First girl -- My math teacher!

In high school math in South Florida, some of us had the pleasant duty of attending Margaret Blank's (not her name) math class. She was pretty. Kind of big hips and thighs, smallish breasts, but sexy just the same. The weather was frequently warm and she would be bra less. So on several occasions in class I got tantalizing glimpses of her sexy white panties and pretty bare breasts with large, smooth nipples. Albert so-and-so used to drop pencils and look right the way up her skirts. It seemed to be alright with her! I never had the stones for this sort of behavior, but how achingly I wished to see what he saw. Well I was about to. Read on...

Well lo and behold she moved into the house next door to me that was for sale! It began to tempt me sorely to peep her windows and get some real sights. I succumbed to the temptation and began jumping the fence between our homes at night. Sometimes there was a slit in the curtain and I could see in. Well, I struggled for some small sights and did see her disrobe "through a glass darkly" and I was surprised at how anti climactic it was. I kept at it. I had a huge crush on her because she was so nice, she was pretty, she had a great sense of humor, and she was a damn good math teacher! I was kind of crushing majorly.

But you know what? Here's what happened. The curtains started to be mostly open! And her quick undresses became slower and more teasing, more tantalizing. I had an aching hardon over these episodes, you can believe me. One night she did a fantastic show, slowly disrobing down to small pink panties. She sat on the corner of the bed, soft breasts illuminated by the bedside lamp. She reached down and began pleasuring her muff. She slipped the little panties aside and began rubbing her muff -- and to my amazement came to a complete climax right before my stupefied eyes!

She invited me to do chores at her house like :D window washing! I should have taken the hint! Nothing happened, she would just watch me work. But then one Christmas season she asked if I would help her put up decorations in her house. She asked me to hold a ladder as she climbed, and she had beautiful white see-through panties that I had never seen before. I think I started trembling and she sensed that I was, according to plan, terribly excited.

She descended and asked what was wrong... that "Oh my goodness I'm so sorry, you could probably see right up my dress." She said young boys can be very excitable and she began holding me to comfort me. I was dying with desire, because this time I'm not just watching but in the room with her. She had a blouse on, skirt and panties and that was it! I could feel her warm breasts pressed against me and my heart was running like a jack hammer!

She said "You poor boy, you're all excited..." and she slid her hand down the front of my slacks and fondled this 100% shaft going on in there, and then she did something I will never forget as long as I live: She undid my pants, pulled out the young shaft and started gently to suck my cock! I didn't know cocks could be sucked like that! (This was the innocent 70s) It felt so fabulous I thought I might die. She sucked for a little while teasing this throbbing young member with her glistening pink lips and mouth.

And then she stood up (she was taller than me) and said "This is what happens to girls when THEY get turned on." And she put my hand up her dress and into those beautiful panties on her pussy. She was SOAKING WET. I thought she had wet her pants, but it was slippery and gooey and warm. I think I croaked something like "Oh my god."

She lay down on the couch there and "Come here young man, it's time for you to fuck a girl. Am I your first?" "Yes," croaked. She guided me right in for the experience of a lifetime, one that I shall never, ever forget. Off came the shirt and was able to kiss and fondle these breasts that I had admired so often.

I'm afraid that I came quite quickly. But young men have lots of wood. She flipped over and guided me in doggie. She rubbed herself and told to "let her have it," and she came like volcano. We fucked for hours that night and she was the greatest teacher EVER. Like a warm loving girlfriend but experienced, and think she was pretty crazy about me too. She got a big warm blanket and we made hot tea and just cuddled (well not just ;) We weren't just fucking partners, but lovers.

In our pillow talk she told me that she had discovered my voyeurism! I nearly died of embarrassment, but she reassured me. She said one night she came into the room and saw a shadow on the curtain. Petrified, she went into the kitchen and looked out the bayview glass up the house. And she recognized me! I didn't remember the night be she was furious and changed in the dark. She had resolved to give me a piece of her mind about it.

Well for one reason or another she didn't get to it while she was still fuming. She said the idea that I was watching her slowly began to appeal to her, and even more, eventually. She began to be quite titillated by it. One evening after she'd had a few drinks with the girls, she thought "Well I'm going to give this young pup a sight for sore eyes!" I think that was the night she espied me and did a teasing strip and masturbation in front of the window. You can imagine that I nearly died of excitement. Thank god for the strength of young hearts. Very soon after this she determined to seduce me. Amazing? Perhaps, but true.

The "authorities" never found out. Neither of us said a word of this relationship which carried on for some months. She told me it would be disastrous if I spoke of it to anyone. I was just a k** and obeyed and kept my mouth shut. My parents knew that she was my math teacher from school and that we "got along good" (oh my god), but nothing else. They don't know to this day.
We moved out to California. I tried to write but she never wrote back. Then she moved. In recent years I even emailed her through the alumni website but she's mum. I was heartbroken over our separation, and quite honestly have always been attracted to older women ever since -- I'm a MILFer! Can you blame me? I think she was only 30 but she seemed so much older then. That's why I realized that we couldn't marry. I think she was really in love with me.

But you know, when I read stories in the news about these scandals and how older teachers are jailed. Jailed! How absurd. She taught me the full, tremendous, powerful beauty of a woman. There is a secret goddess in every woman. Do you know something... all women are goddesses. How I love them. This is what she taught me through our intense lovemaking.

Wherever you are, sweet, beautiful Margaret, I shall never ever forget you. You've given me something that I shall treasure for my whole life and beyond.
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5 years ago
amazing story thank you very much, there was a teacher i really liked and fantasized about fucking her thousands of times but never did, i wish i did
5 years ago
It is a damn shame these teachers are punished so severely. Yea, I know the arguments but there are exceptions to the rule. What kid wouldn't want to have sex with an older women? I sure as hell did and it sure helped my sex ed.