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Sorry I get busy with life. I don't have time to chat online but I promise I'm not ignoring you. I encourage all of you to post more nude photos and cool stuff online.






Child Support Horror Story.

Men, Math and Marriage.

Why marriage is bad for men.  The marriage dupe.

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Feel free to copy and distribute any of my pictures & videos. Porn is for sharing not hoarding!

Every man needs to check out Tom Leykis videos on youtube. Read the comments/after the videos. This man will change your life. Grow some balls men!

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Interest & Hobbies: Dancing, Concerts, Politics/Religion/Sex,
Wayne Dyer, Toe Sucking, Studying Religion, Sex, Cuckolding, Raw Food, Green Smoothies, Burning Man Festival, Jesco White, Bill Maher, Traveling, Tom Leykis, Cafe Press, Pretty Feet, Law of Attraction, Blogging, Photography, Writing, Roadside Attractions, Positive Quotes, Porn, Documentaries, Indie Films ,Film Making, Dragon Con, Larry Flynt, Hiking, Nature, Sex, Cheap Motel Sex, Bookstores/Libraries, Antique/Thrift Shops, Writing, Street Art, Bansky, Book Publishing, Sticker Junkie, Art, Books, Festivals, Exploring, Doing Projects, Jesse Ventura, Stencil Art, Reddit, Craiglist Rants, Free Speech/Anti-Censorship, Latin Women, Sexy Soles, Kickass Pictures, Ron Jermey, Talk Radio, Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, Chris Rock, Youtube, Quotes, Bumperstickers,Ebay, Flea Markets, Ocean, Weird U.S.Book Series, American Pickers, Gene Simmons, Metal, Punk, Indie Shops, Bang Bro Porn, Reading, Indie Movies, Traveling, Alternative Media, Hustler, Playboy, Bettie Page, Recycling, Nudist, Camping, Taschen Books, Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens, Vintage Signs, Abandoned Places, Old Motels, Drive In Movies, Country Stores, History, Current TV, Roadsideamerica.com, Democracy Now TV show, Debating, Using Coupons, Hot tubs, Treehouses, Cabins in nature, Geodestic Domes, Real Goods catalog, Electric cars.

Dating Tips For Men: Never co-sign/mix finances with a woman, avoid long distance relationships/go for women in same county, avoid dating or marrying illegal immigrants that just want a green card (google marriage fraud), avoid single women with kids at home/it's a package deal with single moms, meet up at free or low cost places like bookstores/parks during the day/cafe's & avoid movies & restaurants on first time meet up, make sure she is into you before you spend that cash, the less attachment you have to women the less suffering you will have, avoid high drama brats that demand to be spoiled, date rich women, invest more and spend less on women, avoid child payments by always using condoms, check out Tom Leykis on youtube, never tell a woman how much money you make, never get married, never fall in love with two women at the same time/you can't have two girlfriends, avoid women into nascar, fishing and camping, avoid redneck women and go for classy women, avoid fat women that will bring your health down, date healthy women that are good for you, be a little crazy and show less interest(Be a little bit of a bad boy), avoid movie theaters for meetups, never buy strange women drinks, stay single, never throw out a woman's # always have plan B, be a player not a payer, what starts out with laughter often ends up in tears, men have nothing to gain from marriage yet women have everything to gain from divorce, never lend money to women/often you lose both the money and the woman, pass the check and use coupons when eating out, stop trying so damn hard and be a little bit crazy, dress well, start working out, do your own thing and don't care what she thinks, google Buster B on marriage, check out the youtube video don't get married stupid, act less interested, always have tons of women in the bullpen for back up/collect # and emails from free dating sites, check out free dating sites like plenty of fish/ok cupid/date hookup, be confident/funny/secure around women, it's just as easy to fall in love with a rich woman as a poor woman, women will always change after they get the ring so never get married, before marriage & kids men have all the power, the person less interested in the relationship controls the relationships, the best part of a relationship is always at the beginning, nice guys don't get laid, always remain a mystery to women and let them know you have other options, never hold a woman's purse, use coupons when eating out and pass the check, bookstores are great free places to meet online women/never buy anything on a first time meet up, never move in with a woman, educate other men about Tom Leykis(youtube), be confident/in control and little bit of a bad boy, avoid women that have no time to be with you/no workaholics, I might not be mr. right but I will fuck you until he comes along, stop bending over backwards for women and do your own thing/women dig men that are not to into them, call women when in area and hit it and quit it, check out tom leykis on dating/marriage, pull out even when using a condom/never trust a woman that says she can't get pregnant, no marriage!, have tons of women in the bullpen for backup, never hit a woman just walk away, avoid women without a car/job or who can't drive, no high drama brats, does she shallow?/give good head, one pro of milfs often they can't get pregnant, places to avoid with women (restaurants/bars/movie theaters), avoid women that drink/smoke they love to spend your cash.

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Improving your life tips: Drink green smoothies, invest at least 10% of your income, listen to positive audio cd's from the library, read the book life's little instruction book, go vegetarian, watch more documentaries, smile more, choose your friends & lovers wisely, brush & floss daily, walk in nature, invest in a good education, use your local library, exercise while you watch documentaries, never co-sign, avoid long distance relationships, learn about investing & wealth, read wayne dyer, look people in the eyes when you talk to them, read larry winget, attend positive seminars/classes, live in the moment, recycle, volunteer, don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy being alone, remain positive, listen to tom leykis on youtube, read more books, when dating single parents know that it's a package deal, don't dig your grave with your fork, use condoms if you are having sex, why worry? you won't get out alive, look for the good in others, practice kindness, wear a seatbelt, don't date or marry an illegal immigrant (google marriage fraud), hug more, google zig ziglar, face your fears, work on your bucket list, travel more, visit a different church/religion, be more open minded, love more.


You can lose lots of money chasing women, but you will never lose women chasing money.

Women use sex to get love, men use love to get sex.

Women are like shadows: the more you chase them, the faster you run the faster they run away and you will never be able to catch them...but what happens the minute you turn your back on them and walk away?

Whenever you are too worried about someone else's approval, that person loses respect for you.

It is better to be disliked for being who you are than to be loved for who you are not.

The most attractive quality of all is dignity.

Don't trust a woman who won't perform oral sex on you.

Avoid single women with a bunch of kids at home!

The less attachment you have to women the less suffering you will have.

Always remain a mystery to women and let them know you have other options.

Before marriage & kids men have the power.

Falling in love is like getting in quicksand. It's easy to get in and hard to get out.

Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.

The person less interested in the relationship controls the relationship.

Why is it all the women with fake hair, fake nails, and fake bodies expect to find a "real man"?

Men want new pussy like women want new shoes.

It's easier to prevent getting in a relationship than getting out of one.

What starts out with laughter often ends in tears.

Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.

A person who is nice to you but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person.

When a man brings his wife flowers for no reason - there's a reason.

Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence (a life sentence!!!)

Marriage is love. Love is blind. Therefore marriage is an institution for the blind.

A happy marriage is a matter of giving and taking; the husband gives and the wife takes.

Lend money to a friend and you lose both, money and friend.

When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.

Any man who thinks marriage is a 50/50 proposition proves that: Either he knows nothing at all about percentages, (or) he's got an awful lot to learn about both women and marriage.

A man can be happy with any woman as long as he doesn't love her.

Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After marriage, the 'Y' becomes silent.

Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.

Ah, yes, divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.

Women are from mars and men have a penis.

Dumb men will always get married. So will smart women.

A man is called a "catch" because he's trying to run away.

Why do divorces cost so much? Because they're worth it.

Why get married? Just find a woman you don't like and buy her a house!

50% of Americans (and 52% of Brits) end their first marriages with divorce, and nearly 70% of all second marriages end in divorce.

You never truly know a woman until you meet her in court.

The truth about men & women: Men want new pussy and women want money & security.

Some women are expert housekeepers. Every time they get divorced, they keep the house.

Being divorced is like being hit by a Mack truck. If you live through it, you start looking very carefully to the right and to the left.

All relationships are based on prostitution. Men want pussy and women want money.

Porn! It's cheaper than dating.

Support Gay Marriage! Everyone should have the choice to be miserable.

Men have nothing to gain from marriage yet women have everything to gain from divorce.

Truly powerful people don't explain why they want respect. They simply don't engage someone who doesn't give it to them.

I might not be be Mr. Right but I will fuck you until he comes along.

You jump through hoops any time you repeatedly make it very obvious you're giving your "all".

Before sex, a man isn't thinking clearly and a woman is thinking clearly. After sex, it reverses. The man is thinking clearly, and the woman isn't.

Anything a person chases in life runs away.

Where are the Real Men? Avoiding women who use the term "real man". All men are real, some dare to ignore women's attempt to define their manhood for them. Hey ladies, how about a definition of "real woman"?

Act like a prize, and you'll turn her into a believer.

Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.

The more independent you are of her, the more interested she will be.

She simply won't respect a man who automatically goes into overdrive to please her. (Be a crazy bad boy)

You can get away with saying much more with humor than you can with a straight face.

ever notice how 'wed and married'
rhymes with 'dead and buried'?

Women come and go but you are stuck with you forever. (Love yourself and put you #1)

The person you choose to marry is never the same person you divorce.

The only person who won't leave you is yourself.

Friend me on Facebook (Jen Hope Atlanta)

Youtube videos for men. Must watch videos!

-Men, math and marriage. (youtube)
-Tom Leykis - Reasons to Stay Unmarried (youtube)
-Why Marriage Is Bad For Men - The Marriage Dupe (youtube)
-Don't get married stupid!!!
-Tom Leykis Why you should NOT get married! (youtube)
-Jerry Reed -- She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) (youtube)
-Tom Leykis Leykis 101--- A class that teaches men how to get laid with less money (youtube)
-Married Men and Single Men - The Difference (youtube)
-Tom Leykis - Favorite 101 Tenets (youtube)
-Pregnancy Traps and Manipulative Females (youtube)
-And women wonder why guys don't trust them (youtube)
-Friends Don't Let Friends Get Married (youtube)
-Tom Leykis --- Stop being a gentleman. Chivalry is old fashion and its for pussified men (youtube)
-Eddie Murphy - Guys Secrets (youtube)
-Dating Women Is Legal Prostitution (youtube)
-Mark Rudov - On Gold Diggers (youtube)
-Tom Leykis --- Women Want Vaginamony (youtube)
-Chris Rock-Never Scared-Married Life (youtube)
-Tom Leykis Stumps a Single Mother (youtube)
-Money Mistakes: Never Cosign a Loan
America's Money Class - Oprah Winfrey (youtube)
-Where did all the good men go? (youtube)
-Tom Leykis - Pre-nups and Green Cards (youtube)
-Marriage Fraud News Special (youtube)
-Will She Buy YOU Dinner? (youtube)
-A Message to Women (youtube)
-Leykis vs Gold-digger (youtube)
-Dave Chapelle - Men and Women Psychology - Very True (youtube)
-Marriage is a waste of male potential (youtube)
-Marc Rudov - How to handle women - Part 1 (youtube)
-Marc Rudov - How to handle women - Part 2 (youtube)
-DON'T GET MARRIED!!! (youtube)
-Patrice O'Neal - Do Not Get Married (youtube)
-Why Men Are Choosing Not To Get Married, Pt. 1 (youtube)
-Why Men Are Choosing Not To Get Married, Pt. 2 (youtube)

Looking for real man = golddigger. Watch out men!

1) A man who will compromise his values and self respect to please women.

2) An insult used by women to shame a man into behaving how she wants him to.

1) Whenever a woman says, "I am a real woman looking for a real man." what she is really saying is, "I am loud mouthed, verbally abusive, manipulative user, and I want some wimp who never says no to me."

2) Girlfriend says, "If you were a real man you would be happy to pay all of my bills, listen to me complain, wash my car, and never disagree with me. Oh, and you would never pester me for sex".

Real Man:

The insult women use when they want to bring down a guy enough to get him to do whatever she wants.

Aside from that fact that there is no definitive image of a "real man" (and no, women's delusions do not count), there's also the fact that nobody ever ask if SHE was a "real woman".

Woman: What? That guy stepped on my toes and you won't defend my honor? What kind of a man are you? I thought I married a REAL man?

Man: Oh yeah? And what kind of a fucking woman are you? You never seem to ever care whenever you ask me to fight some guy TWICE MY FUCKING SIZE over something as shitty as stepping on your toes. I thought I married a REAL woman?

Real Man = sneaky way to manipulate men.

Term used by greedy women looking for a sugar daddy.
A guy that spends a lot of money on a money grubbing gold digging woman. A guy that takes a dinner whore to expensive fine dining restaurants. A man that buys drinks for a woman and all her friends. A real man is one that dumps any chick that uses the term "real man" or "gentleman".

"I want a REAL MAN who knows how to treat his woman right meaning bend over backwards for me and spend all his money on me".

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Tell your buddies about xhamster.com It's the best porntube out there. Spread the word!

Friend Dave Parker. Good info.

www.mgtow.com, www.leykis101.com, www.dontmarry.com, www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Leykis%20101, www.okcupid.com/profile/nevercosign, www.mgtowforums.com, www.mensrights.com, www.avoiceformen.com, http://jduvalseries..com/, www.reddit.com/r/MGTOW.
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