mowing the lawn

ok this is my first time putting what happened in easy on me.let me first start by tellling you about me and my wife.we have been married 26years;we often talk about kinky stuff when we are in bed.we been talking about adding a third or more into our love making but untill now it was just talk.i often go to a buddys house to hang or work around his house as he always pays me good.(money&weed)he works hard and makes good money so he would rather pay me to mow his yard than do it himself.normaly i go by myself but this time i brought my wife with me.she was a big help and i couldn't help but notice buddy checking her out as she worked around the yard.after we finished buddy asked if we wanted to smoke a little herb.he poured us each a brandy (he had several prior to us) as we drank and toked a bowel he was scanning the tv channels. there wasn't crap on and he suggested a pay per view movie.of course we picked out a porno.wifey wasn't to thrilled at that but sat quietly sipping her the movie played i put my arm around her shoulders and started rubbing and playing with her ear as i know this gets her turned on.when buddy left to use the bathroom i told her we should go for it.she laughed and said she couldn't.i made the excuse to use the br.i stayed down the hall out of sight where i could hear what was being said buddy was flirting with her constant.wifey said her back hurt from all the yard work and buddy was fast to offer to rub her shouldersaas i peaked around the corner i saw him trying to cop a feel of her g****fruit sized tits.i came back into the room and said "hey no fair starting without me"to my suprise my wife said that the only way she would do anything with us was if we each agread to suck each others cock.laughing she thought that would end it right there but to both our suprise he agread and began unfasting my pants.i was in shock as i have never thought of getting anything from a guy.when he had my cock out he started throating it like a pro i could tell this wasn't his first wife was behind him saying things like suck his 8" swallow his cum.i reached over and began undoing the buttons on her top and jeans.buddy then switched over to her and helped me get her pants the rest of the way off.wnen we had her nude she started sucking me while buddy went down on her like he was starving.we switched places and i shoved my hard cock into what was now a wet wet pussy.buddy moved around untill wifey was sucking him.she pulled his cock out of her mouth looked straight at me and said your turn.i have never even had the idea of blowing another was strange at first as i felt his shaft slide past my lips soft but wife was saying oh yeh suck that dick make him cum.i know what i like so i tried to copy that soon i could feel his cock swell and before i knew what was happening i swallowed my first ever load.i continued to suck untill he was hard again and we switched places wifey was again sucking me they both started sucking on me taking turns.when wifey was sucking my balls and buddy was on my rod i couldn't hold any longer and shot a huge load down his throat.afterwards i asked when he needed his yard mowed again.
82% (25/5)
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3 years ago
I would have liked more details too.My wife knows I`m gay she is supportive of me crossdressing and even lets me watch gay porn and often watches with me.I keep telling her to consider us getting another man and have a threesome but she don`t want to try it yet,at least we are now using the word"yet",she puts on a strap-on dildo that is so lifelike and lets me suck her dick and then she will fuck me better than any man ever has,I just want her to try it with a real man sometime,so yes I liked your story and I am going to let her read it too.....Thanks!
3 years ago
Nice, but lacked details. 5 stars any how since it was your first story "in print". Lol