My fantasy story written by the love of my life.

Her dream is to be with a big black cock.

Well I have heard this story about once or twice and will try to tell it best I can.
I set it up to get a motel room in a big city and had her sit in a chair butt naked with a blind fold on.
She kept asking why and I told her, "Just wait you will find out."
I then tied her to the chair so she could not remove the blind fold.
All she could do was squirm around just a little. I then left the room and let her sit there wondering what was going to happen.

Well to her surprise I reentered with a friend that was a big black bull that had 10 inches of hot meat. He was told not to say a word and go straight to work. He started by pinching her nipples and sucking on them every now and then.
This went on for what seemed like hours but was just a few minitues. Then he started undressing and he slapped her on her right breast and she gasped. And it turned bright red and pink. She begged for more so I stepped in and told her dont remove the blind fold as I untied her to remove her from the chair.
I had the sex swing already hung in the room. Had her sit in it and tied her hands to the straps just so I knew she would not pull off the blind fold.
Well the big bull had gotten even bigger after I had done this and pushed me out of the way and really went to town on her.
He started by spanking her sweet little ass and slipping his hand over her pussy alittle. The stud had bigger fingers then me and he slid one in her pussy and she moaned loadly and started to really squirm. He spun the swing around and her mouth was right there in front of the bulls cock. He slide the tip of the head in and she started to suck it like a hungry little minx. But he was not ready to let her have it all yet. So he spun the swing around again and again till she said stop plz. He did and her pussy was in front of him and she was dripping wet. He just had to lick it and taste her sweet juices.
Mean while, I was sitting there just watching with a big smile and a video camera to record this for her to beleive after he was done with her.
The big bull then stood up and his rock hard cock was standing at full attention and was begging to be in that warm wet pussy, So he rubbed the clit with his head and she started to buck forward to get it to slide in but he was good. He just tease her. And tease her he did. He had pussy juices all over his cock and then he spun the swing around and slide the tip in her mouth. She tryed to get more but he just kept on teasing her even more. Well she was now bucking around the swing wanting more.
By now she knew it was not me because she knew this cock was bigger than mine and was hard for her to handle.
Now my wife is a keeper she new not to spoil things that I have spent so much time setting up.
Things were getting real hot when he spun her around one more time and he slid his manhood in as far as it would go. He held it there for as long as she could stand it. He then started to buck his hips slowly and softly back and forth just ever so lightly and it seemed like his cock was barely moving but what he was doing was milking all of her juices, and spreading the jucies all over his cock.
She was trying to get more of the monster cock in there but it was so tight. The bull started to move more back and forth taking out more and pushing in more. Her bucking got more intense and she was moaning a whole lot by now. and in between the moans she kept yelling "plz give me all you got". So the bull tryed to give it all but to her surprize he had at least 1 and a half inches left that would not fit.
The bull fucked her hard and fast for a little bit and than he slowed down the pace and went slow and easy. When the jucies started to flow again he picked up the pace and was hard at it and she yelled "give it all to me this time". He pushed it in real hard and it still had at least 3/4 of a inch to go so he worked it in and out slowly again reaching up pinching her nipples. She yelled out again" give it all to me please", So he thrust it in one more time and burried it to the hilt. She was screaming and moaning real loud. But they were screams of pleasure and joy because he had it all in and she was cuming again and he was bucking like a elk and slamming his big cock in and out and his balls were slapping her ass with every bucking motion.
He was about to cum when he pulled out of her swollen and dripping cunt and spun her around and shot his load all over her face. Rubbed his cock in it till she had calm down, His half semi hard cock was still looking for some attention she slipped it in her mouth and was kissing and sucking it back to attention when all of a sudden he spun her around and slamming her pussy again. This went on and on till she begged him to stop. Which he did. Reluctlently.
He kissed her on the lips and left a note that read."YOU HAVE THE BEST PUSSY AND MOUTH I EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO ENJOY."
With that I untied and helped her out of the swing and gave her the note.She read it and had the biggest smile on her face.
Much to her surprize she was too sore to take care of me till the day after. Which was fine with me I knew she was going to need a little time to recupe her juices and steady her self again.
To the love of my life tnt88jean which I had promised a story from me after she did the story for me. JEAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

To my sweet dear Davey,
Your the best !!!!! And I love you so very much.
With all my love,
94% (10/1)
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2 years ago
And a fun time, was had by all...... :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Ok all if you like the story please send tnt88jean a pm saying so she would get a kick out of hearing from you all. Thanks tnt48