The start of something wonderful...

I slowly undress you, trailing my hands with sweet, soft kisses all over your body. I'll start by kissing your lips and moving on to your neck. You feel my breath on your skin as my teeth lightly rake across your neck. I can feel the goose bumps as my hands slide along your arms. I lift your shirt and can see your erect nipples already looking forward to feeling my hands and lips. I kiss them through your bra as I slowly turn you around to unhook your bra. My kisses and nibbles move to the nape of your neck as I slide your bra off and cup each breast in my hands. You feel the warmth of my hands as they squeeze each of your hard nipples. The kisses trail down your spine as I unbutton your pants, sliding them down your legs. My kisses reach the small of your back as my hands slide your panties down. You step out of your pants and panties and lean over the end of the bed allowing my hand to move up your leg to your already wet and hot pussy. I slide a finger inside, feeling how hot you you are. My hands lift and part your cheeks to allow my tongue to taste the sweet nector from your pussy. I hear your breathing beginning to quicken. My tongue teases your ass, wetting it before my finger gently presses into it. My other hand has now found your hard clit and is rubbing it sending sensations down to the depths of you. Already you can feel the first orgasm building. I now have a finger in your ass, one in your pussy and one rubbing your clit. The orgasm is still building but your legs are beginning to weaken. You turn, laying back on the bed allowing my mouth to explore your wetness. My finger resumes it's place in your ass and begins to slide in and out as I suck on your clit. Very quickly the sensations build bringing you to your first, of many, orgasms to come. As you cum you grab my head and grind yourself on my mouth. My tongue is buried deep inside you and you flood my mouth as you continue to cum. I can feel your legs tremble as a second orgasm quickly follows the first...

Do I have your attention?!?
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3 years ago
Omg!!!! Yessss you have my attention!!!!