The Next Night

For Marcela627252, again

I walk into the cafe, half convinced that the previous night was a dream. I mean, really, incredibly hot women do not just fuck me in a public bathroom without knowing who I am. So, I quickly scan the place and don't see her, thinking I must have simply made the whole thing up. Disappointed, but happy to have my sense of reality confirmed, I order a coffee and sit down to read. Since I didn't get much reading done last night, I'm happy to get back into my book.

A couple of pages in, I feel two hands covering my eyes from behind my back. Someone says "guess who!" I realize that I don't know her name. My voice betrays my recognition: "YOU!" I say, and I start to spin around. There she is. She has beautiful light blue eyes and a smile that melts away all the cares I've ever had. She's wearing a sun dress that is VERY flattering.

"Sit down," I say. "What can I get you?" "I'm actually hungry so how about we leave here and get some dinner?" As she's speaking, I remember her tongue ring. I start to get a little hard. "That sounds great to me. I don't have a car though, you?" "No problem, we'll take the bus."

As I'm reaching down to grab my bag and my sweater, I notice that she's wearing sandals again and she has incredibly sexy feet.
Her toenails are painted red, and it looks like she takes great care of them. Now, I'm completely hard.

We chat about this and that on the way to the bus, and we seem to be hitting it off. After a few minutes, the bus pulls up and we get one. It's not empty, but not too full either. We grab a seat in the back. She says, "can I borrow your sweater?" Thinking she's cold, and being a bit chivalrous, I slip it off and hand it to her. Instead of putting it on, she spreads it over our laps. The next thing I know, there's a hand on my crotch. "Well," she says, "you certainly seem happy to see me. I'm happy to see you too." She guides my hand under the sweater and I realize she's not wearing panties. Her pussy is moist and slippery. I put a finger in, gliding it in and our slowly, then I pull it out and massage her clit. I start moving back and forth between the two as she unzips my jeans and pulls out my cock, pulling back the foreskin and starting to jerk it up and down with a powerful but not too tight grip. I realize we aren't paying attention to where we are and I remove my hand. Before saying anything, I put my finger in my mouth and suck on it for a moment. It tastes DELICIOUS! Before I can ask about our plan, I see we're passing a park. I reach over her and pull the "stop" cord. "Let's get off here." Quickly I zip myself back into my jeans and soon we're exiting the bus.

We start to run into the park, kind of giddy, like happy c***dren. It's dusk and the park is pretty empty. I spot a nice place on a hill where there's a quiet corner surrounded by bushes. "There," I say and point. Within a couple of minutes, we're there. Since we didn't plan this, we don't have a blanket or anything. I lay down my sweater for her to sit on. I take a seat beside her on the grass. Soon, we're making out, kissing and rolling around on the grass. My hand is back under her dress, feeling her hot, wet pussy and she's fumbling with my belt and zipper.

"I don't want to just fuck you. Not yet and not here." That seems reasonable--even though we did fuck last night in the washroom--so I back off. "Pull down your pants, "she says. I do as I'm told.

My cock, hard as wood, stands up in the night air. She leans over and I expect I'm about to get to feel her incredible pierced tongue on it, so I lean back and close my eyes. I wait a second and... nothing. Then I feel a hot drip hit my cock and start running down the side. I open my eyes to see her spitting onto my head. I watch as a drip of her saliva runs from the tip of her tongue onto my shaft. "I saw you looking at my feet in the cafe. Do you like them?" "They're cute," I say, which is a massive understatement. "I think you think they're more than cute." She starts to remove her sandals. At the sight of this, precum starts oozing down my throbbing head.

She lifts her left foot to my mouth. "Get it nice and wet." I start by sucking on her littlest toe, working my way up to the big toe, making sure to leave as much spit as I can on them. "Good. Now the other." As I finish, and feel I'm about to pass out from joy, she puts her feet on my cock and squeezes them together. I moan. She starts to jerk me off. Although I can barely take my eyes of her amazing feet on my cock, I see she has one hand fingering her pussy and another squeezing her nipple under her dress. She's eying my cock hungrily.

"I want you to know that this is just the start tonight. You're going to cum and then we're going to find somewhere we can relax and enjoy ourselves."

At the thought of this night getting BETTER, I shoot my load on her feet. Most of it gets on my shirt. "Besides, she says, it looks like you need a change. Can we go to your place?"

What else could I say but "absolutely!"

(to be continued)
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