Babymoon Pregnant Fuck

When I was about 35 weeks pregnant, I went on what was supposed to be a "Babymoon" with my husband. We went down to Florida and were staying at the beach. I know there are some pregnant women that hate their bodies when they are pregnant, but I loved mine. My belly was huge and distended without any stretch marks, and my tits were swollen to twice their normal size. I kept on buying larger bras, but my tits kept on over-flowing them. I was thin to start out with, with b-cups before I was pregnant, but I got bigger than DD when I was preggo, with nipples that were always erect and ready. So when we were at the beach and hotel pool, there was no way I was wearing a Tankini; I wore a very small bikini that showed plenty of curvy belly and tit.
My husband liked my pregnant figure, but after the 1st trimester, my libido just took off, and I could not get enough of cock. I was attacking him pretty much every night, and although I had never let anyone take nude pictures of me before, I made him take pictures of my changing body, and of him fucking my pregnant body. The problem was, I would look at the pictures during the day, of his cock slamming into my pussy from behind while my belly and tits hung down lower than they every had before, and I would just get hornier and want to fuck more. So we fucked ALOT. But not everynight; he said that he needed rest on some nights, which was really frustrating.
So on this babymoon, we were supposed to have sex every day, he promised.
I figured seeing me at 35 weeks pregnant, curvier than I had ever been in my life, nearly naked and oiled up by a pool side would get him going. But after fucking twice on the day that we got there, he was begging off, and wanted to go to the casino. But going there sucks if you can't drink, and I wasn't going to be around all that smoke since I was pregnant, so I stayed behind.

Which is where the story gets interesting.

I was sitting in my hotel balcony in the evening. I was wearing my bikini, but I had untied the top from around my neck and had started playing with my nipples. I had started out wanting to see if I could get milk out of them-- it turned out I could get a little if I squeezed hard, or if I sucked on them-- but playing with them had gotten me pretty hot, and I had slipped a hand down inside the bottoms and was playing with my clit while sucking a nipple. The balcony I was on was the type where two rooms have one balcony that is separated by a low wall that curved up. I had forgotten about this, and didn't notice that there were three guys watching me from the other balcony. I had just opened my eyes and looked up and there they were. They were standing watching me with sweat on their faces. We were all silent for a long moment, me with my fingers up my cunt and my nipple in my mouth.
Then one of them said, "You are so fucking hot. Please don't stop." It turned me on even more, and I finished bringing myself to an orgasm, while they gave encouragement.
Just as I was coming back down from my orgasm, I noticed they were gone, and there was a knock on the hotel door. So I grabbed a towel, went to open the door, and there were the 3 guys, already stripped down to their underwear, with huge hard-ons evident in their shorts. I dropped the towel, and let them in.

They were all over me instantly. I had hands and mouths everywhere. The short muscular one started sucking my tits, while the black guy ripped off my bikini and started finger fucking me. Then the 3rd one, the one who had told me to keep on going before on the balcony, started giving orders. He said I should start sucking on dicks, and I needed to have a dick in my mouth pretty much all the time, unless I was sucking balls.
And that's pretty much what I did. I tasted all 3 of their cocks, then they took turns fucking me, first on my back on the side of the bed with my belly sticking up, then in doggie style with my huge belly hanging and my left tit swinging, while my right was sucked. They rotated so that each would fuck me for a while, and then I would suck my juices off their dick while someone else got in my pussy.
The muscular guy came first, deep in my pussy while he was fucking me with my heels behind my head. So the guy giving orders told the black guy to start fucking my ass. It had been a long time since I had anal, and I forgot how good it feels to have a cock deep in my ass. By the time the black guy had finished and wanted his cock sucked, I had another orgasm. Apparently seeing the big guy deep in my ass while I sucked on black balls got the first guy hard again. I started sucking his cock again while while the black guy laid down. I straddled him and slid my pussy on his big dick, while the other guy fucked my ass hard. I had never been with 2 guys before, let alone with 3 and had all three holes filled, and I was in heaven. I guided my swollen nipple in to the black guy's mouth, and he started sucking hard. That made me come again.
By the time we were finished, each of them had come at least twice. I took another load in the pussy, 2 up the ass, and 2 of them came on my face, tits, and belly. When they finally left, I was wet with sperm and a little milk, and totally satisfied from being used as 3 men's fuck toy.

About 2 hours later, my husband came home. I hadn't showered, so I was still covered in dried cum.. My husband said he was ready to fuck, so I let him fuck my cum-filled pussy. He was a little d***k, so I don't think he noticed that I wasn't as voracious as usual. I thought about telling him to fuck my ass too, but truthfully I was a little sore from the pounding I had gotten earlier.

The next 2 nights before we left I slipped over to the next room to get fucked again. I don't think my husband knew he was cuckold ed so badly. It was bliss, and I wasn't sure how long it would be before I would get suck a good fucking from 3 men again.
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very good
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great story
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Oh, just ask!!!!
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One hot lady and hotter than ever great story,,,very much indeed want to hear more of your fun times,,,thanks