Hasn't happened to me...........YET

It wasn't a very nice book store, but the gentleman that ran it, John, was always nice to me. So I kept going back.
He would always ask if there was anything he could help me with,and after giving me my tokens for the video room,he would say have fun.
Feeling pretty horny-I replied-"Oh I will".
I went into the booth area,which had no gloryholes, just open booths, and inserted the tokens into the machine.
After flipping throough a few videos, I found one I really enjoy, gangbangs.
It was a slow night,and after 15 minutes or so,I decieded to leave.
As I was leaving the store, my friend behind the counter said he was getting off in 10 minutes, and wanted to know if I wanted to go back to his place to have a few beers and watch some videos.
As I said,feeling horny and playful, I said ok.
He gave me his keys and asked me to wait out in his car.
Sitting in his car, I started to get nervous, and just as I was about to leave, he came out the door and got in the car.
As we drove, we had a little small talk, and I told him I really like straight porn,because as I watched it, I would fantisize about being the woman in the movie.
As we pulled up to his house, I noticed 3 cars in his driveway.
I said, looks like you have company,maybe I should go,and before I could finish my sentence,he said, it's ok-I'm sure all my friends will like you.
ALL,I wispered to myself,What am I getting myself into.
Seeing that I was having second thoughts,he said come on in and have a few beers and watch some porn, if I still felt uncomfortable,he would take me back to my car.
Agreeing, we walked into his house, and the first thing I saw were 3 men on the couch, cocks out and stroking.
As I backed up in suprise, he put his arm around me and wispered it was ok.
We walked over to the loveseat and he motiened for me to sit down while he went to get us a beer.
Sitting there nervous and a little scared, the 3 men introduced themselves and apologized, saying they didn't know there was going to be someone new coming over.
My friend came back and sat down next to me and said-I see you me the boys.
Feeling a little less nervous,I satred to watch the movie.
It was my favorite,gangbangs.
About six beers later, I found myself a little buzzed, and sensing this,John moved closer,and set his hand on my thigh.
I let out a soft moan,which must have been loud enough for John to hear, because his hand moved up my thigh, over my belly and started to play with my breasts.
With my eyeys closed-the thought raced through my mind-what did I get myself into again, but it was too late.
The feeling of John playing with my nipples was getting me so hot, that I lost all will to struggle.
Within seconds, he had my shirt off, and another set of hands were rubbing my body.
The the feel of someones mouth on my breast,then another, and then someone softly kissing my neck.
I opened my eyes to see all 4 men next to me.
John put out his hand, helped me to my feet, then gently pushed me down to my knees.
I was now surrounded by 4 large hard cocks-all within inces of my face.
I reached out,hands shaking, and started stroking 2 of the men.
John stepped forward and slid his cock past my lips and into my mouth.
It was wonderful,and soon all 4 of them were taking turns in my mouth.
First just a few inces, then all the way into my mouth and down my throat.
This went on for quite a while,and then I felt something cold and wet on my tight little hole.
One of the men had rubbed lube onto my hole and was gently inserting his rock hard cock into me.
He was slow in enetering me, stopping now and then so I could get used to the large cock enetering me.
After a few minutes, he was all the way in,and started fucking me nice and slow.
1 in my ass,1 in my mouth and 2 in my hands, I was past the point of putting up any kind of resistance,and just went on to enjoy this feeling of fullness.
They all took turnes on my mouth and ass, and after 20 mins or so,I could tell they all wanted relief.
They picked up from the floor and set me on the couch, with my head hanging over the edge.
Then they all took turns, fucking my mouth and throat, until each one swell up and shot their hot loads all over my face and body.
When they were all finished covering me in cum,I opened my eyes and ws blinded by flashes of light.
It was John taking pictures of me, covered in cum.
He smiled and said, these pictures wil look great on the internet,unless you do exactly what I say from now on.
You will be at my disposal, whenever I call you,and you will wear whatever I tell you to wear.
He took me back to my car, and handed me my wallet and cell phone, which I was unaware he had.
Now he knows where I live, work and my phone number.
He said he would be calling, but you will have to wait for that story.

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1 year ago
carefull what you wish for. you will be sucking their cocks forever. yummy
1 year ago
Nice story. I am assuming that, that was a fantasy which you would like to have come true and it is a great fantasy but it would be better if it really came true. There is nother better than having a bunch of men gangbanging you.
1 year ago
realy hot
1 year ago
Thanks guys
1 year ago
fuck yeah dude....MORE! (please)
1 year ago
im with you i luv it really