Never Bet With a Witch

The day began like any other, nothing out of the ordinary, just an average day, but that was about to change. I went to work that day expecting to be busy, with Easter being that Sunday, so I was ready to do what was needed. There was a new girl there, I introduced myself to her, she said her name was Stephanie. We talked a little throughout the day, weather, work, and whatnot. I’d say that we hit it off. Later that day, while I was on break, she sat at the same table where I was, and she asked me an unusual question, do you believe in magic? I was not sure what to say, but I said, I guess. Why do you ask? Well, she said, I’m a witch. I just gave a chuckle, OK GLENDA whatever. I’m serious, I am a witch, and she then showed me a tattoo on the back of her shoulder. I recognized it as a Celtic symbol. Why would you want to tell me this after only just meeting me? Stephanie said, I can read your mind, and I knew that I could trust you, and that you would not tell anyone. You can read my mind, I don’t believe you. She looked me in the eye, and I met her gaze, and for just a moment I could swear, that I saw her in a pair of pink panties, and sweat socks.
I jerked my head like I was trying to stay awake. She just smiled at me and said that she saw my thoughts, you saw me in a pair of pink panties, and socks. You are thinking that you would like to smell them. I just chuckled nervously, what. What, do you mean. You are wondering if my socks stink, and you want to smell them. I can tell by the look on your face that I hit a nerve, but don’t you worry, as long as you keep my secret, I’ll keep yours. The only thing that I could think to say was, deal. I went back to work, but I was now distracted from what I needed to do, it seems that all I could think of was now her socks, and the fact that she knew that I did indeed want to smell them. By the end of the day, I was ready to get out of here and ponder what had happened. Just as I was leaving, Stephanie came over to me and told me that I should give her a call later that night, and she handed me her phone number.

When I got home all I could think about was her; she was a total knockout. So I decided to take a shower and a nap. I woke up about six that night and I pondered if I should call her or not. I then thought, what the hell, she did give me her number, so I picked up the phone and gave her a call. She answered the phone, Hi Mike, I knew that you would call, and I’m glad you did. So, what are you doing? She said that she had just got back from her nightly run. So, how far do you run? I would say I run about three miles or so. That’s cool. She said, you know what else, I know that you are thinking about how my feet must smell, and I have to tell you, they smell enchanting. Whatever. If you play your cards right I might even let you smell them, but not for three or four more days. So, you would make me wait four days to smell them? No, I said four more days. When I let a guy smell them, I wear them for at least nine days, then they are ready for a nose to enjoy.

I then asked, do you want to go out Saturday night? OK, you just make sure you are ready for some stinky feet, I’ll even give you a small sample at work on Saturday. OK then, I guess I’ll see you at work Bye. After I hung up I sat on the couch in a daze, not knowing what to expect for the upcoming weekend. The rest of the week was just really boring. Saturday finally came, and when I woke up that morning I had a raging hard-on, I had to take a cold shower just to get rid of it, that helped, but I had to not think of Stephanie’s feet. So I went to work and the day was going by just fine, until she came to work. When she came in, I noticed that she was wearing old sneakers, and I felt a twinge in my pants. She came over to where I was and gave me a sly look and told me, I know what you want, and you will get it later tonight. Later on that day I went to break and she was soon to follow. As I was sitting at the table she came and sat across from me and put one of her feet up on my chair and told me to go ahead and stick my finger in her shoe and rub her foot. As I was doing this she told me to keep it there for a few minutes. After a while I pulled my finger out and brought it up to my nose and was nearly knocked out by the amazing smell. She just smiled at me and said, wait until tonight when you can smell the real thing. She got up and tussled my hair and whispered in my ear, see you later. Again there was a twinge in my pants. After I came back from my break work just seemed to drag. Finally the day was over and just as I was leaving, I had to pass Stephanie and when I did, she just gave me a smile and said, smell me later.

When I got home there was a message on my answering machine, when I played it back, it was Stephanie, and she said, Michael, I can’t wait for you to come over tonight at seven. You are going to going to smell my stinky feet for an hour, more if you are good. I have been wearing the same socks for nine days, and they are really stinky and need you to smell them. Good bye. At about six that that night, I gave her a call to get her address. She answered the phone again with, Hello Michael, so you need my address? Yeah I do, how did you know that? Remember I told you, I can read your mind, and then she gave me directions on how to get to her place. Thanks, I’ll see you in a bit.

So I changed clothes and drove to her place. When I arrived, she met me at the door and she was wearing a halter-top, sweat pants, and those old sneakers. I could only stammer out, HI. Come on in. Once I was inside she shut the door and turned to me and took me by the hand, and led me over to the couch. Have a seat, and patted the cushion next to her. After I sat she told me, this is how tonight is going to work: First you will strip. Second, you will sit on the floor next to my feet. Third, you will do as told, and answer each command with, Yes My Queen. Do you understand? Yes. She then gave me a slap across the face, and said WHAT?! I’m sorry, yes my Queen. Good we have an understanding.

STRIP! Yes my Queen. I then stood up and took off all my clothes, and sat on the floor next to her feet. Very Good. Now I want you to untie my shoes, but you only use you teeth. So I bent down and put my mouth on her shoes, and began to untie them. Just with my face being that close I could already smell her feet, the scent was outstanding. I managed to get the first one untied, and then I went to work on the other, and that one came untied rather easily. Then I pulled the tongue of her shoe to loosen her shoe. Very good, now you can them off, and you will smell each one for one minute with your nose touching the insole. I sat up then brought the first shoe to my nose, and began to inhale the aroma. Good boy, I’ll start the time. I was just lost in her shoe, the bouquet of her shoe, was better than I had imagined. Very Good, now smell the other. I put down her first shoe and picked up the other. This shoe smelled better than the other did. I know that I had the shoe to my nose for more than a minute, but I didn’t care. There you go, put down my shoe.

Now I want you to lay down on the floor in front of me, and put your hands over your head. When I did this, she leaned forward and pulled out some rope and tied my hands together and then to a chair. She then came up with some tape and taped my mouth shut. Now we can have some fun, and this way you can only breath with your nose. She hit play on the DVD Player; I’m going to watch Lord of the Rings, while you smell my feet. MMMPH. Oh you like this movie, I do to, this is the Directors cut, and it’s 30 minutes longer. Then she put her feet on my face, now you get the honor of my sniffing feet for the length of the movie. ENJOY, she then giggled. All I could do was inhale her essence, and I have to tell you, it was outstanding. Ever so often she would shift her feet, so that I could get a whiff of the other. She would also periodically crunch my nose between her toes. I don’t know how long it had been, but all of a sudden she got up and left the room. When she came back she had a bowl and some beer. She put one foot back on my face and said, don’t worry you can have a couple of beers after while. She then poured three beers into the bowl, and then took off both her socks and dropped them into the bowl of beer. She then replaced her feet on my face. You can have the beer after the movie. Now I had both her bare feet in my face. By the end of the movie, I had smelled her socks and feet for more than three hours, and I was as hard as diamonds.

Oh dear, will you look at that, you like my feet, and they like you. She then untied my hands from the chair, and pulled me up by the arms, so now I was sitting up. Are you thirsty? I nodded yes. She ripped the tape off of my mouth, and said, I didn’t hear you. Yes my queen, I am thirsty. How would you like to drink the beer? My queen, I would love to drink the beer from you socks. You may, but you have to drink on you knees. I got on to my knees and put my face into the bowl and pulled one sock from the bowl and pulled it into my mouth. I then began to chew and suck the beer from her nine-day-old sock, I could taste the sweat and the beer mix, and it was great. After I finished the first one I pushed the sock out of my mouth on to my hands and bent down for the other. I repeated the process once again, after I was done with this one she told me to give her both socks and drink the rest of the beer. When I bent down do drink, she just giggled. After I drank all the beer from the bowl, she told me to stand up. When I did she just looked at me and said, get dressed, I want to play a game.

After I was dressed I asked, what kind of game do you have in mind, my queen. We are going to play one round of 21. The wager is if you win, you get to fuck me, if you loose, you will take a week off of work and be my slave for the week, and I can do whatever I want to you, do we have a deal? Yes my queen. She then got out a deck of cards and gave them to me and told me to shuffle. After I did she took them and said that she was going to be the dealer, and one more thing. What is that my queen? She went over and picked up one of her shoes and tied it to my face, so that my nose was touching the insole, THAT’S BETTER. Then she started to deal, I won the first hand, she the second, I the third. I thought that I might have a chance, but I was wrong, I didn’t win another hand, she had beaten me. I just lowered my head and said, you win my queen. Very Good, you will meet me here in two weeks, this will give you a chance to get your request in for time off. Yes my queen.

The next two weeks were already gone and I was at her door, and just as I was going to knock at her door, she opened it. I’m glad to see that you are willing to pay your debt. I just said, you know what, the hell with you, I’m not going to play your stupid little game any more, FUCK YOU! She gave me a scowl; you think so do you? She then waved her hand in front of my face. The next thing I knew, I was inside and the door was closed. What the hell? I told you I was a witch. Now you are going to pay. She then said something, I think it was Latin, everything went fuzzy. When I came to, everything was a bit blurry, then I saw her face, it was gigantic. What the hell happened? Oh, I shrank you to about six inches. Bullshit. Really, then look at this, she then put her foot in front of me, it was bigger than I was. Can you smell it, little man? My head was just at the base of her toes. Oh my God, what did you do to me? I told you, I shrank you, oh I also put a protection spell on you, you cannot be harmed or feel any pain. What do you mean? She then brought out a knife and stabbed at my chest, and the knife bent. See you cannot be harmed. So what do I do now? First thing you will do is jump off the table. I did jut that, and at my height, it would be like jumping off a ten-story building. She then told me to climb into her shoe. I did just that, and if I thought the smell was great when I was full size, the smell was indescribable being this small. She picked up the shoe and looked down at me and said there is a space in the sole for you to lie in. I looked around and found a piece if material, that when I pulled it did indeed open a space in the sole. Lay in the space. So I lay down in the space, and by the way it looked, my head would be under the space between her first and second toe. After I was in place, she told me that she had worn the same pair of socks for two weeks, and that she would wear them another week. I’m going for another three mile run, and it’s still 85º out. She then put her foot into the shoe and it went dark.

I could feel the movement from her running, but it was not uncomfortable. After a while it started to get hot and the smell began to grow, and all I could do about it was enjoy. Then I felt her sock begin to get damp, I knew it to be foot sweat. All I could do was wait, wait until she stopped. When I felt her stop, I moved my head up and sucked at the bottom of her sock, even to get a small taste, the she started running again. Then I felt something different, she then took her shoe off and I saw her face. Did you enjoy the ride? Yes my queen. Good, now get out of my shoe.

Here is what her shoe looked like.

After I climbed out she said, come to me. I did and she then took off her sock, and picked my up and brought me up to her face and said, I’m going to put you in my sock and you are going to rest under my toes while I sl**p. So she put me in her sock and I awaited her foot. She pushed me down toward to the toe of the sock with her toes, when I made it to the to toe, I maneuvered myself to be under her toes, I managed to get my face in between her big toe and her second toe. She pulled her sock tight and I was snugly pressed to her foot. I found a treat, there was some toe jam, and I ate it. I felt her walk, to where I did not know. Then I heard her say good night, we’re in bed, and just to let you know, my feet sweat at night, sweaty dreams.

She wasn’t k**ding; her feet do get sweaty at night. I just relaxed at let the aroma carry me away, and I fell asl**p. When I woke up, I had no idea what time it was; to me it was still dark. So I started to wiggle around and get my face as far in between her fragrant toes as I could. She must have felt me moving around, I heard her say, good morning. Then she kicked me with her other foot, STOP THAT, there will be time for that later. She then got out of bed, and I felt her start walking, to where I did not know. When I next saw light, we were in the bathroom, and she was naked. We need to get you cleaned up. So she filled the sink with warm water and picked me up and set me on the edge of the sink, so I just jumped in. Good while you take a bath, I will too, and just so you know, I wear bags on my feet to keep them smelly, just for you. She put the bags on her feet and got into the tub and just like me took a bath.

When she got out of the tub I was able to see her in her full glory. She then dried off and wrapped herself in a towel, and came over to the sink and picked me up and wrapped me in a wash cloth and took me into the bedroom. She sat me on the bed and sat next to me, and told me that we were going to have lots of fun today. I have to work a double and you get to be in my shoe the whole day. She then took her feet out of the bags and put her feet up on the bed in front of me, and told me to kiss them. I walked over to her feet, which were bigger then I was, and kissed her feet, she just giggled and said, that tickles. She got dressed and made sure to put her stinky socks in front of me, guess what? You get to smell these ALL day. She then picked me up and put me in her shoe, and soon after she put her foot on top of me. A few moments later her foot came out and she dropped little pieces of food in there for me, and put her foot back in place. Then away we went.

The day went by and I was really bored, all I had to do all day was smell her feet, I did have foot, and I had her foot sweat to drink, I had all that I needed. Later on in the day, she pulled her foot out of the shoe and gave me a look and said, for the rest of the day I will not wear my sock. She then took off her sock and put her bare foot back in the shoe. Now I really could get the chance to smell her bare foot. This was indeed a great day for me. The longer the day went on the more her foot would sweat, and in turn smell. By the end of the day, it was so hot in there I felt that I could just die, and the smell was so incredible it completely engulfed me. The next thing I knew it was the end of the day, and we were home, and her foot came out. She then picked me out of the shoe and put me in her lap. How was your day, my little man? I loved it, my queen. Good, then I know you will love our next day. She pulled her sock out of the baggie in her purse and held it open, HOP IN, she said. I jumped in and felt all the way to the toe, she looked in at me and said, now I’m going to wear another sock over this one, this was it will trap all my sweaty, smelly goodness, Good Night.

The next morning, when I woke up, drenched in her foot sweat, she took off her socks and pulled me up and said I have a special treat for you today, today you will not have to smell my feet. What do you think of that? My queen, I love the smell of your wonderful feet, it is what I live for. Today you get to get even closer to me. I have a special pair of panties, which have a pocket in them, which I have made just for you. This way your face will be right in my pussy. Are you ready? Yes I am my queen, anything to serve you. She picked me up, and put me into the panty pocket. Now all that was sticking out of there was my face. She then pulled her panties on and wiggled them so that she made sure that my face was snugly in her crotch. She then pulled her jeans on and I was put into darkness. Wow and I thought that her feet smelled great, this was even better. I have always loved the smell of pussy, now I had it right there in my face. I guess that my night vision had gotten better, or she put another spell on me, I could actually see her clitoris. I then began to kiss her clit, and I also got my arms loose and began to rub her clit. Then I heard her moan and it got really wet, and I sucked all the wetness that I could. When I saw light the next she was getting undressed. You are such a bad little monkey, I can’t believe what you did, and you got me so wet. You are going to pay dearly. I’m going to pee and give you a thimble full and you are going to drink it down. Then I’m going to use a piece of bread as toilet paper and you are going to eat what I give you. She was as good as her word, I enjoyed my drink and my piss soaked bread. Now it is bedtime for you, you can choose either the shoe, or the sock. My queen, I would love to sl**p in your sock. Good boy, you can sl**p in my smelly sock. She then dropped me in her sock put her foot in and said Good Night.

I must have slept really hard, her pulling me out of her sock awakened me, and did you sl**p well? Yes I did my queen; your foot scent was all around me and all I could do was dream about smelling your feet. Very good, but you know that you don’t have to dream about smelling my feet, because you get to smell them all the time. Today I have something else in mind, today my friend Trish is going to come over and you get to be her sock toy, and her feet smell better them mine. Before she gets here I’m going to give you a special shower, then a bath. She picked me up and carried me into the bathroom and put me in the bathtub, and squatted over me and began to pee over me. Wow this was incredible I was being bathed in piss, I tipped my head back and drank what I could. She must have had to piss badly; she just kept going and going. After she was done, she picked me up and held me to her pussy, and I just sucked and licked all that was left. Now time for your regular bath, she filled the sink and I jumped in. After I had finished my bath, she picked me up and dried me off and carried me back to the bedroom.

I’m going to have you get in my shoe and I’m going to go for a five mile run today, and I’m not going to wear any socks, this way you can be good and rested for Trish. She then picked me up and carried me into the other room and gave me a kiss on the head, and dropped me into her shoe, and I moved myself into my compartment in the sole of her shoe and awaited her foot to keep me company. Soon thereafter her foot came in and I was able to smell her foot again. Then I felt her begin her run, it was not long after that, when her feet started to sweat, and the aroma began to fill the shoe and my nose. Later on when she finally stopped, I guess we were at her place. The scent of her foot was now totally engulfing me, and it was pooling around me. I slurped what I could, and then she pulled her foot out of the shoe. I saw her face, and she was smiling at me, did you enjoy our run? Yes my queen, I did. She picked me up and set me in her palm, and I saw her friend Trish. This is my friend Trish, and you will be her toe-boy for the day. I will serve as told my queen. Trish picked me up and brought me up to her face and said, he’s cute, are you sure I wont hurt him? He’ll be fine, I cast a spell, and you can’t hurt him. Really? Yes you can set him on the floor and stomp on him and he’ll be OK. Cool, then she dropped me on the floor and stepped on my head. I didn’t feel a thing. That’s totally cool, I’m going to love this. She then picked me up and put me into her sock, and her foot came in right after. I moved myself so that I was under her toe base. It tickles, but I like it. She then put her shoe on, and I for the first time could really smell her foot, Stephanie was right, Trish’s foot did smell better than hers did. I heard her say, I’m going to the gym, and you are going to suffer, oh wait, you’re a pervert, I guess you’ll love it. I had no idea where we were going, but I knew by the movement and the sweat that we must be at the gym. She must have been really working out, she was really sweating. I really loved the smell. Then I guess we were in the locker room, she took off her shoe and sock. She looked down into the sock and told me that she would put me back in place and she was going into the steam room and really build up a sweat and I would have no choice but to endure her sweaty foot. Then it got really hot, and her foot was really starting to sweat. Later on, in the locker room, she took off her shoe and sock, she looked in at me and asked, How’s my little toe-boy doing? Just fine. Good, now I’m going to stuff you back into my shoe and take a shower. A little bit later she re-appeared and stuck her foot back into the sock and then into her shoe. Well I guess it’s time to go back to Steph’s. The next thing I knew, her foot was gone and I saw the both of them. Well my little monkey, Stephanie said, it’s time for bed, and tonight it’s going to be two socks and a bag, just to keep the smell close to you.

The next morning, when we woke up, and she said, today I have something extra planned for you. I’m going to wear my other special panties; this pair will keep your head in my ass, not my pussy, but my ass. Oh, by the way, all I had to eat yesterday were beans, broccoli, cheese, and beer, so I am really gassy. She put me in her panties and pulled them up and I was snuggly in her crack with my face touching her asshole. Just as she finished fitting me in, she gave me her first fart. If I were not securely in place, I would have been blown away. Her ass perfume was delightful, and I could not wait for the rest of the day.

She began to talk quietly, and I always could hear her when she talked, she said, I’m going to make sure that you are snug. She then squatted down and sure as her word, I was now securely in her ass crack. Then she sat down, and I was buried in her butt, and she let out another tremendous fart, one of many yet to come, I was sure. At this point I was glad to be where I was. I heard her say, take that you little pervert. I don’t know how you can handle this, I can smell the stink from here, but you know what, here is another, this one was bigger and louder. Yet again, I loved it. My little pervert, you are in for a long day, and it has just begun. Then she decided to wiggle her ass and drive me further into the depth of her goodness, and with each passing wiggle she farted. I know what I’m going to do now, I going for a bike ride, and you know where a bicycle seat goes? You guessed it, right in my ass, and it’s another 90º day outside, so here we go. I knew the exact moment she sat on that bicycle seat because; I was pushed even further into her heavenly ass. It was not long after her ride began, she started to sweat, and the bike riding got her farting. It seemed that with each pedal she farted.

After the bike ride we finally got back to her place, she came in the house and sat on the couch. I hope you didn’t expect me to let you out just yet, I have so much more planned for you today. She just wiggled on the couch and farted some more. So how do you like that my little pervert? I loved it my queen. Good, now I think you need some more special attention, I’m going to get out of these shorts and put on a pair of pantyhose over my panties. Then I think I’m going out to eat and I think I want to eat some Mexican food, with extra re-fried beans.

As soon as she put on her pantyhose I felt the temperature rise. Oh, my little pervert, just to keep my feet smelling nice just for you, I’m wearing my socks under my pantyhose, and just ot give them a little extra something, I will be wearg another pair of socks over them, and of coarse you favorate sneakers. I felt her weight shift, I could tell that she was putting on her shoes, and she let me have another fart. Let’s get going. When we got to the restraunt, I heard her order her food and ordered it extra spicy, and a side order of salsa, guacamole, and ertra re-fried beans. She also ordered a couple beers. She began to talk to me softly, I hope you know that all this beer and food is really going to make me fart like crazy tonight, and just so you know, I am also going to wear my pantyhose to bed, just to help keep you in place.

After she finished with her meal, I heard her ask for the check and a doggie bag. My little pervert, that was so good, and I can already feel it working, just wait until we get out to the car. She paid the tab and went out to the car, and as soon as she sat, she let one rip. Oh my God was it a loud fart. A normal person would have been discusted by an outburst like that, but as you know, I am not normal by any standard. You know, I think that I am going to stop by the liquor store and get some more beer for tonight. When we finally got home, she went to the bathroom and she took down everything to take a piss, and I saw her for the first time in many hours. When she was done, she pulled me out of my little pocket and pushed me into her pussy and I knew what I had to do. I licked her pussy and tried to get the rest of the piss from her. That’s good enough, back in you go. She then stuffed me back in and pulled them back up tighter than before. Once again my face was in contact with her ass. Then she sat on the couch and turned on the TV, I think that I want to watch another movie. I know, I am going to watch Cast Away, a three hour movie. I started to doze off, I just think I was ready for a nap, but that was not in her plans, she then let the farting begin. I honestly think that if not for her spell, the gas would have killed me. I don’t know why, but I was really enjoying this. The next thing I knew, she said it was time for bed. Needless to say, I was not able to sl**p, her farts kept me awake all night.

The next morning when she got out of bed, she went to the bathroom, to get cleaned up for the day, and to give me my daily bath. This time she did not give me a piss shower, she just put me in the sink and let me take a nice warm bath. My little pervert, today, you will be in my sock again, with pantyhose and another sock to keep the scent in just for you. After I was all nice and cleaned up, she took me out of the sink dried me off, and dropped me back in her sock. Her foot came in right after, I just wiggled myself so that I could get my face in between her toes, after all that was my favorite part to smell. By this time we did not even need to say anything to each other, I knew what she wanted, and she knew that I loved serving my queen. After her shoe came on, I knew that she was going for a run. This time, I think that her run was a bit longer, I could tell just by the amount her foot was sweating. It was either that, or the fact that she was wearing two extra layers over her foot. Later on that day, when she did speak to me, Trish is going to come over tonight and we are going to have some major foot fun with you. Yes my queen, I love to serve you. I’ll see you later my little pervert.

That night back at her place, when she finally let me out of her sock, she sat me in her palm, and I saw my queen again, and sitting next to her was her friend Trish. I have in mind for us tonight is we are going to take turns having fun. What does that mean my queen? It means that Trish can do what she wants with you, and I will do what I want with you. Trish gets to go first, since I had you all day. She handed me to Trish, she held me up to her face and said, I understand that you like farts, do you? Yes I love them my queen. Good, I have a treat for you then, you get to smell my farts, and my farts can peel paint. She dropped me on the couch and pulled her pants and panties down, picked me up and bent over and put me in the crack of her ass, pulled her panties and pants back up. She sat down and wiggled her ass and I felt at home. I love the way he feels in my ass, I’m going to really enjoy this. I’m glad Steph told me about this a couple of days ago, I’ve eaten hard-boiled eggs, bean soup, and chile. Then she gave me her first fart of the night. Whew, I can smell that over here, poor little pervert, Steph said. Trish got up and I felt her sit on the floor. I know what I can to do help me fart, sit-ups. She then started doing sit-ups and I felt the pressure of her ass pushing down on me. She was right, she really started to fart, I could not get a normal breath. She just kept doing her sit-ups, and that kept her farting. I heard Steph say, your turn is up, I get him back. Trish got up and this time she squatted down and gave me one more big fart before removing me from her panties and handed me back to Steph.

Steph said, I think you need a shower, with that said, she went into the kitchen and brought back a basin and dropped me in. She then squatted over me and began to pee. I was imediately drenched in her golden nectar. So I did what came naturally to me, I began to drink as much as I could. After she had finished, she squatted down further and now I could suck the rest of it from her pussy. You are such a good little licker, here is another treat for you and fartted. After that, I got down and began to drink the rest of the piss from the bottm on the basin. I don’t know how I was able to drink so much. I mean in proportion, I was drinking my own weight.

Trish then grabbed me up and looked down at me, gave me a smile, and said, I’m going to do the same thing to you, but I am going to hold you up side down in my stream. She then squatted over the same basin held me by the feet, and my face touched her pussy then she began to piss in my face. Good thing for that protection spell, or I would have drown for sure. My little pervert, how did you like that? I loved it my queen. Do you know what, I think that it is time for you to be fully useful. I’m going to use you as my living dildo. What, what do you mea... and before I could finish what I was going to say, she shoved me head first into her pussy. I could still smell the aroma of piss, but I did not care. I have always wanted to be inside her, but this is not what I hand in mind. Then she began to pull me out and re-insert me, I was a living dildo. So I did what I thought I should, I began to move me face from side to side, trying to find her “G” spot. Then I heard her gasp, EUREKA, I found it. I kept my face in that spot and moved my face quickly in that same spot. Then it got really wet, I think she came. She then pulled me out and the rest of her girl come came out with me, it was sticky and sweet. Oh my God, that was great, you need to try this Trish.

Trish then grabbed me and looked at me and told me, you are not going to make me come that easily. Then she inserted me, but instead of pulling me in and out, she just kept me in place. Now, you will stay there until you can make me come, and I’m going to put my clothes back on and go for a run. I thought that was a good deal, I had a good idea where to begin. I felt the same spongy spot, that I had felt on Steph, so I focused all my attention there. I felt an immediate response, so I worked faster and harder on that spot. Within moments, I felt her come, and I was flooded by her, and the next thing I knew, I was being pulled out. You little Fucker, I didn’t even get out the door, now you will clean up my mess. She then sat me down in front of her pussy, that was still dripping. I put my little face right there, and drank you my little mess that I made. She then pulled her legs back over her head, and told me I had to kiss her asshole for punishment, just as my face made contact with her asshole she let out the biggest fart that I have EVER heard from anyone. How do you like that? Loved it my queen, may I have another? As if you needed to ask, she then gave me another volley, three more aromatic blasts. Again, I loved it. Thank you for my treat my queen. You are indeed a pervert, and I am glad you were picked.
Steph then told me that she would grant me clemency and return me to normal size only if I would devote myself to her total service for one day a week for the next year. I will do as you wish my queen, please return me to normal. Then she said engrosio regularus. I then felt something strange start to happen, I started to feel dizzy, then in a flash, I was back to my normal size. Steph then said, if you fail to meet my demands I will shrink you into oblivion. Do you understand me? Yes my queen I understand completely. Good, now to seal our agreement, you will kiss my, and Trish’s asshole ten times. I got down on my hands and knees, and bent down to do as told. I began with Stephanie, and with each kiss, it made me glad that I was full size to enjoy my task. When I finished I gave one more kiss, as I did she gave my face a full sized fart. Thank you my queen.

I crawled over to Trish for my task, she was waiting on her back with her legs in the air. Now my little pervert you may begin. With the very first kiss, just as my lips touched her asshole she gave me a bonus. Wow, what a treat. I continued with my kisses. Then with my last kiss Trish pulled my face into her for full contact and gave me another treat. She let me go and I sat up and thanked her for allowing me to kiss her ass, and for her farts.
Stephanie then told me to get dressed and go home. Now you are to come back here next week and be ready.


100% (2/0)
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7 months ago
HELL YEA AWESOME SEXY,love to be used like this sweetie
9 months ago
The year is 2030. The United States is under the dictatorship of a far-right religious sect, and has annexed Canada. All rights have been stripped from women: The vote, the ability to run a business, the right to say "no" to male sexual advances.

I'm in my mid-30s and working at an investment firm in Toronto. All females are now required to be completely nude at all times. While outdoors, we are permitted to wear shoes. Once inside the building, however, we must remove them, so that we are barefoot as well as naked. The male bosses, meanwhile, come to work fully dressed, accentuating their power and our helplessness.


I arrive at the office promptly at 9 AM, having somehow achieved the rare feat of not being assaulted on my way in. I see that Barb, our main receptionist, hasn't fared as well: There is dried cum all over her tits, and, when she stands up, I see more on her inner thighs.

"Got fucked, did you," I asked.

"Yeah," she replied with a sigh. "Two guys on the bus double-teamed me, and I haven't gotten Mr Goldman's permission to wipe off the jizz yet." I knew what she was talking about: As women, we had no right to remove semen from anywhere on our bodies. Looking down the hallway, I see Helen from accounting, her entire face covered in dried ejaculate.

"So, what have you got for me today?" I ask.

"Well," said Barb, "Denise got arrested last night for refusing to suck off a homeless guy, so you'll be subbing for her today."

These words sent an electric thrill up my legs to my cunt: Denise was Mr Rosen's secretary, and Mr Rosen was known among us girls as the most violent, misogynistic member of the company. Barb handed me her latest paperwork, and I headed toward Rosen's office, detouring into the ladies' room on the way, checking myself in the mirror to make sure I looked demure and submissive enough. This could be my big break!

Walking in, I walked quietly to Denise's desk and sat down. I punched the connection key on my holoscreen, andv Mr Rosen's face appeared.

"Just letting you know I'm ready for work, sir," I said meekly, eyes cast down.

"Virginia, eh?" he grunted. "Are you the Catholic girl?"

"Yes," I replied softly.

"I see you're wearing a necklace with a crucifix on the end."

"Yes, sir."

"Get in here now," he said. It was not a request.

Heart palpitating, body temperature rising, I did my best to play it cool as I walked into Rosen's office, making sure to walk slowly, not aggressively, and placing one naked foot directly in front of the other, causing my hips to swivel in the way that men like.

I was surprised to see a much younger man in Rosen's office, seated in a chair opposite from him. He started to get out of his chair to say hello, but Rosen angrily told him to re-seat himself, explaing, "She's a receptacle! Don't give her any respect!"

Turning to me, Rosen said,"This is my son Benjamin. He's been suspended from college for showing respect to his female professor. Can you explain to him what you do here?"

"Certainly, sir," I replied. Turning toward Benjamin, I said, "I'm a general office assistant. I do various jobs, like substituting, helping others perform their assigned tasks, as well as---"

"Stop!" Rosen ordered. "What I mean is, tell Ben what you are!"

Blushing, I once again addressed the younger Rosen: "My name is Virginia. I am a whore, an appliance. I exist to receive your cock in whatever orifice of my body you choose to put it in. I have no right to refuse a male's requests or demands, and will gladly submit to whatever sexual---"

"That's fine!" barked Mr Rosen. "Now lay across the mahogany desk over there and assume the position!"

Knowing exactly what he meant, I obediently walked over to the desk and lay down lengthwise upon it. It wasn't long enough to accomodate the full length of my nude, enslaved body, but that was precisely the point: My legs dangled down off of one side, placing my quickly-moistening slit on the far edge, rendering me defenseless against vaginal penetration, while my head fell backwards off the other end, my long, blond hair cascading down till it nearly touched the floor.

"Wh-what are we doing, dad?" asked Ben. What a lovely name. Ben.

"Teaching you to man up!" his father sternly advised. "Now, grab the little Catholic bitch's legs, raise them, and RAM your cock into her!"

"But dad, I---"

"Do it!" yelled Rosen.

Raising my head for a moment to look at Ben, such a handsome, younger male, I smiled sweetly and said, "It's all right, hon: This is how the world works." Then I dropped my head back again and pouted my soft, moist lips into a tight circle. The elder Rosen chuckled as he gripped my head in his hands and began fucking my mouth, the curvature of his circumcised cock easily penetrating deep into my throat as he pumped his manhood in and out, in and out, in and out between my lips. After a moment, I felt Ben's stiff (and bigger!) dong penetrate my cunt.

"Now" asked Rosen of his son, "how do you think the Leafs are gonna do this year?"

"Wh-what?" Ben stammered.

"Look," his father advised, "the woman we're fucking is what she said she is: an appliance, a receptacle. When you and another guy at school are using a urinal, do you talk TO or ABOUT the fucking urinal?"

Finally catching on, Ben said, "Well, the Leafs are gonna do as they always do. They're gonna suck for the first part of the season, rack up a shitload of wins in the last month, and just barely miss the playoffs, as per usual."

"I agree," his father said, as both males continued ramming their cocks into my powerless, abject body. It didn't surprise me that the obviously lesser-experienced Ben came first, but I WAS surprised and, as a woman, proud---that his cumshot was so powerful, three successive jets of his scalding young semen filling my vagina, which brought on my own, shattering climax. My throat reflexively contracted as I came, which made Mr Rosen's fuck channel even tighter. It was a chain-reaction orgasm, but the dad still had the sexual control to pull out of my mouth and shoot his hot, sticky load all over my face, shoulders, and tits like an inexhaustable fire hose, making sure to save some droplets for my crucifix, degrading my soul as well as my body.

After a moment, they both zipped up and left the office, chuckling about what a sleazy whore I was. I didn't mind. It was true.

After an hour or so with no other men coming into the office to use me, I got up and strutted down the main hallway, coated in dried cum. The other women shot me dirty looks, recognizing there was a new Chief Slut in the company. I didn't give a damn: I had been validated by two powerful, dominant cocks, and when Mr Birnbaum said I could wash the jizz off if I wanted to, I politely said, "No thank you, sir," and left it on for the rest of the day, including my bus ride home.

I had never been so proud to be a woman.