My hot guidance counseller

Hi my name is Mike.

This is the time i banged my sexy, fine ass, guidance counseler.

This is the story, as i had finally turned 18, there was this hot SEXY guidance teacher, who was that type of "im a good and self respected girl". But i broke and this is how. As it was after school she was the softball coach. As the prwctice was over, you can see her tight shirt and tight spandex. As she went to the bathroom to change I followed her to bathrooom withour hr realizing and as she closed the door something like a textbook blocked the door from shuting but she didnt know that she was the only person in the school so she didnt mind due to her being in the faculty bathroom in the faculty room. as i snuck in the men's facutly bathroom she didnt notice. As she was changing, i had seen a way to see her changing as she took off her tight white shirt partially drenched in sweat from the hot day only reveing a hint of her sports bra. As she was changing she was taling to herself saying," ooh i haven't had a good fuck for a while." As she was changing in to her change of clothes, she put on her V-String thong and her DD cup bra. As she was then stroking her pussy as she was then saying, "man i wish there somebody in this school that i can fuck." As then i snuck off and went in that hallway. As she came out, i said, Ms. Davis! Hi!. As we chatted for about 20 minutes and how i made excuses why im here so late, i pretended that i got a phone call from a friend saying that i haven't fucked a a milf yet. Even though i had already fucked my s****r's babysitter's hot mom. Which was the rule when you turn 18. As she asked me i acted like no i cant and she kept saying you can trust me, as i told her the ritual. She kind off paused and said well... its almost the end of the school year you can take me... As i said well your a teacher it would be awkward, she said how it was her last day before she leaves the school for vacation. In said ok but not hr lets go to my apartment, since she lived with her s****r and her s****r gave her ries she just told her how she saw a friend. As we were drivig she unbuttoned her pants and pull them down a bit and evealing her v string thong, she thenput my hand onhey nicely shved pussy and said to finger her as i did as she moaned and groaned in pleasure we had reached my apartment and then, as we went in my apartment, she then said hold on a second, ill be back, she went into my bathroom, as i set up the living room and bedroom depending were she would wan to fuck she came out naked saying oh mikey come play as she walked into the lving room as i walked in and sat on the couch as she then immeadetly took my sweatpant off and tore my boxers off then first full on put her mouth on my cock and started gaging. As she was blowing me for 20 minutes she said it your turn, as i was getting ready she just immediatly went into 69 position, as i was tongue fucking her, she then screamed bite my pussy as i hesitated to do so but then she screamed in joy. As she said finally a good fuck, the we started to fuck as i went into her pusssy hardcore she took a cucumber and kitchen roller and tol me to stuff both in her ass as i somehow possibly did it, we then started fucking as we did it so hard that that the couch was breaking. As she had multi[le orgasms.she then said put you mouth on my pussy then she used both the cucmber and roller and masturbated so hard thah she squirted in my mouth then i sucked her nice titties there was so much milk in them and then we fucked again so hard in her ass. As it eneded we beacame fuck allies so if we ever need to fuck or threesome we will be there for each oter

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2 years ago
Good storyline but could have been better written