Spanish Holiday

It was a hot, sultry night...The streets of M****a were always packed during feria, so I ducked into a bar & there she was...the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. She had eyes like almonds & full soft lips, the thin cotton dress she was wearing couldn't disguise the beautiful curves of her body as she danced.
She came to the bar,"Hi My names Tod...can I buy you a drink?"..."Mojito...gracias",she said. We danced & talked until dawn...Before we knew it they were closing. "Would you like to walk me home?" she asked, "We can have another drink there!".
She as As soon as she closed the door to her apartment, I pulled her to me & kissed her, her soft lips against mine, our tongues explored each others mouths. "I want you" she whispered, I could feel her nipples hardening against my chest as her hand moved down to stroke my cock & I cupped her breasts in my hands. Before I knew it, she had released my cock, gripping it firmly she slid her hand up the shaft, then brushing here fingers over the tip...coating them with pre-cum, she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them, tasting the glistening liquid...Her eyes closed & she let out a soft moan as my hand moved between her legs, sliding between her moist lips, I could feel the heat of her pussy. She was so wet, my fingers, soaked with her juices slipped just inside her then out over her hard clit. As my fingers moved slowly in & out, she rubbed my slippery cock...We tore each others clothes off & she led me to the bedroom, as we lay on the bed she positioned herself so that she was sitting on my face, looking down at me as my tounge played with her pussy & circled her glistening clit. She had one hand on her breasts, teasing her nipples, as the other spread her pussy & played with herself. She stood up & while still playing with her slippery cunt, slowly lowered herself onto my hard cock. I watched as inch by inch it slid inside her & then she started to ride it, coating my shaft with her glistening juices...rubbing her clit against me as we fucked each other. She leant forward as I licked & sucked on her erect nipples while my hands spread her cheeks & the tip of my moist finger slipping inside her tight arse. I could tell she was going orgasm as she thrust against my cock...with a scream, her body trembled & the floodgates opened...she squirted over my cock, I pulled her up to my face & over my mouth, her hot sweet pussy juice ran down my throat, covering my face, I kept drinking until she was spent...She turned & grabbed my cock, sucking hard, her fingers playing with my balls until my hot spunk shot out...she let it pour into her mouth & over her face. We lay smiling at each other, "Mojito?...before we start again"

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3 years ago
Short but sweet. Thanks