them to get the girls into a 69 as i wanted to see them both getting fucked. Her cousin got behind misty and pushed her head onto billie jo’s pussy and thrust his cock into his cousin and started to fuck her. He fucked misty them pulled his cock out and billie jo sucked it then he would fuck misty again. One of my friends was fucking billie jo and doing the same. So both girls were getting fucked and sucking each others pussy juice of the cocks fucking them.
I heard one of my mates grunt as he thrust deep into billie jo and shot a load of cum inside her then another friend was fucking her and within about a minute he filled her pussy with even more cum. One by one they all came in both the whores and we all sat back and watched the 2 sluts clean each other out and bring each other off.
I don’t know if any of the girls had cum with getting fucked. I didn’t really care as they were there for our pleasure not theirs.
After misty and billie jo were done they lay holding each other for a while and then went to get dressed. I told them to stay naked as we wanted then that way for the rest of the night.
They got up and went and got some more drinks for us all. There was still more fucking to be done.

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Awesome story!!!
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