Betting 101

I was at work the week and I made a bet with a female co-worker on the Nebraska v. Virginia Tech game, I wagered that Nebraska would win. She asked me what I wanted to bet, I told her that she could decide. I’ll tell you at lunch what the bet is going to be. We met at lunch and she told me that since we are friends with benefits, that if you win we can fuck in whatever position you want. I immediately said “BET”. Don’t you want to hear what I will win? Whatever, I’m not going to worry about that, because you are not going to. Fine then, if you think that you are so cocky, if V Tech wins you will have to come over to my place and worship my feet for an hour a point you loose by, oh and by the way I am going to wear the same pair of socks for that whole week, just to make sure that they are good and stinky for you Saturday night after the game.
For the whole week leading up to the game, she kept saying to me each day, my feet are really starting to get stinky. On Saturday we were listening to the game at work, and needless to say Nebraska lost by five. All I could do was lower my head and shake it in disbelief. She came over to me and whispered in my ear, you have an hour after work to get over to my place. I went into the break room to ponder what had just happened and Lori came in and sat next to me and began to chuckle and say, poor baby, poor baby. As she was doing this she had her fingers in her shoe rubbing her feet under the table, she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and got up and held her fingers under my nose, here is a small sample of tonight. The scent was outstanding. The rest of the day was a blur. The next thing I remember was knocking at her door.
She opened the door with a smile and said, good you’re on time, now get in here. She closed the door behind me and led me into the living room and she sat on the couch, I sat next to her, and gave me a slap across the face and pointed to the floor. Your place is on the floor for the rest of the night, and while you are at it strip down to your shorts. I got up and undressed and knelt on the floor next to her feet. Now you can lay down and take off my shoes and smell each one before putting them down. As I took off the first shoe and brought it to my face she pressed it into my nose with her foot, oh by the way, I know about your little foot fetish, and you are not allowed to jerk off tonight. Foot fetish, what are you talking about? I know about how you like stinky, smelly, and sweaty feet, I saw what you have on your computer, I was just looking for the right way to make you show me. Now take the other shoe off. I took the other off and brought it up to my nose and took a deep breath and said, I love the way your shoes smell Lori. She then slapped me with her foot, while we are at it, tonight I am Queen Lori. Yes Queen Lori, I love the way your shoes smell. Are they stinky? No Queen Lori, the smell is delightful. Now you can smell my socks, that I actually have worn for ten days. I dropped the shoe and both her sock covered feet hit my face, they were very discolored from wear. Make sure your at home under my feet, and she began to rub them around my face. Do you like it? I love it Queen Lori, they smell like fresh baked cookies. She kept her feet in my face for at least an hour while watching TV. I need a beer, but I don’t want to spoil my lovely foot scent. What should I do to keep you occupied? I have an idea Queen Lori. What is that? Queen Lori, you can take off your socks put them over my nose and have me put your shoes back on. Good idea, but one thing, you will put one in your mouth and the other over your nose, now take off my socks and put my shoes on.
After her socks were off and, shoes were back on she stepped up and onto my torso. I didn’t hurt much, she only weighs like 100lbs. Now she bent down and told me to open up, and stuffed her sock in my mouth and told me to suck on it, I’ll be back in a bit. When she returned she looked at me and said, Oh my, look at you with your hard on, now I know for a fact that you love feet. She sat on the couch and told me to sit up, I have a beer for you too. I sat up and asked what I would like better a beer of her feet. I had no choice, your feet Queen Lori. Good answer. She took the sock from my mouth and the other from my nose, and placed the one from my nose over the beer can and began to pour it into a glass. After the can was empty and was filtered through her sock, she handed me the beer soaked sock and told me to suck the beer out of it. Yes my Queen. Now you can have your beer. The beer was darkened by the sock, but I drank it down in three swallows. Now I have something else for you, would you like to see? Yes Queen Lori, I would. She showed me a cock pump with a very odd base. My Queen, what it that for? Oh this little device, it is a cock pump with an electric shocker at the base. If you disobey you get shocked. Now lay down and take off my shoes.
I got back down on the floor and she reached down and pulled out my raging boner and put the pump on it and pumped it to max pressure. Now for a little demonstration, and she gave my a shock. I jolted up with a yelp. That was only the low setting, there are four more above that one, with each disobedience I will turn up the juice. Yes Queen Lori, I will do as you command. I took off her shoes and sniffed each one before putting it aside. Now you may not use your tongue on my lovely feet just yet. She placed both of her feet on my face. Now I want to hear you breathing. ZAP! Yes my Queen, so I began to inhale loudly. After an hour or so, she told me to stick out my tongue and she would do the moving for time being. ZAAP! Sorry my Queen. I stuck my tongue and she rubbed her feet all over it. Sit up and face me. Yes my Queen. Now clean out the to jam from between my toes. Yes my Queen. As I began to do this I noticed that she had her hand in her shorts. ZAAAP! I didn’t give you permission to look at me, now clean out my delicious toe jam. Sorry Queen Lori. I continued to lick between each and every toe, there were many tasty treats there for me to enjoy. I swear that if my dick were any harder it would break that pump. I was starting to like getting shocked, it made me want to lick her toes even more.
Enough, she said, now suck each of my toes one at a time. Yes Queen Lori. Now begins my new task. Each toe that I sucked seemed to make her rub even more, and for me each toe was a tasty morsel. I must have sucked each toe twenty times. I really went to town on her big toe, and then she caught me looking again, ZAAAAP! This one hurt like hell and I fell backwards. I apologized and began to get to my knees again. Stop right there, since you like looking, let me give you a close up view. She pushed me back down, and she stood up full weight on my chest and took down her shorts to reveal a pair of baby blue panties that were extremely wet in her crotch. She squatted down on my face and rubbed her wetness over my mouth and nose, and before I could stick out my tongue for a taste she stood back up and pulled her panties down and sat on my chest and put the sticky sweet panties over my head and put the crotch panel over my nose. There you go now you can lick your lips and breathe in my girly juice, you can lick your lips too. You smell and taste wonderful my Queen. Now I’m going to scoot up and you are going to lick my ass and suck my fingers when ever I put them to your lips. Yes Queen Lori.
She began to masturbate like a fiend, and I in turn licked her ass like the last meal of a condemned man. This lasted for several minutes, until she started to buck her hips upwards to her fingers, and she shouted I’M CUMMING. She then leaned forward so that her pussy was over my mouth, then she came over my face and into my open mouth. I drank in as much as I could trying not to waste any of my treat. When her orgasm finally subsided, she wiped her fingers over my face and I licked the rest from them, she turned around so that we were in the “69” position and released my cock from its torture chamber. Would you like me to suck it? Yes Queen Lori. To bad, you are going to have to take of that yourself. I started to get up, and she stopped me, no you can take of it here. What? Queen Lori. Jerk it for me while you suck my toes. She got back on the couch and I began to suck on her toes while I jerked off. I tell you what, it only took a few strokes with all the teasing before I told her that I was going to cum. What I didn’t see was that the shocker part of the pump was still at the base of my cock. She took her feet from my face and put them by my cock and hit the button. ZAAAAAP! I must have shot three feet in the air. I felt my balls tighten as they emptied. I had three or four good shots. Now you can lick your cum off of my feet. I could not believe that I was doing this, but I did not care. After I was done, she reached out her hand and helped my up. Let’s go take a shower Mike, that was wonderful. She undid the shocker and we got into the shower and cleaned each other up and went to bed. When I awoke in the morning she was looking at me with a smile. Good morning Lori. Morning, I hate to do this, but my roommate will be home soon. I’ll go, see you at work. We gave each other a passionate kiss, I got up and dressed, and was about to the door when Randi, her roommate came in to the apartment, she looked at me and said, looks like I missed all the fun. Lori was behind me and said, don’t worry I have it all on camera. So Mike, do you want to bet for next week? Sure, for the same odds. No, let’s make it more interesting, you vs. the both of us. YOU ARE ON!! See you next week.
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8 months ago
so fucking arousing reading these lines. initially i said "what the hell, just another footfetish story"... but NO it isn't, it's a very hot story with delicious details... i just wet my panties (yours actually, i put them on when seeing how hot is hoe story).. i will wear them for another 4-5 days and send them to you . same with your socks, i will make them very stinky and can't wait to hear what u did with them.

maybe a story about me and you and what i am sending you would be great. hope to masturbate hard reading it in the future :P

Miss Bianca