Wife, s****r in law and me

This is a true story of how i got to fuck my wife and one of her teen s****rs
My wife was a sexy thing and we had a great sex life. One day we were sitting curled up in bed together and were looking at some photos and there was one with her little s****r taken on her last day at school. She had this really short school skirt on and her school blouse was tied under her massive tits and unbuttoned so you could see her tits spilling out from her bra. I mad a comment about how great her tits looked and my wife said that she loved playing with them.

I think it was the fastest my cock had ever got hard. I asked her what she meant and she said that her s****r had big tits from an early age and that they both used to feel and play with each others tits and that she loved it. She told me her s****r was the only girl she had ever had sex with and that she had always wanted to try it with other girls. She went on to tell me how she would get a dildo and teach her s****r how to suck cock and that the dildo is the closest thing to cock her s****r had ever had. (the parents were very strict. (Her dad is a minister in the church) and her s****rs were never allowed out with boys.

I took my wives hand and put it on my rock hard cock and she was wanking me as i was listening about her and her s****r fucking each other with a dildo. My wife said that she would love to see me fuck her s****r and with that i shot a load of cum so hart that it spurted up onto my own face.

This was about a week before her s****r was come and stay with us for the summer. I was so fucking horny the whole week that i fucked my wife all over the house that week and thought about her s****r.

The day came when my s****r in law arrived. She had tight jeans and tshirt on showing off her big brown tits and ass. I wanted to grab her right there and fuck her. Later in the evening we were sitting talking and having a drink. i was in the middle of them both. My wife said to her s****r that her tits looked liked they had got even bigger since she last saw her . with that my s****r in law cupped both tits in her hands and squeezed them then pilled up her top to reveal her beautiful tits in a half cup bra which made them look even better. The contrast between the crisp white bra and her ebony tits was an amazing sight.
I was rock hard looking at them and trying to hide my erection. My wife put her hand on my cock and was rubbing it saying to her s****r “look what you have done to my husband” her s****r said that she had noticed my cock had been hard all day. Then she said to my wife that she was neglecting me by allowing me to have a hard cock all day. My wife said i had been like that since she had told me about the two of them having sex together . my wife told her that it was because of her that i was hard and that it was up to her to do something about it and show if the lessons with the dildo had paid off.

My wife unzipped me and took out my throbbing cock and took her s****rs hand and put it on my hard cock. My s****r in law started stroking up and down with her hand and running her fingers over the head of it. Then her head went down to my lap and her lips kissed the tip of my cock and she darted out her tongue and circled round it. My wife turned my head towards her and started kissing me. My head was spinning thinking about my wife kissing me and her s****r sucking me at the same time.
I could not stop myself from moaning out loud and my wife asked if i was enjoying it. I said it was fucking amazing and i started to thrust my cock up further into my s****r in laws mouth and down her throat. Her head was bobbing up and down giving me some of the best head i had ever had. It was not long before i could feel things starting to build up and next thing i was shooting a load into her mouth. What happened next is still one of the hottest things ever. My s****r in law leaned over to my wife and kissed her and they started to pass my cum between them. It was amazing to see these two hot s****rs share my cum. To know that i was the first cock to have been in her mouth and to cum in her still turns me on.

Next time i will tell you what happened when i became the first real cock to fuck her.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
great yarn mate, nearly shot myself.
1 year ago
really hot story cant wait to read what happened next
1 year ago
Great story. Looking forward to the next part
1 year ago
Awesome. Really hot
1 year ago
VEry erotic
1 year ago
That was bad ass story can't wait to hear the next part.
1 year ago
Awesome! Hope there is more to cum
1 year ago
Hot story!
Can't wait to read the next part...